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Bowling Alley

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Room Overview

In the Clubhouse there is a room where you can play bowling either by yourself, or you can invite someone to play with you. This room is called the Bowling Room.

Bowling Room

Interactive Game for your Webkinz House

1680-1.png The Bowling Alley is also an interactive Player vs. Player Game that you can purchase for your Webkinz house from the Curio Shop for 10,000KC or you can play it in the Clubhouse Bowling Room.

Room Furniture

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
1269-1.png Formula Blackboard Retired
1391-1.png Sparkle Plant Retired Exclusive
426-1.png Rocket Ship Flooring CSO Item
1680-1.png Bowling Alley Rare
4247-1.png Flower Power Sectional Table eStore

There is one item in this room, the Bowling Trophy, that Webkinz World Players can't obtain for their accounts.[1]

How To Play

  • click on your ball, but don't let up.

then move your mouse forward to where you want to hit the pins while still holding down and then release.

Playing By Yourself

  • you play by yourself you play one round without an opponent with a prize money of 10kc

the screen will look like this: