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Abbreviations Dictionary

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This page contains a list of commonly used abbreviations on the Webkinz Insider Forum.

Members are reminded that using chat speak and abbreviations excessively in the forum can cause your posts to be hard to read. Use abbreviations sparingly but have fun.

WIki Editors are also asked to refrain from using abbreviations in the WIki.

This page should not be confused with the Glossary which contains Webkinz Insider and Webkinz World Terms and Definitions. The Glossary can be located here: Glossary


Searching Tips

To find terms easily on this large page you may want to use your browser's search/find feature. For instructions on how to use your browser's search feature click on the show link in the table below. The almost universal search command is Ctrl+F

Abbreviations List A-L

Abbreviation Meaning
AC Ancient Civilizations theme
AF Arte's Favorite
AFK Away From Keyboard
Avvie Avatar
B Be
BBL Be Back Later
BC Because
BRB Be Right Back
BFN Bye For Now
BTW By The Way
BUMP Bring Up My Post
CS Curio Shop
CSO Curio Shop Only
DCT Daily Chat Thread
DD Dearest Daughter
DEF Definitely
DGD Dearest Granddaughter
DGS Dearest Grandson
DH Dearest Husband
DOD Dear Old Dad
DOD Dearest Older Daughter
DOM Dear Old Mom
DOS Dearest Older Son
DS Dearest Son
DW Dearest Wife
DYD Dearest Younger Daughter
DYS Dearest Younger Son
EMP Edit My Post
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FB Feedback
FIYA On Fire, Hot!
FR Friend Request
FSI Figurine Specific Item
FYI For Your Information
GC Gift Coach
GE Gift Exchange
GEDCT Gift Exchange Daily Chat Thread
GG Gift Guru
GT Gift Trainee
GTS Gifted Training Section
IDC I Don't Care
IDK I Don't Know
ILY I Love You
IMO In My Opinion
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMHO (2) In My Honest Opinion
INBD It's No Big Deal
JK Just Kidding
JFC Jesus Freak Club
JLMK Just Let Me Know
KA Kinzville Academy
KC Kinz Cash or KinzChat
KC+ KinzChat Plus
KT Kinz Time
KWIM Know What I Mean
L8R Later
L8R G8R Later Gator
LMBO Laughing My Bottom Off
LMHO Laughing My Hair Off
LMK Let Me Know
LOL Laugh Out Loud
LQTM Laughing Quietly to Myself
LT Live Topic
LYK Let You Know
LYLAS Love You Like a Sister

Abbreviations List M-Z

Abbreviation Meaning
NVMD Nevermind
NM Not Much Never mind
NP No Problem
OMG Oh My Gosh
PAN Peek-A-Newz
PLMK Please Let Me Know
Plz Please
PM Private Message
POTM Pet Of The Month
PPL People
PSF Pet Specific Food
PSI Pet Specific Item
R Are
RL Real Life
ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMBO Rolling On Floor Laughing My Bottom Off
RP Reputation Point
RP Role Play
RPG Role Play Game
Siggie/Siggy Signature
SP Spelling
TC Trading Card
TGE Training Gift Exchange
TGIF Thank Goodness It's Friday
TIA Thanks In Advance
TFTA Thank's For The Add
TL;DR Too Long; Didn't Read
TTFN Ta Ta For Now
TP Top Poster (Like on the Daily Chat Thread)
TPBM The Person Below Me
TTYL Talk To You Later
TS Training Section (of the Gift Exchange)
TY Thank You
TYVM Thank You Very Much
U You
WC Webkinz Coast
W/E What Ever
WN Webkinz Newz
WKN Webkinz Newz
WKW WebKinz World
WI Webkinz Insider
WIGEV Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Values
WT Webkinz Town
WS Webkinz Street
WW Webkinz World
VM Visitor Message
VP Virtual Pet
VTC Virtual Trading Card
xD or XD Laughing
Y Why
YQW Your Quite Welcome
YW You're Welcome
YWVM You're Welcome Very Much

Abbreviations Symbols

Abbreviation Meaning
<3 A heart
^5 High Five