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Booger Gets an A

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Booger Gets an A is an Arcade game that was once retired from Webkinz World but brought back to the Arcade in December 2007.





  • You will get a tick mark on your report card by collecting all 3 stickers on each level.

Timeout Sticker (aka Stopwatch/Clock)

  • Pauses the game for few seconds
  • When you need a moment to think, or cannot keep up with the flow of the new blocks, this will come in handy!

Goal Sticker (aka Apple)

  • Remove 2 sums you need to do
    Use this sticker last if you can because it will end your level faster if you haven't collected the other two stickers.
  • It appears as -2 on your screen.
  • In actual fact it will take 3 sums off (the sum you are working on plus the 2 deducted from the sticker)

Eraser Sticker (aka Duster or Rubber)

  • Clears a bottom row of blocks
  • Handy to use if you have almost no more moves and it will clear your blocks by one row (but be careful if your stickers you saved which you haven't used aren't sitting on the bottom row!)


  • No duplicate stickers appear on the screen at any one time. If you use one sticker, chances are it will reappear again soon. If you are waiting on a particular sticker, keep the others for as long as you can to maximize the chance of the one you need to appear.
  • When you use all three stickers in one sum, you get more points, compared to using them individually, or 2 together
  • Remember, all stickers are needed in six levels to get the trophy.


File:BGA_trophy1.jpg File:BGA_trophy2.jpg

The Booger Get's an A trophy is a working calculator!

The trophy is awarded randomly after completing all six ticks on your report card

  • The earliest for the trophy to be awarded is on Level 6 (if you get one tick on each level)
  • If you miss a tick on a level you can earn one at the next level - it doesn't matter how many levels you complete as long as you earn six ticks
  • If a trophy is awarded it will happen as soon as the Report Card is completed
  • The message that flashes very quickly is "YOU GOT A PRIZE!", similar to when you win a prize on Goober's Lab
  • The trophy will be waiting in your dock
  • There have been reports that trophies are awarded without the message "YOU GOT A PRIZE!" appearing ~ so if you clear your 6 tick marks on the report card - check your dock!
  • Once you complete one report card and you did not get a trophy that you know of, you can "X" out and start a new game or (if you are very fast at adding up ) keep going and fill a new report card for another chance at a trophy.

Earning KinzCash

  • The colours correspond to the number. Memorising the colour sequence may help you to clear the sums faster
  • Don't go beyond Level 20 as you will exceed the maximum score and may not be awarded KinzCash.
  • For more information on earning more KC with this game, and increasing your chances to get all three stickers on every level, please visit williamson_39's thread here:
  • zoeyzoeyzoey noticed that after completing one report card on Level 6, the sums do not go up to two-digits (10, 11, 12 .... ). This means you will be working with lower numbers so the math will be easier. However the score and the KC does reflect this. And it will be more difficult to get to the higher levels. Please see the photo below for a comparison of before and after blocks/sums/score/KC. I do not believe it affects trophy winning chances. You get more KC though (with less score). You wil earn 1 KC for every 16 points

Booger's phrases

  • Woo hoo! A sticker!
  • That's a sticker for me!
  • Wow! I'm adding it up!
  • Count me impressed!
  • Didn't I tell ya! You can count on me!
  • I'm a Math-a-magician!
  • I'm gonna be a Math-a-maticer!
  • I've got the number fever!
  • Plus-a-delic!
  • Recess! Let's see how many sums I can make!
  • I got an A for Excellent! (when you clear 3 stickers on the one sum)
  • Goober's gonna be so proud. (when you clear 3 stickers on the one sum)
  • Another check mark on the road to Mathitopia! (when you clear 3 stickers on the one sum)
  • Drat! I hurt my brain!
  • Aww... Shucks! Those darn numbers!
  • This adding stuff is harder than I thought...

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Booger Gets an A is 94,087 by member bwicker.

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