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Christmas Carol Theme

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Theme History

In 2014, Ganz offered the pieces of the Christmas Carol theme through a Peek-a-Newz event and the theme items were not in the W-shop with the exception of one item, the Town Square Clock. The Peek-a-News announcement by Ganz referred to the theme as "retired".

The Christmas Carol Theme was added on November 24, 2011. This Christmas theme is so unique because unlike past Christmas themes, every item can only be placed in outdoor or treetop rooms.

Three new items were added to the Christmas Carol Theme on December 9, 2012; they are the Festive Music Shop, the Roasted Chestnuts Cart and the Town Square Clock.

Three new items were added to the Christmas Carol Theme in 2013; they are the Christmas Caroler Gazebo, Festive Winter Sapling and Town Square Music Stand.

Theme Preview

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:cheerychristmashome.png Cheery Christmas Home wShop 350 KC
File:christmascarolcobblestones.png Christmas Carol Cobblestones wShop 150 KC
File:christmascarolergazebo.png Christmas Caroler Gazebo (Deluxe Members Only) wShop 520 KC
File:darlinggarlandhome.png Darling Garland Home wShop 375 KC
File:festivefountain.png Festive Fountain wShop 265 KC
File:festivemusicshop.png Festive Music Shop wShop 400 KC
File:festivesidewalklamp.png Festive Sidewalk Lamp wShop 200 KC
File:festivesidewalktree.png Festive Sidewalk Tree wShop 190 KC
File:festivewintersapling.png Festive Winter Sapling wShop 390 KC
File:festivewreathhome.png Festive Wreath Home wShop 375 KC
File:fineclothingshop.png Fine Clothing Shop wShop 400 KC
File:frostedwindowhome.png Frosted Window Home wShop 345 KC
File:gourmetfoodshop.png Gourmet Food Shop wShop 345 KC
File:holidaytoyshop.png Holiday Toy Shop wShop 425KC
File:roastedchestnutscart.png Roasted Chestnuts Cart (Deluxe Members Only) wShop 200 KC
File:snowyholidayfence.png Snowy Holiday Fence wShop 190 KC
File:tastytreatcart.png Tasty Treat Cart wShop 395 KC
File:townsquarebench.png Town Square Bench wShop 200 KC
File:townsquarebulletinboard.png Town Square Bulletin Board wShop 180 KC
File:townsquarechair.png Town Square Chair wShop 100 KC
File:townsquareclock.png Town Square Clock wShop 350 KC
File:townsquaremusicstand.png Town Square Music Stand wShop 125 KC
File:townsquaretree.png Town Square Tree wShop 500 KC

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