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Beach Party Room

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Click HERE to learn more about scheduling parties in the Party Rooms.



Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
Bambootree.png Bamboo Tree wShop
2050-1.png Beach Blanket Bed wShop
File:Beachpartyicecreammachine.png Beach Party Ice Cream Machine Not Available
2051-1.png Beach Side Table wShop
2062-1.png Beach Sofa wShop
2058-1.png Beach Surfboard Rack wShop
5971-1.png Calming Campfire Stove Signature Endangered Exclusives
5965-1.png Harmonious Hammock Signature Endangered Exclusives
5932-1.png Lovely Log Couch Signature Endangered Exclusives
5769-1.png Heated Hound Hot Tub PSI
2069-1.png Lifeguard Tower Chair wShop
Relaxandrechargelounger.png Relax and Recharge Lounger eStore
2052-1.png Sandy Beach Flooring wShop
2053-1.png Sandy Beach Wallpaper wShop
File:Spiderplant.png Spider Plant wShop



The Summer Party Room Pack was available for purchase in the wShop starting on June 22nd, 2011, and was available throughout the summer.

Summer Party Food

During Summer Parties, there are three exclusives foods you can get:

Picture Name How It's Earned
File:Partyicecreamcone.png Beach Party Ice Cream Cone Clicking the Ice Cream Machine
Summerjarofjellybeans.png Summer Jar of Jellybeans Jellybean Challenge
Summerjellybeanpile.png Summer Jellybean Pile Pinata