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Ancient Civilization Theme

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Theme History

The Ancient Civilization Theme is made up of mostly Rare items sold in the Curio Shop.

This theme was introduced to Webkinz World in January 2008.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
3197-1.png Ancient Brazier Rare 2600 KC
File:Ancientcivilizationbath.png Ancient Civilization Bath eStore n/a
File:Ancientcivilizationchariot.png Ancient Civilization Chariot eStore n/a
Ancientcivilizationfirepit.png Ancient Civilization Fire Pit eStore 5500 Points
3203-1.png Ancient Civilization Flooring Rare 1500 KC
3202-1.png Ancient Civilization Wallpaper Rare 1100 KC
3046-1.png Ancient Emperor Statue Rare 9050 KC
3199-1.png Ancient Ionic Column Rare 6500 KC
File:Ancientvistawindow.png Ancient Vista Window eStore Regular: 4000 Points

Deluxe: 3000 Points

3052-1.png Ancient Wading Pool Rare 4500 KC
3193-1.png Caesar's Chair Rare 4200 KC
3198-1.png Centurion Candelabra Rare 3900 KC
3192-1.png Centurion Coffee Table Rare 4000 KC
674-1.png Corinthian Trophy Pedestal wShop 150 KC
3188-1.png Emperor's Bed Rare 11100 KC
3047-1.png Emperor's Dining Throne Rare 5500 KC
3191-1.png Emperor's Settee Rare 8300 KC
3195-1.png Grand Empire Chest Rare 5750 KC
3194-1.png Imperial Dining Table Rare 6250 KC
3189-1.png Imperial Side Table Rare 3400 KC
3190-1.png Imperial Urn Rare 3000 KC
673-1.png Ionic Trophy Pedestal wShop 150 KC
3196-1.png Legionnaire Shield Rare 2900 KC
3200-1.png Legionnaire's Suit of Armor Rare 7100 KC

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