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CandyKinz are virtual-only pets, introduced in January 2011, which are available monthly at the Ganz eStore. Each month in 2011, Ganz released a new CandyKinz pet. Each pet and pet related items are candy-themed; either made out of candy, colored like candy, or named for a kind of candy.

In addition there is also a CandyKinz Room Theme, available at the Ganz eStore.

List of CandyKinz

Here is a list of the CandyKinz:

Month Pet Gift Box Pet Specific Item Pet Specific Food
January 2011 HM993.png
Polar Gummy
7541-1.png 7542-1.png
Chocolate Coin Pond
Gummy Honey on Toast
February 2011 HM9000.png
Rock Candy Croc
7711-1.png 7712-1.png
Rock Around the Croc Clock
Hard Candy Cone
March 2011 Sugarrushbutterflyavatar.png
Sugar Rush Butterfly
File:Sugarflygift.png File:Sugarflypsi.png
Super Sugar Swing
Sweet Nectar Slushy
April 2011 Maple-Avatar.jpg
Maple Moose
File:Maplemoosegift.png File:Maplemoosepsi.png
Gourmet Cupcake Maker
Maple Walnut Squares
May 2011 HM998.png
Mint Chocolate Cow
7840-1.png 7841-1.png
Waffle Bowl Mixer
Minty Fresh Fudge
June 2011 Icecreamscoopsnailavatar.png
Ice Cream Scoop Snail
File:Snailgift.JPG File:Snailpsi.png
Hot Fudge Willow Tree
Sprinkles and Cream Waffles
July 2011 Cookiekoala.JPG
Cookies and Cream Koala
Cookiegift.JPG Cookiepsi.JPG
Cupcake Forklift
Cookie Crumb Sundae
August 2011 File:Houndavatar.png
Sour Watermelon Hound
Sourwatermelonhoundgiftbox.png Houndpsi.png
Candy Steam Whistle
Sour Bone Treats
September 2011 HM9017.png
Waffle Wallaby
9678-1.png Peppermintswirlslide.png
Peppermint Swirl Slide
Super Sweet Tarts
October 2011 Candyapplecamelavatar.png
Candy Apple Camel
Candyapplecamelgiftbox.png Jawbreakersorter.png
Jaw Breaker Sorter
Caramelted Apple Pie
November 2011 Licoricefishavatar.png
Licorice Fish
Licoricefishgiftbox.png Tastetesterfountain.png
Taste Tester Fountain
Jelly Guppies
December 2011 Gelatoparrotavatar.png
Gelato Parrot
Gelatoparrotgiftbox.png Sprawlingcandyplantcenterpiece.png
Sprawling Candy Pant Centerpiece
Tropical Fruit Frenzy