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Bookshelf Collection

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Name Picture How to Get Exchange Value
Artist's BookShelf Artistsbookshelf.png Kinzville Academy (WIGEV) KinzVille Academy Prizes
Avante Bookshelf Bluwavebookshelf.png E-Store Avante Condo Theme
Ballerina Bookcase 3108-1.png W-Shop Ballerina Theme
Baroness Bookshelf 4986-1.png Curio Shop Princess Palace Theme
Bratty Bookshelf Brattybookshelf.png Zumwhere's Z-Shop
Gargoyle Bookshelf 691-1.png W-Shop Halloween Theme in 2009
Kid Wall Shelf 493-1.png Curio Shop Kid's Theme (OLD)
Lots of Learning Bookshelf 2648-1.png Figurine Item (WIGEV) Virtual Figures & Figure Specific Items
Ms. Cowoline's Bookcase Mscowoloinesbookcase.png E-Store Citizens of Kinzville Theme
Neo Gothic Vine Bookshelf Neogothicvinebookshelf.png Neo Gothic Theme in Curio Shop (Arte's Favorites)
Overstuffed Bookshelf Overstuffedbookshelf.png Kinzville Academy Prize (WIGEV) KinzVille Academy Prizes
Persian Personal Bookcase Persianpersonalbookcase.png E-Store Pet of the Month Item
Stately Bookshelf 4500-1.png Signature Theme
Sweet Zum Bookshelf Sweetzumbookshelf.png Zumwhere Item (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies
Wise Wizard Bookshelf 2362-1.png Wizardry Theme in the W-Shop

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