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Chef Sophia Soufflé

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Chef Sophia Soufflé
Gender: Female
Age: 28

Chef Sophia Soufflé is one of four known Webkinz Chefs, the others being Chef Gazpacho, Chef Julienne, and Daisy Doe. She was introduced to Webkinz World in the W Tales story "The Recipe For Success" in April 2008.

In the first appearance of Sophia, she was noted as being the rival chef of Chef Gazpacho. However, she is called his "assistant" in two Kinzville Times Newspaper articles from May 2008 and November 2010 which both announce five new recipes.

She is described as: "Sophia is a chef. She owns “La Soufflé”, a restaurant down the street from Chef Gazpacho’s “Le Snout.” After a rocky start, she and Chef Gazpacho have become very close and use their restaurants to help each other out (she does dessert, he does dinner). Sophia is a hard worker who isn’t afraid to give it her all. She’s not easily discouraged and she speaks her mind." [1]


Sophia Souffle can be found in the following books:

The Recipe for Success
The Too Talented Crew
Superstar Spring Break


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