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Christmas Countdown 2009

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To find information about visiting Santakinz Christmas



Ms. Birdy in the Clubhouse


For the 2009 season, Ganz added a brand new feature to Webkinz World, the "Count Down to Christmas". In this feature, Ms. Birdy visited the Clubhouse in the days leading up to Christmas, December 14th through December 25th, and passed out fantastic Christmas-themed prizes. One gift per account, per day, for twelve days.

How it Worked

When Ms. Birdy appeared in a Clubhouse room, there was a faint "Jingle Bell" sound. Players clicked on her to receive a gift. Then, the wreath will opened up on the screen showing the gift filled in. After the wreath was closed, the pet would say say "MERRY CHRISTMAS".

Players could only get one gift per day from Ms. Birdy. Players clicking on her more than one time in the same day got this message:

If a player wasn't able to find Ms. Birdy on a particular day, the spot for that day on the player's wreath was filled in with a snowflake. It was NOT possible to go back and get prizes from days past.

Tracking Ms. Birdy

Webkinz Insider members worked hard to find Ms. Birdy, to share information, and to determine what "pattern" she was on. All of thos work took place in a special tracking thread in the forum. As soon as a pattern was discovered, it was posted on the front page of Webkinz Insider and in the first post of the tracking thread.

Unlike with the Trick or Treat Ghost & Hamster, it was possible to "jump" into a room AFTER Ms. Birdy has already appeared to get a gift from her. Players just had to be quick on the color zone change! After someone posted that they've seen Ms. Birdy, players would dash over there quickly to click on her.

Webkinz "Twelve Days of Christmas"


The Webkinz "Twelve Days of Christmas" song has one verse for each of Ms. Birdy's gifts. Ganz revealed the song, one verse at a time, during the event.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
Ms. Birdy gave to me
A dazzling Dancing Toy Robot,
A sentimental Santakinz Snow Globe,
A sensational Santakinz Nutcracker,
A ginormous Kinzville Gingerbread House,
A fashionable Flannel Nightcap,
An adorable Amanda Panda Plush,
A timeless Kinzville Station Train Set,
A heart-warming Hanging Mistletoe,
A group of Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies,
A rocking Rubber Ducky Toy,
A set of Magic W White Socks,
And a plate full of Pudding (Figgy)!

Ms. Birdy's Gifts

> Click HERE to view the WIGEV section for these items.

Day[1] Prize Picture
Day 1 - December 14th Figgy Pudding File:Figgypudding.png
Day 2 - December 15th Magic W White Socks File:Magicwwhitesocks.png
Day 3 - December 16th Rubber Ducky File:rubberducky.png
Day 4 - December 17th Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies File:Gingerbreadreindeercookies.png
Day 5 - December 18th Hanging Mistletoe FIle:hangingmistletoe.png
Day 6 - December 19th Kinzville Station Train File:kinzvillestationtrain.png
Day 7 - December 20th Amanda Panda Plush File:amandapandaplush.png
Day 8 - December 21st Flannel Nightcap File:flannelnightcap.png
Day 9 - December 22nd Kinzville Gingerbread House File:kinzvillegingerbreadhouse.png
Day 10 - December 23rd Santakinz (small) Nutcracker[2] File:santakinznutcracker.png
Day 11 - December 24th Santakinz Snow Globe File:santakinzsnowglobe.png
Day 12 - December 25th Dancing Toy Robot File:dancingtoyrobot.png
  1. All days are based on the Eastern Time Zone. Players on American, European, and Asian accounts all see Ms. Birdy at the exact same times.
  2. Be careful to not confuse the 2009 "Santakinz Nutcracker" with the 2005 "Nutcracker".


Ms. Birdy in the Clubhouse FAQs

How do I find her? You just have to sit in a Clubhouse room and wait. Kinzchat and KinzChat Plus both work. Or, go to the end of the Tracking Thread. When someone says they've found her, go to that room.

Does the zone I’m in matter? Ms Birdy is usually in more than one zone at the same time but not usually the same kind of room.

So: If you find Ms Birdy in the Pink party room, she will be in ALL the Pink party rooms at that time.

At the SAME time, she could also be in a room in other zones too.

The room number does not matter. You need to know the COLOUR and the ROOM to find her.

When does she appear? At any given moment, she is somewhere in the Clubhouse.

How will I know? You’ll hear some nice Christmas music like a jingle of bells; You can’t miss her.

What does the wreath over a pet mean? Is she there? No, it just means they’re looking in their wreath.

Can I play a game while I wait? Yes, you’ll still hear Ms. Birdy. Though you should make sure your sound is on first.

Will she be in all rooms when she has been found? No she won't. Sometimes there is a glitch and she is missing from some numbers.

When can I collect my gift from her? Once a day you can collect your gift from her, you just have to click on her.

How long does Ms. Birdy stay is a room? At least 15 minutes. On the 16th she was staying for 30 minutes.

Are the gifts sendable? Yes, you can send them through Kinzpost.

Do we know what the rest of the gifts will be? Ganz releases a hint a day before the prize comes out, but we do not know all 12.