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Arte Fact

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Arte Fact
Gender: Male
Age: 45

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Arte Fact is the proprietor of the Curio Shop in Webkinz World.

When you visit the Curio Shop frequently, after a while Arte recognizes you. When you go to the shop, he will say something like "Ah, one of my favorite customers! What can I do for you today?"

Arte has a friend named Doug who is also in the gem business. He runs his business in the Collector Room in the Clubhouse. He appears in the Collector Room and asks to trade gems for items.

Arte is described as: "A former archaeologist. He is currently the owner of the Curio Shop. If anyone knows gems, and secret treasure troves in Webkinz World, it’s him…well, and his ex-best friend Doug the Dog. Doug and Arte used to be like brothers, but after an unfortunate incident in which Arte found a series of gem mines and didn’t tell Doug immediately, the friendship dissolved. Arte is unmarried, but he has a sister and a nephew named Sparky. Sparky is the most important individual in Arte’s life, often visiting his uncle and wanting to learn more about his adventures."[1]


Trading Cards

2176-1.png 2081-1.png

"Originally Arte was designed as an old, scholarly dog, but that wasn't right. We wanted Arte to be a rough and rugged dog whose days before running the Curio Shop were filled with excitement and adventure! So we reworked Arte to be the gruff dog we all know and love.

While he does have his paws full running the Curio Shop and Gem Hunt, watch for Arte to appear in more adventures in the future!"


Arte is a character in the following books:

Amanda Panda's Journey Home
An Air of Mystery Book
Arte and The Lost Tomb Book
Superstar Spring Break
The Disappearing Sculpture
The Last Adventure
The Recipe for Success
The Smarty Pants Storybook
W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure
W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice

Special Items

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There are a number of special Arte items in Webkinz World:

Arte and the Lost Tomb Book (wShop)
Arte's Azure Zingoz Photo (Trading Cards)
Arte Bobblehead (Ganz eStore)
Arte's Clock (Trading Cards)
Arte Fact Plush Toy (Curio Shop Only)
Arte Holiday Plush (Holiday Gift)
Arte's Bomber Jacket (Kinzstyle Outlet)
Curio Shop Wallpaper(Webkinz Friendz)
Familiar Faces Plate Rack (Ganz eStore)

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Webkinz Host Friends

The first time a new Webkinz World member visits the Curio Shop. the member will receive a request to become friends with Arte Fact. Even if they select "no", Webkinz members can later send a friend request to "Arte Fact" to invite him to be their friend. [1]

Players who send a Webkinz World letter or package to Arte Fact will occasionally get a letter or even a gift in return from him. More information about the Webkinz Host Friends gifts can be found here ==> Webkinz Host Friends


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