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Table Candles

These candles can sit on tables as well as on floors.

Picture Name Type Exchange Value
File:5875.gif Aroma Therapy Candle Ganz eStore N/A
CalmingCandles.gif Calming Candles (WIGEV) Misc. Items N/A
Caring Valley Candle Caring Valley Item (WIGEV) Webkinz Foundation
File:Cavecandlestick.png Cave Candle Stick Adventure Park (WIGEV) Adventure Park Items
File:6186.gif Golden Oil Lamp of Persia Rare (Persian) (WIGEV) Rare Items
Gourd Candelabra Ganz eStore N/A
File:7083.gif Gourd Table Candle Fall Fest Prize (WIGEV) Click-to-Win Items
File:Holidaywarmthcandlelamp.gif Holiday Warmth
Candle Lamp
Seasonal (Christmas) (WIGEV) Christmas & Hanukkah Items
Solid Gold Candelabra Ganz eStore N/A
File:4455.gif Table Top Candles Zumthings Catelog Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies


Large Candles & Other Flaming Objects (All can be placed on floors, not tables)

These objects can sit on floors.

Picture Name Type Exchange Value
Ancient Brazier Rare (Ancient Civilization) (WIGEV) Rare Items
Aztec Fire Pit Rare (Aztec) (WIGEV) Rare Items
Centurion Candelabra Ganz eStore N/A
Contessa Candle Lamp Rare (Palace Princess) (WIGEV) Rare Items
Creepy Candelabra Ganz eStore N/A
Ghostly Grand Piano Ganz eStore N/A
Grilltop Table Ganz eStore N/A
Jack O'Chair Seasonal (Halloween) (WIGEV) Rare Items
King's Royal Lamp Rare (Medieval) (WIGEV) Rare Items
File:1554.gif Regal Flame Lamp Rare (Medieval) (WIGEV) Rare Items
Tiki Torch Vacation Island Prize (WIGEV) Vacation Island Prizes


Wall Candles

These candles can be placed on walls.

Picture Name Type Exchange Value
Contessa Candle Wall Sconce Rare (Palace Princess)
File:Santakinzworkshopwalllantern.gif Santakinz' Workshop Wall Lantern Seasonal (Christmas) (WIGEV) Christmas & Hanukkah Items


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