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Catch the Leprechaun 2010

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For the first time in 2010, Ganz decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Webkinz World with a Clubhouse Clickers event. In the week leading up to the Holiday, they set a tiny jig-dancing Groundhog dressed like a Leprechaun loose in the Clubhouse. Players that clicked on the critter received one of six different rainbow-colored Jelly Coins (food). Those who spotted the Leprechaun six times and collected all six Coins were rewarded with a "Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold".

Finding the Leprechaun

ginger3166_pot_of_gold.jpg File:potofgoldinroom.png

This event was very similar to the Trick or Treat Ghost from Halloween and Ms. Birdy's Countdown from Christmas. The Leprechaun hopped from room to room in the Clubhouse spouting off phrases like "Top of the day to you!" and "Count your lucky clovers, you've found me!" Just like with the Ghost, he stayed in each room for exactly 60 seconds. Players had to be in the room before he appeared to get a chance at clicking on him. Fortunately, some Irish Jig music played every time he appeared, so it was easy to tell the moment he had arrived.


The Leprechaun appeared in each color zone once every ten minutes. The exact pattern of his appearances changed during the event, but the basic idea was the same each day. If he showed up at :03 past the hour in one zone color, he'd also appear at :13, :23, :33, etc in that same zone. The room type and the room number didn't matter at all. Sometimes he'd mix things up by skipping a few rooms along the way, but the basic pattern stayed the same.


Players could only collect a coin from the Leprechaun once each hour. If they clicked on him before the hour was up, he'd tell them that they needed to wait. Only one Pot of Gold could be collected per account. Once a player had received their Pot, they could continue to collect Gummy Coins (food). Unlike the Jack-o-Lantern from Halloween, the Pot of Gold can be Traded and sent by KinzPost.


Red Jelly Coin
Orange Jelly Coin
Yellow Jelly Coin
Green Jelly Coin
Blue Jelly Coin
Violet Jelly Coin
Pot of Gold