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(WIGEV) Unicorn PSI

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The Unicorn has an unusual retirement situation that gives its PSI, the Magical Meadow Bed, a special value.


Unicorn Pets

HM069.png HS069.png

There were two different Unicorn pets released by Ganz, the Webkinz Unicorn and the Lil Kinz Unicorn.

Both pets come with the same Pet Specific Item.

Unicorn Retirement


May 2007

The Webkinz Unicorn was retired in May 2007. This did not have any effect on the value of the Unicorn PSI because the Lil Kinz was still available.

December 2007

The Lil Kinz Unicorn was retired in December 2007. At this point, the value of the Unicorn PSI increased because it was considered "Not Available".[1]

Value Packs


July 2009

In July 2009, a year and a half after the official retirement, Ganz released the Lil Kinz Unicorn as part of a "Value Pack" of discounted pets. [2] Not only was the Lil Kinz Unicorn available again, it was available at bargain price. Because of this, the exchange value of the Unicorn PSI was lowered with planned increases in value over time.

April 2010

In April 2010, it was revealed that Ganz was re-releasing the Value Packs and that the Lil Kinz Unicorn would once again be available at a discounted price. [3] Because of this, the exchange value of the Unicorn PSI was lowered again.

PSI Exchange Value


Because the Lil Kinz Unicorn has now returned for sale twice in less than two years, the Exchange Value of the Unicorn's PSI is going to be treated similarly to a Seasonal PSI. Unlike Seasonal PSIs, the Unicorn's PSI will start off with a higher value to recognize the fact that the Unicorn has been officially retired and could be un-released without warning.

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The WIGEV Team would like to apologize to everyone who is getting "caught" by this value change. When the Creative Director announced that "retired is retired"[4][5], we believed him, and we set the values in the WIGEV accordingly. We never anticipated that an officially retired Webkinz would ever return, certainly not more than two years after the official retirement date. We also never figured that Ganz would make the pet available to retailers at roughly half of the original price.


  5. Creative Director: "as we have said before, retired is retired. It means the pet will not be back in stores once it’s gone."

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