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Balloon Dartz

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Work in progress, feel free to contribute 

The game Balloon Darts can be found in Today's Activities. When you play, you need to throw darts and pop balloons. It is very similar to Token Balloon Darts.


How to Play

There is a power gauge going back and forth. You need to aim your dart, and then click your mouse when the power gauge is at the desired position.


  • If you are hitting a high balloon, make sure your power gauge is higher.
  • If you are hitting a lower balloon, make sure the gauge is at a lower position.
  • The gauge goes much slower than Token Balloon Dartz.
  • It is better if you have your mouse over the balloon you are trying to pop.


The prizes include:

  • KinzCash
  • W Shop items
  • Balloon Dartz Hoodie
  • Balloon Dartz Hat.

Additional Info

Balloon Darts was an older hourly. It disappeared for a while, and finally returned around early January 2010. The balloons used to be normal colors (red, blue, green, etc.) but now they show as pastel colors and blacks/grays. In addition, they also added new prize (Balloon Dartz Hat). They kept the old prizes on. In early September of 2010, they added yet another Balloon Dartz exclusive prize. (Balloon Dartz Hoodie)