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Beach House Theme

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Theme History

The Beach House Theme was introduced to the wShop in July, 2012. Three exclusive furniture items were available through a Webkinz Newz Peek-A-Newz Challenge that could not be found in the Wshop.

The Beach House Theme was removed from the wShop on September 17, 2014.

On June 12, 2015 Webkinz Newz notified players that the Beach House Theme will be returning to the wShop with new items on July 8, 2015.

On July 2-4, 2015, the Peek-A-Newz prizes were available in the 365 Days of Prizes.

On July 8, 2015 the Beach House Theme returned to the wShop. The Weathered Wood Dresser was retired. The Beach House Carpet, Beach House Clock and Beach House Floor Lamp were added for the first time.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Beachhousebeachviewwindow.png Beach House Beach View Window wShop Deluxe Only: 450 KC
File:Beachhousebuoymirror.png Beach House Buoy Mirror wShop Regular: 300 KC
Deluxe: 300 KC
File:Beachhousecarpet.png Beach House Carpet wShop Deluxe Only: 300
File:Beachhouseclock.png Beach House Clock wShop Regular: 200
Deluxe: 200
File:Beachhousecoolerbag.png Beach House Cooler Bag Webkinz Newz N/A
File:Beachhousefloorlamp.png Beach House Floor Lamp wShop Regular: 400
Deluxe: 400
File:Beachhouseflooring.png Beach House Flooring wShop Regular: 250 KC
Deluxe: 250 KC
File:Beachhousehammock.png Beach House Hammock Webkinz Newz N/A
File:Beachhouseseashellsofachair.png Beach House Seashell Sofa Chair Webkinz Newz N/A
File:Beachhousestripedcouch.png Beach House Striped Couch wShop Regular: 550 KC
Deluxe: 550 KC
File:Beachhousestripedsofachair.png Beach House Striped Sofa Chair wShop Regular: 350 KC
Deluxe: 350 KC
File:Beachhousetvandstand.png Beach House TV Set and Stand wShop Regular: 650 KC
Deluxe: 650 KC
File:Beachhousewallpaper.png Beach House Wallpaper wShop Regular: 250 KC
Deluxe: 250 KC
File:Ingroundlappool.png Inground Lap Pool wShop Deluxe only: 1,400 KC
File:Portholebarrelhottub.png Porthole Barrel Hot Tub wShop Deluxe only: 750 KC
File:Weatheredwoodbed.png Weathered Wood Bed wShop Regular: 700 KC
Deluxe: 700 KC
File:Weatheredwoodcoffeetable.png Weathered Wood Coffee Table wShop Regular: 440 KC
Deluxe: 440 KC
File:Weatheredwooddresser.png Weathered Wood Dresser wShop Regular: 450 KC
Deluxe: 450 KC


File:Weatheredwoodendtable.png Weathered Wood End Table wShop Regular: 280 KC
Deluxe: 280 KC

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