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Candy Bash 2

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Candy Bash 2 is a Webkinz World Arcade game that was added to the Arcade as a sequel to the first Candy Bash game. This game is subtitled "¡Viva Poncho!" after the two games' main character Poncho the Chihuahua.



The object of this sweet game is to hit the candy blocks with Poncho's bean and collect the candy inside for points. If you let too many candy blocks hit the ground and break, it is game over.

There is a randomly-awarded trophy for this game as well that Gato Loco will carry across the screen. See the "Trophy" section below.

Besides the Trophy, Gato Loco can drop 5 different items.

  • Taco - Adds bonus points to your score.
  • Papaya - Adds one extra life.
  • Pepper - Allows rapid speed and bean throwing.
  • Giant Bean - Use a giant bean for a short period of time.
  • Dynamite - Explodes all blocks on the screen.

To actually use these items, you need to catch them when Gato Loco drops them.

You receive 1 KinzCash for every 75 points earned.


You can use either your keyboard's arrow keys or your mouse to move Poncho. Click the left mouse button or the space bar to launch a bean.


You can win this trophy by hitting Gato Loco with a bean when he is holding it. He will be flying across the top of the screen. You need to catch the trophy after he drops it to get it.

The trophy is not normally winnable!! When the game starts, it is blocked. In order to enable the random chance, you must complete at least one 4-of-a-kind combo (catch four of the same candy in a row). When you complete one such combo, the trophy is possible. The next time the cat appears, there is a random chance that he will be carrying the trophy. But (and this is important) even if the the cat is NOT carrying it, the trophy limitation is reset, so you have to collect another four-of-a-kind before he comes again in order to enable another trophy chance.

The candy you choose for the combo is irrelevant, and other combos, or more combos, misses, catches, etc., have no impact on your trophy chances, but will affect your score.[1]


  • If you hit a combo of blocks (hit 2+ blocks with one bean), you get extra points.
  • The mouse button is somewhat easier to use because you can use one hand, and it feels as though you have more control.

You can also get combos (with 4 candies) to get more points. You can check which candies you have in the combo by looking at the top bar, next to your score.

  • 4 of a Kind - Four of one kind of candy [ X X X X ].
  • 3 Match - Three of the same candy, plus one diferent candy [ X X X Y ].
  • 2 Pair - Two pairs of candies [ X X Y Y ].
  • Mixed Combo - All different types of candies [ W X Y Z ].

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Candy Bash 2 is 31,880 by member monkeecj.

More Information

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