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Baby Sitter

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Baby Sitter is a job you can do at the Employment Office.



In order to do this job, you must have completed at least 50 kid's world questions at Quizzy's Corner.

What Am I trying to Do?

The object of this job is to keep all of the Webkinz happy by fulfilling their needs before it's too late. There are four different needs- tiredness, hungriness, thirstiness, and sadness. If you wait too long to fill a need by dragging the correct item to the correct pet, its happiness level will drop. If the happiness level hits zero, the pet will start to cry. If three pets cry then the game is over. Based on which level you are on, it will give you a different number of "tasks" to complete. A task is dragging an item to a pet to keep it happy

How Do I Do It?

Drag the appropriate item from the top of the screen onto the Webkinz to keep its happiness meters up. There are 4 different needs a pet might have, shown here:

Pet's Signal

Food Bowl
Milk Bottle
Teddy Bear Image:Teddybear.png

You take the object from the shelf and drag it down onto the Webkinz that wants that item. If the poodle was panting, you would drag the bottle from the shelf down onto the poodle and then release. If the chihuahua was sad, you would give it the teddy bear.

Don't let three Webkinz start to cry, or it's game over!



  • To make it easier on yourself, you can ignore up to 2 of the Webkinz and still succeed. Someone suggested putting a sticky-note over the two of the babies on one end of the row so that you don't have to see them crying (they do look so sad!).
  • Try to take care of the Webkinz who are hungry first. They tend to drop less if you leave them for so long.
  • If a pet is already in the green for happiness, then try to ignore that one for a little bit, while you care for the other pets.

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