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2012 Leprechaun Chase

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The leprechaun Clubhouse event appeared for the third year in March 2012 to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The event lasted from March 7th through March 17th 2012.


During the event, users had to wait in any Clubhouse room until the leprechaun appeared (usually only a few minutes).

When he appeared, the leprechaun greeted users by saying "You must have four leaf luck!" or "Count your lucky clovers, you found me!" or " Has anyone seen my pot of gold?" He walked around the room, said another quote, and then left.

Users who clicked on the leprechaun would receive one of six coins. Once they collected all the coins, users were awarded the grand prize, a Golden Pot of Coins Fridge. The leprechaun still awarded jelly coins to pets even after the grand prize was received.

If players were missing some coins in your collection at the end of the week or if they wanted to finish their collections faster, there was an option to buy the coins for 1000 eStore Points each. The eStore Points were NOT at all necessary to participate in the event, but only a way to have a guaranteed or faster way to receive the grand prize.



Red Jelly Coin


Orange Jelly Coin


Yellow Jelly Coin


Green Jelly Coin


Blue Jelly Coin


Violet Jelly Coin

Grand Prize
Golden Pot of Coins Fridge