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Chilly Course Maze

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The Chilly Course Maze is part of the Frosty Finish Maze Set.

The Chilly Course Maze is a medium difficulty maze. There may be shorter directions than shown here. To summarize the directions below, you need to make a right at the first crossroads on Snowflake paper, and choose the lefthand door to leave the Gourmet Kitchen Room and the Arctic Room. No other crossroads are encountered.

Hold the shift key while moving to attain the speed to win this maze!

Direction Wallpaper
Go straight on Snowflake Wallpaper Snowflaketubes.png
At first crossroads, make a right; you will still be on Snowflake Wallpaper Snowflaketubes.png
Pass through the Gourmet Kitchen Maze, leaving room through left (Pink Deco) door Gourmetkitchenmaze.png
Continue straight on Pink Deco Wallpaper Pinkdecodesignmaze.png
Pass through the Arctic Room (snowing), leave by the left (Waffles) door Arcticroommaze.png
Continue straight on Waffles Wallpaper Wafflesdesign.png
Pass through the Ski Jump Room Skijumpmaze.png
Continue straight on Honey Wallpaper Honeytubes.png
Enjoy your ride in the Tree Coaster Room Treecoastermaze.png
Continue straight on Garden Path Wallpaper Gardenpathdesignmaze.png
Flag is in finish room Finishroommaze.png
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