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Adventure Park

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Adopt a Webkinz Adventure Park Series pet and unlock a whole new way to have fun!

In addition to all Webkinz pet adoption benefits, each Adventure Park pet unlocks a specific quest in the Adventure Park along with a Mini-Quest to send a Webkinz Adventure Park friend. Complete all of the tasks in a quest to win fantastic prizes!

Pets come with a Pet Specific Quest of 8 to 11 challenges that form a storyline. Challenges send players to new areas in the Adventure Park and around Webkinz World. Upon completion of a quest, players win an exclusive grand prize!

Players also receive a Mini-Quest consisting of 3 to 4 challenges that must be given to a friend with a Webkin
z Adventure Park pet. When this friend completes the quest, both players win an exclusive Mini-Quest prize!

Once players have completed all their specific quests, they can click on any of the Adventure Park 'Kinz and play Bonus Quests to extend game play. Adopting additional Adventure pets allows players to complete more Bonus Quests each day!

Players who do not adopt Adventure Park pets will still be able to visit the main area of the Adventure Park, but they will not be able to attempt quests. Instead of their own pets, non-Adventure Park players will be represented by a Webkinz Mutt of the same name as their pet.


Adventure Park pets come with specific quests special to each pet, and the challenges will send you to different parts of this area.

There is not a code needed to access Adventure Park, just adopt a pet (either the Webkinz or the Lil' Kinz) from this series. As long as the series of pets are in Ganz Programming you receive access. If someone has previously purchased one of the following plushies they will not gain access until they adopt a new pet.

Series 1

To access the Adventure Park, players must adopt these pets AFTER the new feature is added to Webkinz World in August 2011.

Go Webkinz!

Series 2

These Webkinz are scheduled to be activated as Adventure Park pets on the 3rd of November, 2011.

NOTE: The quests were added to the system early, on October 26.

Only the pets that were adopted after Oct. 1st are allowed into the Adventure Park.

Series 3

The third series of Adventure Park pets were added on February 29, 2012.


Eight characters populate the starting area of Adventure Park, the compass icon displays a mini-map of their locations: Cowabelle in the north, Sparky in the north-east, Alex in the east, Salley Cat in the south-east, Roberta in the south, Stoogles in the south-west, Molly in the west and Nibbles in the north west.

Other areas include a Cave located along the path behind Cowabelle, a Dock located behind Salley Cat, a Garden to Nibbles right and a tree ladder behind Molly.


You will meet a number of characters in the Adventure Park. Some of them have been seen elsewhere in Webkinz World; others are brand new!

Alex Tiger


Boris' Nephew


Cave Miner

Cowabelle Cowoline


Fish King

Ghost Pirate

Ghost Pirate Princess



Ice Dragon


Molly Pig



Rafi (Gabriel)


Roberta Rabbit

Salley Cat

Sea Lion


Sparky Fact

Stoogles Googles

Weather Monkey

Pet Specific Quests

Pet Specific Quests are awarded based on the type of pet that is adopted.These quests range form 8 to 10 tasks that consist of playing a game in the arcade, finding a certain object in Adventure Park, or digging for something. Most Pet Specific Quests can be completed in one day if you really want the quest prize.

A Nafarious Ploy

HM167.png Velvety Elephant Image:Shootingstarship.pngShooting Star Ship


Deep Water Dilemma

HM172.png Chimpanzee Freshwaterfallwall.png
Fresh Waterfall Wall


Beanstalk Birthday

Pink Pony
Beanstalk Climbing Tree


NOTE: Gabriel the Cloud Guardian also goes by the name Rafi.

Fox Quest

File:Webkinz Fox.png

Confection Perfection Press


The Dragon's Den

HM142.png Spotted Frog Dragonsfire.png
Dragon's Fire


>> NOTE: The Dragon's Den quest is available to all users following maintenance on July 17, 2013.

The Lost Pirate Treasure

Jolly Roger Roller


Mysterious Green Smog

Weather Console Machine



Weather Worries

Spotted Leopard
Hero of the Storm Display


The prize won from this Quest is animated.

Journey to the Crystal Caves

Mud Hippo
Rainbow Machine


The prize won from this Quest is animated.

The Ghostly Campsite

Bengal Tiger
Celestial S'more Campsite


The Celestial S'more Campsite is a food maker that makes one Celestial S'more per day.


Ghost Pirate Princess Rescue

Pink and White Cat
Ethereal Throne

Not Easy Being Fish King

Royal Crystal Statue


Sparky's Scavenger Hunt

Caramel Lion
Crystal Treasure


Special Event Quests

From time to time, there are special event quests in the Adventure Park in which all users can participate, even if they do not own an Adventure Park pet.

Candy Festival Jeopardy (Valentine's Quest)

Limited edition quest released in February 2012 for Valentine's Day.

Dig Prizes

Factory Box of Chocolates
Fish King Bobblehead Toy
Framed Photo of Sera
Goober's Goggles
Scientific Sample

Grand Prize

Chocolate Factory Machine

Lorax Quests

Main Article: Lorax Movie Promotion

Two limited edition quests released in February 2012 to promote the new Lorax movie.

Dig Prizes

Animal Totem Pole
Robot Flower
Silver Tiara
Truffula Tree Painting
Unicycle Helmet

Grand Prizes

Unless Platform
Electric Unicycle


Mini Quests

Mini Quests prizes are awarded to players randomly. Players also receive a Mini-Quest consisting of 3 to 4 challenges that must be given to a friend with a Webkinz Adventure Park pet. When this friend completes the quest, both players win an exclusive Mini-Quest prize! The Mini Quest will then be sent to you and your friend and to receive the prize both have to complete the quest.

Instead of waiting for someone on your friend's list to get an Adventure Park pet, you could always open up a second account and friend yourself. WI does not allow for you to ask WI members to work on an Adventure Park mini quest.

Camel's Chaos

Bloomingtree.png Blooming Tree

Deep Sea Rescue

File:Grandtreasurepile.png Grand Treasure Pile

Rafi's Circus in the Sky

Hoopsoffire.png Hoops of Fire

Roberta's Tea Party

Stratosphericteapot.png Stratospheric Tea Pot

Crocodile Hunter

Crystalcrocwadingpool.png Crystal Croc Wading Pool

Gift Exchange

Lightningcake.png Lightning Cake

Recipe Rescue

Cavepotatocrockpot.png Cave Potato Crockpot

She Sells Sea Shells

Salleysseashellart.png Salley's Seashell Art

Soaking Sad Dragon

Razielrainjacket.png Raziel Rain Jacket

Sparky's Cloudy Concern

Griffinguardianstatue.png Griffin Guardian Statue

Treasure Trove

Deepwaterdoubloondisplay.png Deep Water Doubloon Display

The Dragon Dance Party

Dancefeverdragonstatue.png Dance Fever Dragon Statue

The Magician's Assistant

Theamazingescape.png The Amazing Escape

Daily Quests

For each Adventure Park Pet that you have on a Webkinz account, you will receive one daily quest per day. In order to take advantage of all your daily quests, you must complete the daily quests in order. If you fail to complete a daily quest and you have two pets, you will be unable to move on to the daily quest associated with your second (or any subsequent) pets.

Daily Quests: Prizes


The prizes at the Daily Quests can be seen here:

(Picture Gallery) Adventure Park Daily Quest Prizes

Daily Quests: Daily Digs


Each time you begin a daily quest, you receive 10 free digs. These digs allow you to search for hidden items in the clouds, in the mine, and underwater.

Sometimes a quest will ask your pet to dig for certain items in piles of rock in designated rooms. Each time you dig up a pile, a window will pop up telling you if you are "freezing", "warm", "warmer" or "hot". If "hot" then the item you are looking for is on a footprint squareimmediately near you (in the dig pile located on immediately next to the footprint square you just dug, including those footprints that are diagonal to the last dig site). If you run out of digs and you fail to find the designated items, you will have to wait until the next day to receive 10 new digs and to try again. If you have two adventure pets and you fail to find the designated items in the first quest, you will be unable to move to your second daily quest until the next day.

Your digs from daily quests do not accumulate; once you have found all the items designated by the daily (quick) quest, it is advantageous to finish digging until you are out of digs. You will always begin with exactly 10 digs. (A new major quest, mini quest or purchase from the estore allow you to gain more than 10 digs.)

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