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Bounce n' Burst

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Zingoz Bounce N Burst is an Arcade game in Webkinz World. It stars characters Livingston the Lion and Bursto Zingoz.



Your object is to pop all of the Bursto Zingoz ("bubbles") before you (the Lion) are squashed. To pop a bubble, you must click your mouse while standing under one which will shoot a rope towards the Zingoz. If hit by the rope, it will laugh, and then pop into smaller bubbles. You must then pop those, until there are no bubbles left on the screen. Once they are all gone, you will advance to the next level.


Use the arrow keys or drag the mouse to move Livingston the lion across the screen. Left click with the mouse to shoot a feather up at the bubbles.


File:Bounce n' Burst Trophy.png Won by completing all 20 levels.


-Hide under the solid objects to keep away from the oncoming enemies. -The lighter colored platforms are breakable. Hit them with your feather and get a small point bonus! -When under an enemy, keep shooting as fast as possible, so it will be destroyed before it even touches the ground.

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Bounce n' Burst is 19,523 by monkeecj.

More Information

There is an occasional glitch. If you hit a shelf with the plunger power-up, the browser sometimes freezes causing loss of game and KinzCash. For more info, visit: WW Games Bugs and Boggarts