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The Billiards Table can be purchased in the wShop for 1200 Kinzcash.


The Cool Pooch Pool Table is the Pet Specific Item for the Rottweiler.

How to Play

Pool can be played with two players or one. If your playing a two player game, one player will be stripes, the other is solids. If your palying a one player game, you will be sinking both the striped and solid balls. Your goal for this game is to sink all your balls before your opponent, sinking the eight ball last. But you must hit the cue ball(White ball) before you directly hit any other ball. You can hit the balls by aiming and holding down the mouse for power. The longer you hold it down, the more power you get. Once you let go, the ball will roll with that amount of power and direction. If you accidentally sink the cue ball, your opponent gets to place it whereever they want on the table.