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Archive Of Webkinz World Glitches

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This page is protected because it is an official article.

The Archive of Webkinz World Glitches contains confirmed bugs, glitches, or issues from our Official Webkinz World Glitch Report that have been corrected in Webkinz World. It is maintained in the same format as our Webkinz World Glitch Report.



Webkinz Stadium not Working


First Reported on 05/21/10 Resolved on 05/31/10

Since May 21st's big updates in Webkinz World, members wishing to enter the Stadium Events have been unable to. We hope the Stadium entry will be fixed soon so we can enter our pets in the Cooking Competitions and Beauty Pageants soon.

Clubhouse Closed to Visitors


First reported on 04/23/2010 Resolved when event over 04/29/2010

When some members are trying to hunt for Goober, they are getting kicked out of the Clubhouse. They are able to see Goober and get a rocket on one account, and on another account in the same room or the same color zone they get kicked out. This does not happen all the time. [1] [2]

No Vacation Island Raffle Prizes

First reported on August 10, 2009 Resolved March 31, 2010

Updated Dec 17, 2009 (after maintenance)

Updated Mar 20, 2010

Every time a raffle is won at the parties on Vacation Island, winners see a blank prize alert box and no prizes are added to their docks, even after logging out and back in,opening and closing browsers and clearing caches. This happens in all cell phone zones, all time zones and all servers to all users (including Deluxe members) using all browsers every time. [3] [4] [5]

Vacation Island Empty Box

Fairy Falls Not Working

First reported November 13th, 2009 Updated Jan. 3, 2010

Archived March 7, 2010

Many, but not all, of our members are reporting that they are not able to get into the Fairy Falls feature. The screen/graphics freeze up and it is not possible to click on fairies to collect charms or prizes. The cursor retains the Wand shape and when you opt to log out, there is no cursor. You have no choice, you have to log out. Your account is frozen.

This problem does not appear to be Server dependent since members are reporting that they have accounts on the same server and one account is affected and the other is not.[6]

Woodland Wonders Freezes

First reported Oct 30th, 2009

Sometimes when clicking on a Male Fairy in the Woodland Wonders, as soon as the box "drops" the feature will "freeze" and the prize will not be awarded. Since this glitch started, no one has reported getting any Keys in the Woodland Wonders. Suspicions are that the "frozen boxes" were supposed to contain keys. It appears that this glitch started following site maintenance on October 28th.[7]

Zum Outfit Cannot be Worn

First reported October 30th, 2009
Updated on November 12th, 2009

Resolved Dec 18, 2009 [8]

Players who complete their Giggly Zum collection and click on the box to receive their prize are kicked out of Webkinz World. When they log back on, they find a "Zum Outfit" sitting in their docks. Instead of sitting with the rest of the clothing items, this "Zum Outift" is grouped with the coupons. This "Zum Outfit" cannot be worn by Webkinz. The system doesn't seem to recognize it as a clothing item. [9] [10]

Previous to the report of this glitch, players completing their Giggly Zum collection were awarded a three piece Zum Costume consisting of a "Zum Costume Hat", "Zum Costume Body", and "Zum Costume Feet". Those items could be worn as clothing. Players reporting this glitch are getting a single item called "Zum Outfit".

UPDATE: As of November 12th, the Giggly Zum Box can no longer be opened. The glitch affecting all of the rest of the boxes has been corrected, but anyone trying to open the Giggly Zum Box is logged out of Webkinz World.

Countdown to Christmas Does Not Work

First reported December 1st 2009 Fixed Dec 14

Everyone clicking on Ms. Birdy is getting a message "Sorry, this event is out of date." No gifts are given.[11][12]

UPDATE: Ganz has announced that Ms. Birdy wasn't supposed to show up until the 14th, and she has been removed from the Clubhouse. This report will be left pending for now until we see what happens on the 14th.

The Wishing Well

First reported 9/1/09

Upon spinning 3 Wishing Wells on the center line, the highest prize in the game, an error occurs, immediately knocking the user out of Webkinz World. When logging back in, the user does not receive their exclusive prize.[13][14]

Deluxe Accounts Expiring

First reported on 9/26/09

Despite having active Deluxe Memberships, accounts that have not adopted a new pet in the past twelve months have suddenly, and without warning, expired. Players are having to adopt new pets to gain access to their accounts.

Deluxe Account Expired

Curio Shop - Deluxe Accounts

First reported Sept 27, 2009

For Sunday, Septemer 27th, Deluxe members do not have any items for sale in the Deluxe section of their Curio Shops.

No Deluxe Curio

Magical Forest Keys

First reported Sept 30, 2009
Fixed Oct 28th, 2009

After finding the last silver key, when entering the door to choose a prize, the player is booted off the site.[15]

You are OUT!!

Halloween Pumpkins Cannot Be Carved

First reported Nov 2, 2009
Fixed Nov 7th, 2009

Anyone who collected all 12 pieces of Halloween Candy but who did not "carve" their pumpkin by the end of the day on November 1st no longer has the option to pick their Jack-o-Lantern's face.


Cafe Theme Floors

First reported November 12th, 2009
Fixed on November 13th, 2009

When the new Cafe Floors are placed in a room, they do not show up. Once a player has installed the floors in a room, it is impossible to exit and reenter the room. Any pets inside the room are "locked in".

Topaz Terrier Items

First reported November 12th, 2009
Fixed on November 14th, 2009

The graphics for the Topaz Terrier Gift Box, Topaz Package Box, Topaz Sink, and Topaz Toilet have disappeared. Anyone with a Topaz Sink or Topaz Toilet in a room is now locked out of that room.[16]


Purple Christmas Tree Locks Players Out of Rooms

First reported on November 23rd 2009 Fixed on November 25th 2009

When the new Christmas items were added to the wShop, all of the graphics were missing. By the end of the day, all of the graphics but one had been added to the system. Anyone who tried to put a Purple Christmas Tree in their house got a blue box instead, and they are now locked out of whatever room they put it in.[17]


Zums No Longer Have Parties

First reported November 10th, 2009 Fixed December 1st, 2009

Immediately following the change in programming that was supposed to ensure that all Zum Parties awarded Zummies, reports started coming in that it was impossible to get a Zum happy enough to get have a party. After three days (on November 12th) we have not had a single report of any player on our forum being able to get their Zum's happiness above 90%.[18]

No POTM Gifts for Schnauzer Adoptions

First reported Jan 1st 2010 Fixed on January 5th, 2010

The Webkinz World system is not recognizing new Schnauzers as POTM. Players adopting these pets are not getting their gifts.

UPDATE: Ganz has fixed the glitch for new Schnauzer adoptions. Players who adopted their pets before the glitch was fixed should receive their prizes on Monday, Jan 4th.

Woodland Wonders Freezes

First reported Oct 30th, 2009

Sometimes when clicking on a Male Fairy in the Woodland Wonders, as soon as the box "drops" the feature will "freeze" and the prize will not be awarded. Since this glitch started, no one has reported getting any Keys in the Woodland Wonders. Suspicions are that the "frozen boxes" were supposed to contain keys. It appears that this glitch started following site maintenance on October 28th.[19]

Update: Woodland Wonders now issues keys, and the doors open


Magical Forest Silver (Common) Key Freeze

First reported December 18, 2009

Confirmed December 29, 2009

UPDATE January 13, 2010 - Keys can be viewed and prizes chosen. Need to see what happens when members win keys

Seems to be resolved April 2010

Members have reported that when the final (15th) silver (common) key is won, a purple screen pops up and the account freezes.

The members do not have the opportunity to choose their prize. One member contacted Customer Service and the rep saw that the 15th key was not awarded.

The members that have mentioned sever numbers have reported Servers 16 and 5 (American accounts). [20]

Dwarf Costumes Missing

Reported 10/14/2009 Resolved 10/15/2009

A number of members have reported that the Green Dwarf Costume has gone missing from their accounts. The costumes left in the dock now are empty spaces, and pets who were left wearing the costume now appear to be wearing nothing.[21]

Rainbow Super Recipe Maker Badge Not Showing Up in My Page Badges

Reported 10/14/09 Resolved 10/15/09

The Rainbow Super Recipe Maker badge is being awarded, but is not being added to the badges widget on members' MyPage, even after logging out and back in.

Goober's Lab

First reported on 9/17/09

After playing Goober's Lab, the KinzCash prize is not awarded.[22]

Witch's Brew Sodas Disappear

First Reported November 12th, 2009
Corrected on November 12th, 2009

Following maintenance on November 12th, the graphic for the Witch's Brew Soda disappeared.


Zum Prize Boxes Won't Open

First reported Oct 28th, 2009
Corrected on November 12th, 2009

Following site maintenance on Oct 28th, members started reporting that they were unable to open up Zum prize boxes after collecting pictures of all of the Zums. Clicking on the prize box to redeem the prize logs the player out of his/her account every time, without awarding the prize. This glitch appears to be system-wide, affecting all players on all servers. [23]

NOTE: The glitch for all of the boxes except the Giggly Zum Box has been fixed.


New eStore Figures Cannot be KinzPosted

First reported on November 26th 2009

Of the five new virtual figures in the eStore series, four cannot be traded or sent via KinzPost:[24]

  • Center Court Collie
  • Skateboarding Chicken
  • Space Explorer Cocker Spaniel
  • Swim Star Crocodile

The fifth virtual figure, the Happy Hula Pink and White Dog can be KinzPosted. Also, all of the "Figure Specific Items" can be KinzPosted.

Four Seasons Trees Cannot Be Moved

First Reported on November 21st 2009

All Four Seasons Trees on all accounts are now "stuck" to the floor. Once placed in a room, they cannot be removed by players. The only way to get a tree removed is to contact Customer Service and have them move it to the dock. Also, if a pet is in "walk mode" and a player clicks on the tree, the pet will not walk to the tree. Instead, the season changes.[25]


Zum Rooms Will Not Load

First Reported on November 24th 2009

Starting on Tuesday afternoon, all Zum rooms stopped loading. The system will not go past the "loading pet" page. This glitch appears to be system-wide.[26]

Balloon Darts Not Working

First Reported Dec 20, 2009, Confirmed Dec 22, 2009

On December 20th, no players were able to play the game. Everyone was told that they had already used their turn.

On December 22nd, the game could be played, but none of the balloons had prizes.

All servers. All accounts.

Members are unable to enter a Stadium Competition

First reported Dec 17, 2009 (after maintenance)

Members receive this message : "event not in entry stage" when trying to enter a scheduled competition. This occurs accross all time zones and all servers. [27]. [28]

Citrus Dragons & Clothes

Originally reported 10/05/2009
Fixed January 11th, 2010

Although players can put clothes on Citrus Dragons, the clothes don't actually show up. Also, perhaps related to this glitch, there is a black dot that appears in front of the face of Citrus Dragons.[29]

Dragon Clothes

January 2010 Calendar

First Reported Jan 1st 2010
Fixed January 20th, 2010

It appears that Quizzy's Calendar has not yet been updated for the 2010 year. We are getting reports from all over the forum that answered questions are not revealing a hidden picture. Also, the questions don't "stay answered". Once a player exits out of the calendar screen and goes back again, the questions are once again marked as unanswered. And, players answering the Daily Bonus Question are not having it show up as answered on their calendar screen.


Weathered Barn Flooring

First Reported Jan 1st, 2010

When this flooring is placed in a room, it turns into a plain blue flooring.[30]


Jumbleberry Fields - Five Flies/Five Moonberries Yield "Wrong Parameters"

First Reported Feb 3rd, 2010

Since the Feb 3rd update, members who roll 5 Flies or 5 Moonberries do not get the badge. They receive Wrong Parameters box instead:

Mr Moo - Can't buy Ice Cream

First Reported Feb 17th 2010 Seems to be fixed March 3, 2010


Mr Moo is now back in the park.

You approach him. He offers you ice cream. Sometimes there is a flash and you can catch a glimpse of the selections. Sometimes there is nothing.

That's it. If you click on him again, the same thing happens.

[31] [32] [33]

Communal Contest Glitch

First Reported March 9, 2010 Seems to be fixed March 9, 2010

Instead of offering the safari jacket, ballerina bed, 700 kc, and the bright ideas lamp to vote on, some accounts offer 4 different options: the short mahogany coffee table, mystical ottoman, winter feast dining table, and wheat fields window. This glitch seems to occure in accounts using server #19.[34]

Fun Fiesta Skirt & Ruffle Skirt

First reported June 2008
The Fun Fiesta Skirt has been removed from the Shop

Despite having different names, descriptions, and prices, both the Fun Fiesta Skirt ($270KC) and the Ruffle Skirt ($150KC) have the exact same graphic. Both items are sold in the KinzStyle (Persephone's) Shop.

Skirt Mixup

Home Before Dark Not Awarding KinzCash To Some Members

First reported on September 1st, 2010

Members who are scoring more than 71 KinzCash in Home Before Dark are in many cases not receiving their KinzCash. Instead their are recieving a message that says: "Oops...... Sorry, and error has occurred while playing this game. Your score will not be submitted and your KinzCash will not be awarded." [35]

Stadium not loading/Members cannot compete

First reported after maintenance July 21st, 2010

Members experience a green loading screen. The stadium never loads & members are not able to enter their pets to compete. [36]


The Employment Office

First reported on 9/22/09

There are inconsistencies with the information and actual behavior in regards to failing a job twice in a row. Upon reaching level 3 in a job, Tabby Von Meow says that you can come back and play at this level all of the time. However, upon failing a job two times in a row, you are demoted to level 2, contrary to Tabby Von Meow's information.[37]

Developer Note: This isn’t a bug, it’s a misinterpretation of what Tabby Von Meow is saying (just as the interpretation that since see said “all of the time” that you shouldn’t have to wait 8 hours). Players are still bound by the rules of the Employment Office, which say if you fail twice in a row, you drop a level. Note that if we ever redo the voice over (which we are considering doing for a number of reasons), we will change this line.

Light Denim Skirt & Powder Blue Skirt

First reported September 16th 2009 Fixed on October 5th 2009'

The new Powder Blue Skirt has the exact same graphic as the old Light Denim Skirt. Ganz addressed this issue in the Webkinz Newz on the 17th and said the graphic would be fixed "soon".

Blue Skirt Mixup

On October 5th, 2009, the graphic for the Powder Blue Skirt was changed. It looks similar to the one Ganz displayed in the Webkinz Newz report. It's that skirt, without the bows.

Pets Don't Like Farm Fresh Candy Canes

First Reported October 2009 Fixed on November 23rd 2009

Unlike the Ossilily Bone from the Collie's PSI, the Farm Fresh Candy Cane from the Peppermint Puppy's PSI is programmed so that only the Peppermint Puppy likes to eat it. When other pets eat the Farm Fresh Candy Cane, they react as if they have been fed another pet's Pet Special Food.[38]

Polar Plunge

First Reported in 2008 Fixed on December 7th, 2009

The score cap on the Black Diamond course is 10,000 although scores of above that level are not only possible but NEEDED to finish the course. As of now, the lowest score completing Black Diamond is about 10,200, however when the game is over, a message will pop up saying that the score is not "reasonable" and Kinzcash will not be given and score not submitted.[39]

Polar Plunge Score

Regal Banquet Dining Table

Originally reported 1/22/09
Fixed on December 17th 2009

The Regal Banquet Dining Table in the Clubhouse has items sitting on it, but Webkinz players can no longer place items on their tables. The programming was changed on Jan 22nd 2009. On that day, all items that had been sitting on the tables got stuck. Players had to contact Ganz to have them "unstuck". [40]

Stuck Menorah

Friend List Disappearing From Phone

First Reported October 22nd, 2009 Fixed on December 17th, 2009

There are widespread reports of certain accounts having their friend lists wiped clean each and every night. This glitch seems to be affecting a particular group of accounts, but it has not yet been determined what those accounts have in common. Every time one of those players wants to send something via KinzPost, they need to re-add the friend to their list.[41]

Wheel of WOW awards wrong prize

First reported Jan 20th, 2010

Players landing on the Football Table get the Oceans Dresser instead. [42]

Some High Scores in the Arcade Unattainable

First Reported: June 3, 2010

When the High Score list was added back to Webkinz World many members noticed that Ganz had placed default scores on the lists. These scores use fake accounts and names and in many cases are unattainable.

The following games are currently affected by this glitch: Candy Bash, Color Storm, Triple Strike Solitaire

Pink Cockatoo Loses Clothing When Seated

First Reported October 16th, 2009

When a clothed Pink Cockatoo sits down, the clothes disappear. This glitch appears to affect all Pink Cockatoos on all servers.[43]

Pink Cockatoo Never Stops Flying

First Reported October 2009

Unless seated in a chair, or taking a bath, the Pink Cockatoo never stops flying. The Cockatoo always has its wings spread out, hovering above the ground, like it is flying, even when it is not moving.[44]


Candy Bash

First reported on 9/19/09

Candy Bash no longer displays the correct level during the level up notification. Instead, it displays "[gameLevel]" where the level number is supposed to be. The display indicating number of remains tries displays as "2[lives]Tries".

Cash Cow

First reported on 9/17/09

Cash Cow no longer displays the correct level during the level up notification. Instead, it displays "[gameLevel]" where the level number is supposed to be. This does not affect gameplay in any other way.[45]

Cash Cow Level Display

Toy Soldier Coat

First reported on 9/17/09

The Toy Soldier Coat is misspelled "Toy Solider Coat".[46]

Toy Solider Coat

"Account Opened" Dates are Wrong

Resolved Sept 30 maintenance --Canonymous 19:35, 1 October 2009 (EDT)

First reported on 9/25/09

The "Account Opened" date on the "My Pets" page is actually the date that the account was most recently renewed.[47]

Dr. Quack

First reported on 9/22/09
Fixed on December 17th, 2009

Dr. Quack uses incorrect grammar when speaking to you about your pet. He incorrectly uses "you're" instead of "your".[48]

Dr. Quack "Your"

Kinzville Gingerb(r)ead Houses

First Reported December 2009
Fixed January 20th, 2010

If you have more than one Kinzville Gingerbread House in your dock, the system calls them "Kinzville Gingerbead Houses", leaving out the "r" in bread.


Doug the Dog Uses Wrong Item Names

First reported June 2009

Doug the Dog uses the wrong names for two of the prizes he gives out. He calls the "Mining Helmet" a "Gem Finder Hat". He also calls the "Mining Suit" a "Gem Finder T-Shirt".[49]



Sample Survey Sept 17, 2009

Sometimes the survey questions are a little difficult for us to understand. Many WW players would not know the difference between a "full room theme" and a "playset". They are all "themes" to us.

The question will be answered but the survey results will not be very meaningful.



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