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Christmas Countdown 2010

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In 2010, Ms. Birdy returned to the Clubhouse to pass out special holiday prizes.


Event Dates

This event is based on American Kinz Time (Eastern Time). It happens at the same time for everyone, regardless of what type of account (American, European, Asian) they have.

  • Tuesday the 14th- Day 1
  • Wednesday the 15th- Day 2
  • Thursday the 16th- Day 3
  • Friday the 17th- Day 4
  • Saturday the 18th- Day 5
  • Sunday the 19th- Day 6
  • Monday the 20th- Day 7
  • Tuesday the 21st- Day 8
  • Wednesday the 22nd- Day 9
  • Thursday the 23rd- Day 10
  • Christmas Eve - Day 11
  • Christmas Day - Day 12

Tracking Ms. Birdy

Webkinz Insider members are busy tracking Ms. Birdy, collecting information on her appearances to predict a pattern for where she will show up next.

For the latest tracking data, check out the Official Tracking Thread, HERE.

To find Ms. Birdy, just jump to the end of the thread. When someone spots her, they'll post it there. Then, dash to that room to find Ms. Birdy yourself.

When Ms. Birdy enters a room, there is a "jingle bell noise", so keep your speakers turned on.


Icicle Icing Cupcake
(Day 1)
Black Socks
(Day 2)
Rubber Whale Toy
(Day 3)
Gifts Galore Gingerbread Cookies
(Day 4)
Mistletoe Mantel
(Day 5)
Building Blocks Tower
(Day 6)
Plumpy Holiday Plush
(Day 7)
Holiday Flannel Pajamas Top
(Day 8)
Holiday Flannel Pajamas Bottom
(Day 9)
Curio Shop Gingerbread House
(Day 10)
Holiday Place Setting
(Day 11)
Holiday Tapestry
(Day 12)

MyPage Badge

If you collect all 12 prizes from Ms.Birdy, you will recieve a MyPage Badge.

History For Other Christmas Countdowns