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Caramel Soup

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Song Information

"Caramel Soup" is the Pet of the Month (POTM) music video for April 2011. Other POTM music videos can be found in the Music Starz library.


Do ya do ya love, jelly beans.
And yeah I do I love them beans.

Do ya do ya love, chocolate cake.
And sure I love that scrumptious cake.

Do ya do ya love, ice cream pie.
Oh why you got to ask me why why why?

How do you feel about licorice?
Oh my oh my how I love that dish.

My favorite thing of all...
Looks like a bunch of sticky goo.

My favorite food of all...
Is a big bad bowl of caramel soup.



Yeah get a bunch of marshmallows, mix 'em up.
And you put some cinnamon, in a cup.

Throw some sprinkles in, just for style.
And heat it all up, and stir for a while.

You drop the caramel, ever so slow.
Until you get that, tasty glow.

Stir and stir and take your time,
You want to be sure it tastes alive.

Add some honey,
If you want to be sure,
If you're not feeling well,
Well this is the cure.

Reach for some icecream...
But don't forget that ice cream scoop.

Soon you'll have your dream...
A big bad bowl, of caramel soup.



Now I know some people,
And here's what they say.

Have yourself, an apple a day...

Then there are those that like their greens,
I get their point, I know what they mean.

I guess those foods just aren't my style.
They might be good, but they don't make me smile.

Some of those veggies, make me wanna cry.

I'm a sucker for sweets,
I got pie in my eye...

I love my big bad bowl, of caramel soup.





eStore Items

Caramellionalbumcover.png Caramel Lion Album Cover

File:Caramelsoupslide.png Caramel Soup Slide

Video Challenge Prize

File:pyramidwallpaper.png Pyramid Wallpaper