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Beautiful Game Theme

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Theme History

To celebrate the World Cup Soccer Event in 2010, Ganz created this special Soccer theme. It was available in Webkinz World from June 9th to July 20th.

The World Cup Soccer Event happens once every four years. At this point it is unknown if/when the furniture items in this theme will return to Webkinz World.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:beautifulgameflooring.png Beautiful Game Flooring wShop 250 KC
File:beautifulgamewallpaper.png Beautiful Game Wallpaper wShop 250 KC
File:breakawaysoccerdesk.png Breakaway Soccer Desk wShop 220 KC
File:cornerkickstool.png Corner Kick Stool wShop 275 KC
File:dashingdefenderdiningtable.png Dashing Defender Dining Table wShop 800 KC
File:freekicksidetable.png Free Kick Side Table wShop 110 KC
File:goalkeeperdiningchair.png Goalkeeper Dining Chair wShop 235 KC
File:beautifulgamebed.png Game Goal Bed wShop 1200 KC
File:hattricksoccerdresser.png Hat Trick Soccer Dresser wShop 525 KC
File:leagueofchampionstrophy.png League of Champions Trophy wShop 350 KC
File:midfilederschoicecoffeetable.png Midfielder's Choice Coffee Table wShop 325 KC
File:onsidefloorlamp.png On Side Floor Lamp wShop 175 KC
File:penaltyshotsoccerchair.png Penalty Shot Soccer Chair wShop 220 KC
File:shootoutsoccertv.png Shoot-Out Soccer TV wShop 875 KC
File:superstrikersofa.png Super Striker Sofa wShop 850 KC

Other Soccer Items

Although they are not part of this "seasonal" theme, there are other soccer items in Webkinz World:

Picture Name Item Type
162-1.png Soccer Pennant wShop Item
270-1.png Soccer Ball wShop Item
1642-1.png Soccer Float Recipe
1743-1.png True Fan Soccer Wallpaper CSO Item
1745-1.png Soccer Pitch Flooring CSO Item
2639-1.png Ultimate Fan Soccer Chair Figure Item
2817-1.png Soccer Star Chocolate Lab Figure Figurine
3453-1.png Golden Goal Deer Figurine
4522-1.png Golden Goal Stadium Chair Figure Item
3274-1.png Soccer Sofa wShop
3318-1.png Soccer Ball Stove wShop

WorldClassSoccerBall.png The Soccer Challenge Game also has a set of soccer-themed prizes. Those items can be viewed HERE.

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