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Christmas Ornaments - Series 2

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The Webkinz Series 2 Christmas Ornaments debuted at the Ganz eStore on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26th, 2009.

There are 25 different Series 2 Tree Decorations: 5 Tree Bases, 10 Ornaments, 5 Garlands, and 5 Tree Toppers. Each decoration is sold separately at the Ganz eStore for 1000 eStore points each OR sold in a set of 5 for the discount price of 4000 eStore points for the set.

For the very first decoration code entered, players get a Series 2 "Decorative Christmas Tree" to put their decoration(s) on.


After all 25 decoration codes have been entered on one account, the animated "Santakinz Village Window" is awarded on the account.

If you plan on purchasing all 25 decorations, the best value for your money is to buy the five "Decoration Sets". That way you can decorate an entire tree and get the Window for 20,000 eStore points instead of buying all 25 decorations separately for a total of 25,000 eStore points.


If a duplicate code is entered, instead of getting a new decoration, the player will receive 150 KinzCash.

The Tree, the Window, and all of the decorations are "stuck" on the account where the codes are entered. None of these items can be traded or sent by KinzPost.

Tree Bases (1000 eStore points each)

  • Tinker Toy Tree Base
  • Zumwhere Tree Base
  • Skating Zingoz Tree Base
  • Christmas Pie Tree Base
  • Plenty of Presents Tree Base

Ornaments (1000 eStore points each)

  • Playful Pet Ornament
  • Rockin Llama
  • Special Delivery
  • Cocoa Express
  • Sweet Dreams Googles
  • Jolly Zangoz
  • Homemade Holiday Ornament
  • Heatfelt Christmas
  • Precious Pinecone
  • Christmas Cupcake

Garland (1000 eStore points each)

  • Jolly Garland
  • Violet Tinsel Trimming
  • Goo-Goo Berry Garland
  • Candy Cane Chain Garland
  • Jolly Holiday Garland

Tree Toppers (1000 eStore points each)

  • Morphing Star Toper
  • Crystal Nafaria Topper
  • Golden Zum Tree Topper
  • Peeking Pet Wreath Topper
  • Blissful Blizzard Tree Topper

Decoration Sets (4000 eStore points each)

  • Classic Christmas Collection
  • Plenty of Presents Collection
  • Magic W Collection
  • Homemade Holiday Collection
  • Winter Wonderland Collection


Here is another screen shot of the window with one of the animations. Is that SantaKinz walking by? The other animation in the window that has been noticed is a sleigh pulled by flying Reindeer, which moves very quickly.


When you have collected all your decorations you will earn the SantaKinz Helper Badge.


When you move your tree into your room you will be given a book with all the different decorations as seen in the pictures below. You will also have a design page just like last years tree did. You design your tree on that page and then close the book to view your tree. You can change your tree anytime you like by clicking on it when in walk mode.







Here is a picture of the the individual ornament sets. You can buy your favorite set or buy them all to mix and match.