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Bathtub Collection

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Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Athleticsoakingtub.png Athletic Soaking Tub Kinzville Academy
File:Barrelhottub.png Barrel Hot Tub PSI - Alpine St Bernard
File:Birdbathspa.png Birdbath Spa PSI - Pink Cockatoo
File:Bloominbathtub.png Bloomin Bathtub wShop
File:Blueavenueclawfootbathtub.png Blue Avenue Clawfoot Bathtub Ganz eStore Regular: 7,000
Deluxe: 6,000
File:Bubblybluebathtub.png Bubbly Blue Bathtub PSI - Blue Triggerfish
File:Charmforestbathtub.png Charm Forest Bathtub Ganz eStore
File:Clawfootbathtub.png Clawfoot Bathtub wShop 1,200 KC
File:Cloudybathtub.png Cloudy Bathtub Zumwhere Item
File:Coconutmilkbath.png Coconut Milk Bath Ganz eStore
File:Cupofcocoatub.png Cup of Cocoa Tub PSI - Donut Pup
File:Dayoutdoorsbathtub.png Day Outdoors Bathtub PSI - Springer Spaniel
File:Fantasystablewheelbarrowbathtub.png Fantasy Stable Wheelbarrow Bathtub Ganz eStore
File:Fineperfumebath.png Fine Perfume Bath PSI - Renaissance Palace Butterfly
File:Flopnslopbathtub.png Flop N' Slop Bathtub PSI - Floppy Pig
File:Footballtub.png Football Tub wShop
File:Funkygirlbathtub.png Funky Girl Bathtub wShop 1,000 KC
File:Greenglowbathtub.png Green Glow Bath Tub Ganz eStore
File:Goldentieredtub.png Golden Tiered Tub Ganz eStore
File:Heatedhoundhottub.png Heated Hound Hot Tub PSI - Portuguese Water Dog
File:Hightechbathtub.png High-Tech Bathtub wShop 1,200 KC
2526-1.png Icy Ocean Bathtub PSI - Seal
File:Lavenderflairbathtub.png Lavender Flair Bathtub Ganz eStore Regular: 7,000
Deluxe: 6,000
File:Lovelyiridescenttub.png Lovely Iridescent Tub Ganz eStore Promotion
1150-1.png Luxury Hot Tub Rare Items
File:Moonberrybath.png Moonberry Bath Wheel & Game Prizes - Jumbleberry Fields Moonberry Prize
File:Mudbathtub.png Mud Bathtub PSI - Mud Hippo
1296-1.png Pirate's Rub-a-Dub Washtub wShop 995 KC
File:Porcelainbathtub.png Porcelain Bathtub wShop
File:Portholebarrelhottub.png Porthole Barrel Hot Tub wShop Deluxe Only: 750 KC
6153-1.png Pot of Gold Pond PSI - Rainbow Armadillo
File:Redvelvettub.png Red Velvet Tub Ganz eStore
6736-1.png Relaxing Longtub PSI - Ferret
5209-1.png Sapphire Bathtub PSI - Sapphire Spaniel
File:Scentedbubblebath.png Scented Bubble Bath PSI - Sassy Skunk
File:Seabluebathtub.png Sea Blue Bathtub wShop
File:Secludedgardenbath.png Secluded Garden Bath Ganz eStore
File:Stresssoakerhottub.png Stress Soaker Hot Tub Ganz eStore
File:Sunflowerspa.png Sunflower Spa PSI - Sunflower Lion
File:Tinbuckettub.png Tin Bucket Tub wShop 850 KC
3434-1.png True Blue Birdbath PSI - Bluebird
File:Tuliptub.png Tulip Tub Ganz eStore Regular: 7,000
Deluxe: 6,000
636-1.png Wallowing Tub PSI - Hippo
File:Webkinzday8bathtub.png Webkinz Day 8 Bathtub Ganz eStore
File:Wetlandspondbathtub.png Wetlands Pond Bathtub PSI - Duck
1935-1.png Witch's Brew Bathtub PSI - Black Cat
2750-1.png Wooden Trough Bathtub PSI - Pinto

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