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Cheerleader Party Room

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Click HERE to learn more about scheduling parties in the Party Rooms.



What to recreate this room in your house? Here's what you'll need:

Picture Name Item Type
1234-1.png Big City Window PSI
5264-1.png Cafe Flooring wShop
622-1.png Cat Trick Trampoline PSI
Cheerleadercheesecake.png Cheerleader Cheesecake Not Available
2267-1.png Cheerleader Chesterfield wShop
2271-1.png Cheerleader Gym Wallpaper wShop
2270-1.png Cheerleader Team Drape wShop
2032-1.png Chrome-edged Booth Table wShop
1612-1.png Classroom Clock wShop
4292-1.png Dog Show Trophy Display PSI
2791-1.png Party Machine Pet of the Month Exclusives
2265-1.png Pennant Poster wShop
3302-1.png Scoreboard Clock wShop
1607-1.png Student Chair wShop
3228-1.png Token Collector Trophy Trophies
Watercoolerfridge.png Water Cooler Fridge Kinzville Academy
3221-1.png Webkinz Day Year 3 Trophy Holiday Gifts



The Cheerleader Party Room Pack was introduced in the wShop in 2010.

Cheerleader Party Food

During Cheerleader Parties, there are three exclusives foods you can get:

Picture Name How It's Earned
926-1.png Jar of Super Jellybeans Jellybean Challenge
Jellybeanspile.png Jellybean Pile Pinata
Pieceofcheerleadercheesecake.png Piece of Cheerleader Cheesecake Clicking The Cheerleader Cheesecake