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(Picture Gallery) Trading Card Items

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Series 1

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2230-1.png 2248-1.png 2238-1.png 2232-1.png 2233-1.png
Backgammon Galore Chair Card Suit Coffee Table Chair of Clubs Chair of Diamonds Chair of Hearts
2234-1.png 2261-1.png 2242-1.png 2237-1.png 2236-1.png
Chair of Spades Checkered Past Toy Box Checkmate TV Chinese Checkers Side Table Crown Me Trophy Pedestal
2246-1.png 2249-1.png 2319-1.png 2223-1.png 2253-1.png
Crowned Rook Dresser Cut the Cards Counter DiceKinz Zingoz Pack Dragster TCG Poster Game Board Wall Clock
2250-1.png 2252-1.png 2235-1.png 2231-1.png 2257-1.png
Game Piece Poster Bed Game Piece Sofa Game Time Canopy Lamp Games Under Glass Dining Table Gold Card Collector Trophy 
Kookyscientistwallpaper.png Kookyscientistflooring.png 2256-1.png 2224-1.png 2221-1.png
Kooky Scientist Wallpaper Kooky Scientist Flooring Master Card Collector Statue  Pool TCG Poster Quizzy TCG Poster
3053-1.png 2254-1.png 2251-1.png 2226-1.png 2260-1.png
Series 1 Trading Cards Pedestal Sketched Kinzville Window  Trading Card Bed Trading Card Chair Trading Card Clock
2228-1.png 2227-1.png 2247-1.png 2244-1.png File:tradingcardgamehat.png
Trading Card Desk Trading Card Dining Table Trading Card Dresser Trading Card Fridge Trading Card Game Hat
File:tradingcardgamejacket.png File:tradingcardgamepants.png File:tradingcardgameshoes.png 2229-1.png 2318-1.png
Trading Card Game Jacket Trading Card Game Pants Trading Card Game Shoes Trading Card Side Table Trading Card Sofa
2255-1.png 2054-1.png 2225-1.png 2258-1.png 2222-1.png
Ultimate Challenge Sports Car  Webkinz Trading Card Pack Wishing Well TCG Poster Ye Olde Moving Picture Box  Zangoz TCG Poster

Series 2

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3041-1.png 3050-1.png 3064-1.png 3067-1.png 3063-1.png
At Paw Level Display Screen  Collector's Paradise Waterfall  Deck of Stone Bench  Deck of Stone Dining Table  Divine Dresser 
3062-1.png 3000-1.png 3001-1.png 2996-1.png 2997-1.png
Gamers Garden Glass Side Table  Go-Go Googles Poster  Husky Poster  Let Me Help You Poster  Love Puppy Poster 
2999-1.png 3002-1.png 2777-1.png 3066-1.png 3003-1.png
Lunar Lugbotz Poster  Nafaria Poster  Perfectly Purple Arm Chair  Playing Deck Chair  Quizzy Poster 
3051-1.png 3054-1.png 3061-1.png 3042-1.png 2998-1.png
Series 2 Collector Trophy  Series 2 Trading Cards Pedestal Shrubbery Sleeper Bed  Space Explorer Shuttle  Supermodelz Poster 
3070-1.png 3069-1.png 3068-1.png 3071-1.png 2873-1.png
Topiary of Clubs  Topiary of Diamonds  Topiary of Hearts  Topiary of Spades  Trading Card 2.0 Bed 
2986-1.png 2985-1.png 2992-1.png 2988-1.png 2987-1.png
Trading Card 2.0 Chair  Trading Card 2.0 Coffee Table Trading Card 2.0 Counter  Trading Card 2.0 Dining Chair  Trading Card 2.0 Dining Table 
2885-1.png 2995-1.png 2990-1.png 2991-1.png 2884-1.png
Trading Card 2.0 Dresser  Trading Card 2.0 Flooring  Trading Card 2.0 Fridge  Trading Card 2.0 Lamp Trading Card 2.0 Side Table
2993-1.png 2984-1.png 2883-1.png 2989-1.png 2882-1.png
Trading Card 2.0 Sink  Trading Card 2.0 Sofa  Trading Card 2.0 Stove Trading Card 2.0 Toy Box  Trading Card 2.0 TV 
2994-1.png File:tradingcardwizardglasses.png File:tradingcardwizardhat.png File:tradingcardwizardrobe.png File:tradingcardwizardshoes.png
Trading Card 2.0 Wallpaper  Trading Card Wizard Glasses  Trading Card Wizard Hat Trading Card Wizard Robe Trading Card Wizard Shoes
3065-1.png 2241-1.png 2868-1.png 3074-1.png
Two Suits Deck Chair Ultra-modern TV Webkinz Trading Cards Series 2 W-Tales Sofa  Wiletters.png

Series 3

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File:amandapandachest.png FIle:amandapandaspicychocolatecake.png File:arteazurezingozphoto.png File:arteclock.png File:cardcollectorberet.png
Amanda Panda Chest Amanda Panda's Spicy Chocolate Cake Arte's Azure Zingoz Photo Arte's Clock Card Collector Beret
File:cardcollectorbunchedpants.png File:cardcollectorbuttoncoat.png File:cardcollectorcapripants.png File:cardcollectorclassiccapri.png File:cardcollectorcoat.png
Card Collector Bunched Pants Card Collector Button Coat Card Collector Capri Pants Card Collector Classic Capri Card Collector Coat
File:cardcollectorcroppedjacket.png File:cardcollectorflipflips.png File:charmforestposter.png File:cheekymonkeyposter.png File:chefgazpachostove.png
Card Collector Cropped Jacket Card Collector Flip Flops Charm Forest Poster Cheeky Monkey Poster Chef Gazpacho (Trading Card) Stove
File:chefgazpachoplacesetting.png File:chickenposter.png File:chortletorteposter.png File:crocodileposter.png File:drquackbed.png
Chef Gazpacho's Place Setting Chicken Poster Chortletorte Poster Crocodile Poster Dr. Quack Bed
File:drquacksidetablelamp.png File:fredrovercoffeetable.png File:fredroverposter.png File:fredroversofa.png File:goldfishposter.png
Dr. Quack Side Table Lamp Fred Rover Coffee Table Fred Rover Poster Fred Rover Sofa Goldfish Poster
File:monkeymonkeybananatree.png File:monkeymonkeybananatv.png File:monkeymonkeyballoons.png File:monkeymonkeyposter.png File:msbirdycrossstitch.png
Monkey & Monkey Banana Tree Monkey & Monkey Banana TV Monkey and Monkey Balloons Monkey and Monkey Poster Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch
File:msbirdyposter.png File:msbirdyshelf.png File:mscowolinereadingchair.png File:plumpyplushdoll.png File:plumpychair.png
Ms. Birdy Poster Ms. Birdy's Tchotcke Shelf Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair Plumpy Plush Doll Plumpy's Chair
File:plumpywritingdesk.png File:puppypatrolcarposter.png File:quizzydiningchair.png File:quizzydiningtable.png File:series3tradingcardpedestal.png
Plumpy's Writing Desk Puppy Patrol Car Poster Quizzy Dining Chair Quizzy Dining Table Series 3 Trading Cards Pedestal
File:tradingcaardcondobed.png File:tradingcardcondocoffeetable.png File:tradingcardcondocounter.png File:tradingcardcondodiningchair.png File:tradingcardcondodiningtable.png
Trading Card Condo Bed Trading Card Condo Coffee Table Trading Card Condo Counter Trading Card Condo Dining Chair Trading Card Condo Dining Table
File:tradingcardcondodresser.png File:tradingcardcondoflooring.png File:tradingcardcondofridge.png File:tradingcardcondolamp.png File:tradingcardcondolounger.png
Trading Card Condo Dresser Trading Card Condo Flooring Trading Card Condo Fridge Trading Card Condo Lamp Trading Card Condo Lounger
File:tradingcardcondooven.png File:tradingcardcondopedestal.png File:tradingcardcondosidetable.png File:tradingcardcondosofa.png File:tradingcardcondotoybox.png
Trading Card Condo Oven Trading Card Condo Pedestal Trading Card Condo Side Table Trading Card Condo Sofa Trading Card Condo Toy Box
File:tradingcardcondotv.png File:tradingcardcondowallpaper.png File:Webkinztradingcardsseries3.png File:whimsydragonposter.png File:witchbathtubposter.png
Trading Card Condo TV Trading Card Condo Wallpaper Webkinz Trading Cards Series 3 Whimsy Dragon Poster Witch's Bathtub Poster Wiletters.png

Series 4

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File:amandapandasdress.png File:cardcollectorbed.png File:cardcollectorcoffeetable.png File:cardcollectorcounter.png File:cardcollectordiningchair.png
Amanda Panda's Dress  Card Collector Bed  Card Collector Coffee Table  Card Collector Counter  Card Collector Dining Chair [1]
File:cardcollectordiningtable.png File:cardcollectordresser.png File:cardcollectorflooring.png File:cardcollectorfridge.png File:cardcollectorhdtv.png
Card Collector Dining Table  Card Collector Dresser  Card Collector Flooring  Card Collector Fridge  Card Collector HDTV 
File:cardcollectorloungingchair.png File:cardcollectorpedestal.png File:cardcollectorsidetable.png File:cardcollectorsofa.png File:cardcollectorstandinglamp.png
Card Collector Lounging Chair  Card Collector Pedestal  Card Collector Side Table  Card Collector Sofa  Card Collector Standing Lamp 
File:cardcollectorstove.png File:cardcollectortoybox.png File:cardcollectorwallpaper.png File:chimpanzeeposter.png File:craftykimmyposter.png
Card Collector Stove  Card Collector Toy Box  Card Collector Wallpaper  Chimpanzee Poster  Crafty Kimmy Poster 
File:craftykimmysclubsign.png File:craftykimmysworkstation.png File:dexdangerouslandingpad.png File:dexdangerousmastercontrolchair.png File:dexdangerousmodelspacefighter.png
Crafty Kimmy's Club Sign  Crafty Kimmy's Work Station  Dex Dangerous' Landing Pad  Dex Dangerous Master Control Chair Dex Dangerous Model Space Fighter 
File:dexdangeroussuitbottom.png File:dexdangeroussuittop.png File:dexdangerousvisor.png File:dogbeardsnavigationglobe.png File:dogbeardstreasurechest.png
Dex Dangerous Suit Bottom  Dex Dangerous Suit Top  Dex Dangerous Visor  Dogbeard's Navigation Globe  Dogbeard's Treasure Chest 
File:drquackseyechart.png File:drquackslabcoat.png File:eagleposter.png File:fluffyingtonsantiquearmchair.png File:fluffingtonsmarblebust.png
Dr. Quack's Eye Chart  Dr. Quack's Lab Coat  Eagle Poster  Fluffington's Antique Armchair  Fluffington's Marble Bust 
File:fluffyingtonsvest.png File:fredroversblazer.png File:jerrysblazer.png File:kimmysoveralls.png File:littlelambbedposter.png
Fluffington's Vest  Fred Rover's Blazer  Jerry's Blazer  Kimmy's Overalls  Little Lamb Bed Poster 
File:msbirdyspinkblazer.png File:mscowolinesblazer.png File:mscowolinesskirt.png File:nafariaspottedvine.png File:nafariaspurpleslippers.png
Ms. Birdy's Pink Blazer  Ms. Cowoline's Blazer  Ms. Cowoline's Skirt  Nafaria's Potted Vine  Nafaria's Purple Slippers 
File:nafariasstainedglasswindow.png File:orcawhaleposter.png File:partyatthecoralcoveposter.png File:persephonedesignermanikinz.png File:persephoneplushdoll.png
Nafaria's Stained Glass Window  Orca Whale Poster  Party at the Coral Cove Poster  Persephone Designer Manikinz  Persephone Plush Doll 
File:ponchosshawl.png File:ponchossombrero.png File:sheldonssurfboard.png File:sheldonssurferhat.png File:sheldonssurfershirt.png
Poncho's Shawl  Poncho's Sombrero  Sheldon's Surfboard  Sheldon's Surfer Hat  Sheldon's Surfer Shirt 
File:smoothiemovesposter.png File:sweethearttartposter.png File:tabbyvonmeowheadset.png File:tabbyvonmeowhotcupofcoco2.png File:treasuresofthecrystalseaposter.png
Smoothie Moves Poster  Sweetheart Tart Poster  Tabby Von Meow Headset  Tabby Von Meow Hot Cup of Coco Treasures of the Crystal Sea Poster 
Webkinz Trading Cards Series 4 Wiletters.png
  1. Also called the Card Collector Chair.

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