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Chef Jeffrey Gazpacho

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Chef Jeffrey Gazpacho
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Chef Jeffrey Gazpacho is one of only three chefs known to Webkinz World, the others being Chef Sophia Soufflé and Chef Julienne. He and Sophia are the characters who create the Webkinz Recipes. Together, to date, they have created over 200 Webkinz Recipes.

Chef Gazpacho's first name, Jeffrey, was revealed in the W Tales Story "The Recipe for Success." In that same story, his history as a student at the "Webkinz World School of Culinary Arts", with Chef Julienne as his teacher, was told.

He is described by Ganz as follows:
Chef Gazpacho is a young, vibrant chef. His talents include creating new recipes, hosting a cooking show, and writing cookbooks. He is very close with his mom. He’s perhaps a little too self-confident for his own good at times, and has been known to rub certain people the wrong way with his cavalier attitude. He’s bald and wears a chef’s hat most of the time. His love interest, Sophia Soufflé, is introduced in the book “Recipe for Success.” They get along well because of their interest in food, fine dining, and their very, very competitive personalities.



In addition to creating the webkinz recipes Chef Gazpacho also has many other roles.

He is also well known for being the host of The Secret Chef, a show available on all televisions in WW. Chef Gazpacho is known for always trying to please his mother, Mama Gazpacho, who he often mentions in episodes of "The Secret Chef."

Chef Gazpacho also owns a restaurant called "Le Snout." This restaurant is rivaled by Sophia Soufflé's restaurant "La Soufflé." His definite relationship with Sophia is uncertain, as she has been mentioned as his rival, his friend, and most recently his assistant.

Chef Gazpacho is one of Webkinz World's most prominent characters in the news, as he is shown in the Kinzville Times Newspaper with each new set of secret recipes introduced. He has also had three contests revolving around him:

  • A Newspaper contest in which members created their own secret recipes, three of which (Jellamazoo Jiggle, Mizzleberry Jacks, and Goober's Galactic Gumball) were made into functioning secret recipes.
  • A Webkinz Newz contest in which members again created their own recipes.
  • And another Webkinz Newz contest in which members designed kitchens for Chef Gazpacho's mother on Mother's Day.

Chef Gazpeacho also hosted Chef Gazpacho's Most Fantastical Thanksgiving Contest which was a Webkinz News Contest in November 2011 in which members had to submit Thanksgiving stories.[2] Chef Gazpacho also can sometimes be a judge in games in the Tournament Arena including Webkinz Chef Challenge, and Webkinz Super Modelz. He can be in the tag of a catering meal in the Employment Office job, Hamburger Cook.


Chef Gazpacho can be found in the following books:

Amanda Panda's Journey Home
The Disappearing Sculpture
The Kinzville Caper Storybook
The Recipe for Success
The Too Talented Crew
W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish
W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice

Trading Card


Special Items

There are some special Gazpacho items in Webkinz World:

Chef's Hat
Chef's Shirt
Chef Gazpacho's Place Setting
Chef Gazpacho (Trading Card) Stove
Chef Gazpacho Blender
Chef Gazpacho Mega Stove
Chef Gazpacho Sandwich Maker
Chef Gazpacho (eStore) Stove

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