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Automotive Theme

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Theme History

The Automotive Theme (aka Race Car Theme) was introduced to the wShop in ????.

On August 7, 2013, the Automotive Theme was retired from the wShop and moved to the Curio Shop.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
1796-1.png Armchair Racer wShop 350 KC
3167-1.png Automotive Barrier wShop 250 KC
1807-1.png Automotive Tool Rack wShop 95 KC
1800-1.png Big Race Television wShop 850 KC
1805-1.png Car Counter wShop 195 KC
1802-1.png Car Hood Stove wShop 550 KC
1810-1.png Cars Poster wShop 55 KC
1795-1.png Catalytic Coffee Table wShop 310 KC
1801-1.png Checkered Flag Fridge wShop 375 KC
1804-1.png Checkered Trophy Pedestal wShop 150 KC
1808-1.png Custom Rim Rack wShop 520 KC
1797-1.png Full Service Dining Table wShop 500 KC
1812-1.png Garage Flooring wShop 150 KC
1811-1.png Garage Wallpaper wShop 180 KC
1806-1.png New Model Drafting Table wShop 300 KC
1798-1.png Rolling Racer Chair wShop 180 KC
1794-1.png Sedan Sofa wShop 650 KC
1803-1.png Shining Shop Lamp wShop 140 KC
1791-1.png Speedy Sleeper Bed wShop 1200 KC
1792-1.png Tire Table wShop 150 KC
1793-1.png Tool Chest Dresser wShop 295 KC
1799-1.png Toy Trunk wShop 250 KC

Trading Card


The Automotive/Race Car Theme was featured on a Webkinz Trading Card:

"With so many car shows on the TV these days, there was lots of inspiration available for this theme. Instead of making it look like your average garage, we decided to pattern this theme after a garage designed specifically for a racing team. One of the coolest features of this theme is the large car you can create from the stove, two counter tops and the toy trunk. Can you see the new character we introduced with this theme? Yup, it's number 27, Rocky Ray Jackson."

Theme Trivia


Just put together one Toy Trunk, one Car Hood Stove, and two Car Counters, and you've got yourself a large car for your Webkinz house. Add in more counters, and you can have a limo.


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