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Avante Condo Theme

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Theme History

The Avante Condo Theme (aka Modo Condo Theme) was introduced to the Ganz eStore in February 2010.

At some point in the development of this theme, a number of the item names were changed. From time to time, Ganz refers to them by the old names.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
Modacondobed.png Avante Condo Bed eStore 8,000 points
Modacondocoffeetable.png Avante Condo Coffee Table eStore 5,000 points
Avantecondocounter.png Avante Condo Counter eStore 5,000 points
Avantecondodresser.png Avante Condo Dresser eStore 5,000 points
Avantecondoflooring.png Avante Condo Flooring eStore 2,000 points
Avantecondofridge.png Avante Condo Fridge eStore 6,000 points
Modacondomodularsofaleftend.png Avante Condo Modular Sofa Left End eStore 2,500 points
Modacondomodularsofamiddle.png Avante Condo Modular Sofa Middle eStore 2,500 points
Modacondomodularsofarightend.png Avante Condo Modular Sofa Right End eStore 2,500 points
Modacondosidetable.png Avante Condo Side Table eStore 4,000 points
Avantecondostove.png Avante Condo Stove eStore 6,000 points
Avantecondotv.png Avante Condo TV eStore 7,000 points
Avantecondowallpaper.png Avante Condo Wallpaper eStore 2,000 points
Bluwavebookshelf.png Bluwav (Avante) Bookshelf eStore 5,000 points
Orangeexplosionrug.png Orange Explosion Rug eStore 4,000 points
Spiralspiretreeplant.png Spiral Spire Tree Plant eStore 2,000 points
Tritierfloorlamp.png Tri-Tier Floor Lamp eStore 4,000 points

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