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Alyssa's Star Challenge

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Alyssa's Star Challenge is a Daily Activity that was introduced to Webkinz World in July 2008. To access the feature, go to the Webkinz World KinzVille Map and click on the Magical Forest. From there, select Alyssa's Star Challenge.


The Game

The object of the game is to catch and collect special stars that can be exchanged for a grand prize. Much like the Gem Hunt in the Curio Shop, players get three chances at finding a star every day. Unlike the Gem Hunt, there are also other prizes to collect along the way.

To hunt for a star, touch the tip of the net on a colored star in the sky. This will reveal a constellation, which may or may not give you a star. If you find a star, Alyssa will offer to buy it from you in exchange for some KinzCash. If you make the trade, the KinzCash will be added to your account. If you don't make the trade, the star will be added to your collection.

Also similar to the Gem Hunt, stars can be traded with Nafaria like gems can be traded with Doug. Unlike Doug, Nafaria can be clicked when she randomly appears from any edge of the page. For more information, see the Nafaria Star Trading page.

Shooting Stars & Comets

While you are hunting for stars, you may see a Shooting Star or a Comet fly across the sky. Sometimes these flying objects contain prizes, sometimes they do not. If you would like to use up one of your three chances at finding a star, you may choose to click on the Star/Comet instead.

If the item is a Comet, you will be rewarded with either a Star Challenge-themed food item, or a piece of the Solar Suit costume. If the item is a Shooting Star, the message "Shooting Star" will appear on the screen. There is no way to know if the item is a Star or a Comet before you click on it.


Below is a gallery displaying all the possible constellations in Alyssa's Star Challenge [1].

To see the images in full size please click on the Picture.

The Stars


To view the stars in your star collection, players can buy a Star Collector's Carousel in the wShop.

There are 21 different stars to find. They fall into three categories:

Glow Flakes:


Sun Sparks:


Astro Emblems:


When you find a star, you can either keep it for your collection, or sell it to the fairy. The fairy will offer you payment in the form of a "Pixie Puck" worth a certain amount of KinzCash. You don't get to keep the Puck, you just get the cash.
After you have collected all of the stars in the set, you may choose to trade them in for the grand prize, the Fairy High Council Throne.

How to Find Certain Stars

Astro Emblems can be found in the following constellations: Charm Fairy, Chef Gazpacho, Knight of the Round, POTM Medal, Wishing Well, and Zingoz constellations.

Glow Flakes can be found in the following constellations: Knight of the Round, Plumpy, POTM Medal, and Wishing Well constellations.

Sun Sparks can be found in the following constellations: Plumpy, Wishing Well and Zingoz.

For a good chance at finding rarer stars in each category, click on the constellations in the following order:

Astro Emblems: Zingoz, Wishing Well, POTM Ribbon

Glow Flakes: Wishing Well, POTM Ribbon, Plumpy

Sun Sparks: Zingoz, Wishing Well, Plumpy

However, these are not guaranteed to find those stars. If you click on constellations in the correct order it only holds a good chance for you to find that category of star.

Current Prizes

Alyssa Cookie
Fairy High Council Throne
Golden Solar Belt
Golden Solar Boots
Golden Solar Helmet
Golden Solar Pants
Golden Solar Suit Jacket
Meteor Cookie
Moon Cookie
Sky Cookie
Star Cookie


Retired Prizes

File:solarbelt.png File:solarboots.png File:solarhelmet.png File:solarsuitjacket.png File:solarsuitpants.png
Solar Belt Solar Boots Solar Helmet Solar Suit Jacket Solar Suit Pants