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Bloomin' Room Theme

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Theme History

The Bloomin' Room Theme was added to the wShop in May 2011.

It was removed from the wShop in June 2013. It may or may not return as a seasonal theme.

NOTE: Players attempting to complete the Cover Girl Challenge, who cannot purchase this theme in the wShop, will have to wait until July 17, 2013, when Ganz updates the challenge.

The Bloomin' Room Theme was added back to the wShop in March 2014, with 3 new items: the Bloomin Bathtub, Bloomin Kitchen Island and Bloomin Wardrobe. The Bloomin' Side Table did not return to the wShop in March 2014.

In March 2015, three new items were added: Bloomin' Grandfather Clock, Bloomin' Dining Table, and the Bloomin' Dining Chair.

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Bloominbathtub.png Bloomin' Bathtub wShop 720 KC
Bloominbed.png Bloomin' Bed wShop 800 KC
FIle:bloomincomfychair.png Bloomin' Comfy Chair wShop 350 KC
File:Bloomincoffeetable.png Bloomin' Coffee Table Click-to-Win Advertisement
(Ganz Parent Club)
FIle:bloomincouch.png Bloomin' Couch wShop 700 KC
File:bloomincounter.png Boomin' Counter wShop 200 KC
FIle:bloomindesklamp.png Bloomin' Desk Lamp Webkinz Newz Prize n/a
File:Bloomindiningchair.png Bloomin' Dining Chair wShop 310 KC
File:Bloomindiningtable.png Bloomin' Dining Table wShop 450 KC
FIle:bloominflooring.png Bloomin' Flooring wShop 150 KC
FIle:bloominfloorflowers.png Bloomin' Floor Flowers wShop 285 KC
FIle:bloominfridge.png Bloomin' Fridge wShop 500 KC
File:Bloomingrandfatherclock.png Bloomin' Grandfather Clock wShop 190 KC
File:Bloominkitchenisland.png Bloomin Kitchen Island wShop 530 KC
FIle:bloominsink.png Bloomin' Sink wShop 300 KC
File:bloominstove.png Bloomin' Stove wShop 350 KC
File:bloominwallpaper.png Bloomin' Wallpaper wShop 150 KC
FIle:bloomingardendivider.png Bloomin' Garden Divider wShop 275 KC
FIle:bloominsidetable.png Bloomin' Side Table wShop ((Retired-
Did not return to wShop in March 2014.)[1]
250 KC
FIle:bloominstandinglamp.png Bloomin' Standing Lamp wShop 215 KC
File:Bloominwardrobe.png Bloomin Wardrobe wShop 850 KC

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