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CampKinz Theme

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The CampKinz Theme theme was added to the WShop in July 2011. In July 2012, several new items were introduced via a Kimmy Campkinz Peek-A-Newz Challenge.

Theme Preview

File:Campkinz Room Preview.jpg

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Campkinzactivityboard.png CampKinz Activity Board wShop Regular: 275 KC
Deluxe: 275 KC
File:Campkinzarcheryrange.png CampKinz Archery Range wShop Regular: 325 KC
Deluxe: 325 KC
File:Campkinzbbqgrill.png CampKinz BBQ Grill wShop Regular: 630 KC
Deluxe: 630 KC
File:Campkinzcabinflooring.png CampKinz Cabin Flooring wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
File:Campkinzcabinwallpaper.png CampKinz Cabin Wallpaper wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
File:Campkinzcanoepaddles.png CampKinz Canoe Paddles Ganz eStore ? eStore Points
File:Campkinzcooler.png CampKinz Cooler wShop Regular: 450 KC
Deluxe: 450 KC
File:Campkinzcot.png CampKinz Cot wShop Regular: 545 KC
Deluxe: 545 KC
File:Cottagelifedock.png CampKinz Cottage Life Dock Ganz eStore ? eStore Points
FIle:Campkinzcurvytrail.png CampKinz Curvy Trail wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
File:Campkinzdeadendtrail.png CampKinz Dead End Trail wShop Regular: 125 KC
Deluxe: 125 KC
File:Campkinzfirstaidkit.png CampKinz First Aid Kit wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
FIle:Campkinzfishingchair.png CampKinz Fishing Chair wShop Regular: 640 KC
Deluxe: 640 KC
File:Fishingrodandtacklebox.png CampKinz Fishing Rod and Tackle Box Ganz eStore ? eStore Points
File:Campkinzflagpole.png CampKinz Flag Pole wShop Regular: 225 KC
Deluxe: 225 KC
File:Campkinzlantern.png CampKinz Lantern wShop Regular: 135 KC
Deluxe: 135 KC
File:Campkinzmarshmallowpit.png CampKinz Marshmallow Pit wShop Regular: 550 KC
Deluxe: 550 KC
FIle:Campkinznaturetrail.png CampKinz Nature Trail wShop Regular: 150 KC
Deluxe: 150 KC
File:Campkinzoutdoorkitchenset.png CampKinz Outdoor Kitchen Set wShop Regular: 685 KC
Deluxe: 685 KC
File:Campkinzpicnicbench.png CampKinz Picnic Bench wShop Regular: 280 KC
Deluxe: 280 KC
File:Campkinzpicnicblanket.png Campkinz Picnic Blanket Peek-A-Newz Challenge 2012
File:Campkinzpicnictable.png CampKinz Picnic Table wShop Regular: 600 KC
Deluxe: 600 KC
File:Campkinzplatformtent.png CampKinz Platform Tent Marshmallow Collection Event Grand Prize
File:Campkinzpuptent.png CampKinz Pup Tent Peek-A-Newz Challenge 2012
File:Campkinzsleepingbag.png CampKinz Sleeping Bag Peek-A-Newz Challenge 2012
File:Campkinzwaterraft.png CampKinz Water Raft wShop Deluxe Only: 1,235 KC

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