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Big City

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Very little is known about the Big City. Amanda Panda's family lived there before they moved to Kinzville, as revealed in Amanda Panda's Journey Home. Also, images of the City are featured in some Webkinz World items. According to the Webkinz Trading Cards, the Alley Cat "may be from the Big City, but sure loves life in Kinzville." Sasha, Lisa, Josie, and Melinda live in the Big City.

Webkinz Newz Tour

On Webkinz Newz in November 2011, a tour of The Big City was posted.[1]

This Tour revealed that The Big City has more restaurants then anywhere in Webkinz World! The KinzTravel Guide recommended Le Snout for the finest food in all of Webkinz World and La Soufflé for the finest desserts. This means that both Le Snout and La Soufflé are in The Big City.

The tour put an emphasis on how HUGE the big city is. You need a map to get around, and even then, it's way more difficult to navigate through than Kinzville. Since The Big City is so big, some Webkinz drive cars, but the traffic is so awful that most webkinz take busses or subways. (Unlike Kinzville, where everyone either bikes or walks)

The tour also revealed that The Big City is best known for its galleries and theaters. It said there's always something to do in The Big City, and said "this city never sleeps," referring to one of New York City's nicknames, "The city that never sleeps." The tour said Kinzville is a much quieter town.

Big City Items

  • 1234-1.png Big City Window Alley Cat PSI
  • 1404-1.png Big City Playset
  • 3129-1.png Chic City Window "Take a peek into the Big City"