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Best of Fun Stuff Craft Book

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Basic Info


Ten great Webkinz crafts to do at home taken from the popular Fun Stuff Section.

This book can be purchased in the Wshop for 90 kinzcash.

Book Pages

Image:Best of Fun Stuff Book Cover.jpg

Image:Best of Fun Stuff Contents.jpgImage:Best of Fun Stuff pg3.jpgImage:Best of Fun Stuff pg4.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg5.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg6.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg7.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg8.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg9.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg10.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg11.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg12.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg13.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg14.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg15.jpgImage:Best of fun stuff pg16.jpg

Image:Best of fun stuff pg17.jpg

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