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Adoption Gift

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Every Adoption

For every adoption, you will receive:

  • 2000 KinzCash per new pet
  • A Welcome balloon in either red, yellow, blue or green
  • Your pet's Pet Specific Item
  • Your pet's Pet Specific Food
  • An Exclusive Item

First Adoption

When you adopt your first pet, you will also receive:

  • A medium sized blue room
  • A chair from the Kids Room Theme
  • A Guide to Webkinz World
  • A basketball

Second through Ninth Adoptions

For your Second through Ninth adoptions (on the same account), you will also receive:

  • A medium sized room (randomly placed)

Tenth Adoption and every Fifth Adoption

For your 10th Adoption and every 5th adoption after that, you will also receive:

  • A Super Exclusive Gift Box which, when opened, lets you select a Super Bed of your choice.