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Boutique Room

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Room Overview

The Boutique or Glam Boutique is an interactive room in the Clubhouse where you can chat or play in a room designed for receptionist, hair stylist, or customer. It was added as a new room in April 2012.[1]



Interactive Phrases



Items in Room

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Babybuttercupsplant.png Baby Buttercups Plant Ganz eStore Regular: 2,000
Deluxe: 2,000
3205-1.png Carnation Counter wShop
Pretty in Pink Theme
Regular: 145 KC
Deluxe: 145 KC
535-1.png Giant Venus Flytrap Exclusive Retired
2302-1.png Glam Boutique Flooring Feature Code Item
2297-1.png Glam Boutique Floor Lamp Feature Code Item
2317-1.png Glam Boutique Sign Feature Code Item
2299-1.png Green Salon Reception Chair Feature Code Item
3176-1.png Just Lovely Lounger wShop
Pretty in Pink Theme
Regular: 290 KC
Deluxe: 290 KC
Makeupbag.png Makeup Bag Jessie TV Show Promotion
Makeupkit.png Makeup Kit Misc. Items
2627-1.png Pink Hearts Clock Virtual Figure Specific Item
Series 1
3174-1.png Pink Perfection Couch wShop
Pretty in Pink Theme
Regular: 425 KC
Deluxe: 425 KC
2298-1.png Pink Salon Reception Chair Feature Code Item
2311-1.png Salon Dryer Chair Feature Code Item
2310-1.png Salon Reception Desk Feature Code Item
2295-1.png Salon Side Table Feature Code Item
2296-1.png Salon Styling Station Feature Code Item
2294-1.png Salon Stylist Chair Feature Code Item
2313-1.png Salon Sink Feature Code Item
2312-1.png Salon Styling Cabinet Feature Code Item
1391-1.png Sparkle Plant Exclusive Retired
File:Spiderplant.png Spider Plant wShop
Regular: 45 KC
Deluxe: 45 KC