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(Picture Gallery) Trading Card Items

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Series 1

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2230-1.png 2248-1.png 2238-1.png 2232-1.png 2233-1.png
Backgammon Galore Chair Card Suit Coffee Table Chair of Clubs Chair of Diamonds Chair of Hearts
2234-1.png 2261-1.png 2242-1.png 2237-1.png 2236-1.png
Chair of Spades Checkered Past Toy Box Checkmate TV Chinese Checkers Side Table Crown Me Trophy Pedestal
2246-1.png 2249-1.png 2319-1.png 2223-1.png 2253-1.png
Crowned Rook Dresser Cut the Cards Counter DiceKinz Zingoz Pack Dragster TCG Poster Game Board Wall Clock
2250-1.png 2252-1.png 2235-1.png 2231-1.png 2257-1.png
Game Piece Poster Bed Game Piece Sofa Game Time Canopy Lamp Games Under Glass Dining Table Gold Card Collector Trophy 
Kookyscientistwallpaper.png Kookyscientistflooring.png 2256-1.png 2224-1.png 2221-1.png
Kooky Scientist Wallpaper Kooky Scientist Flooring Master Card Collector Statue  Pool TCG Poster Quizzy TCG Poster
3053-1.png 2254-1.png 2251-1.png 2226-1.png 2260-1.png
Series 1 Trading Cards Pedestal Sketched Kinzville Window  Trading Card Bed Trading Card Chair Trading Card Clock
2228-1.png 2227-1.png 2247-1.png 2244-1.png File:tradingcardgamehat.png
Trading Card Desk Trading Card Dining Table Trading Card Dresser Trading Card Fridge Trading Card Game Hat
File:tradingcardgamejacket.png File:tradingcardgamepants.png File:tradingcardgameshoes.png 2229-1.png 2318-1.png
Trading Card Game Jacket Trading Card Game Pants Trading Card Game Shoes Trading Card Side Table Trading Card Sofa
2255-1.png 2054-1.png 2225-1.png 2258-1.png 2222-1.png
Ultimate Challenge Sports Car  Webkinz Trading Card Pack Wishing Well TCG Poster Ye Olde Moving Picture Box  Zangoz TCG Poster

Series 2

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3041-1.png 3050-1.png 3064-1.png 3067-1.png 3063-1.png
At Paw Level Display Screen  Collector's Paradise Waterfall  Deck of Stone Bench  Deck of Stone Dining Table  Divine Dresser 
3062-1.png 3000-1.png 3001-1.png 2996-1.png 2997-1.png
Gamers Garden Glass Side Table  Go-Go Googles Poster  Husky Poster  Let Me Help You Poster  Love Puppy Poster 
2999-1.png 3002-1.png 2777-1.png 3066-1.png 3003-1.png
Lunar Lugbotz Poster  Nafaria Poster  Perfectly Purple Arm Chair  Playing Deck Chair  Quizzy Poster 
3051-1.png 3054-1.png 3061-1.png 3042-1.png 2998-1.png
Series 2 Collector Trophy  Series 2 Trading Cards Pedestal Shrubbery Sleeper Bed  Space Explorer Shuttle  Supermodelz Poster 
3070-1.png 3069-1.png 3068-1.png 3071-1.png 2873-1.png
Topiary of Clubs  Topiary of Diamonds  Topiary of Hearts  Topiary of Spades  Trading Card 2.0 Bed 
2986-1.png 2985-1.png 2992-1.png 2988-1.png 2987-1.png
Trading Card 2.0 Chair  Trading Card 2.0 Coffee Table Trading Card 2.0 Counter  Trading Card 2.0 Dining Chair  Trading Card 2.0 Dining Table 
2885-1.png 2995-1.png 2990-1.png 2991-1.png 2884-1.png
Trading Card 2.0 Dresser  Trading Card 2.0 Flooring  Trading Card 2.0 Fridge  Trading Card 2.0 Lamp Trading Card 2.0 Side Table
2993-1.png 2984-1.png 2883-1.png 2989-1.png 2882-1.png
Trading Card 2.0 Sink  Trading Card 2.0 Sofa  Trading Card 2.0 Stove Trading Card 2.0 Toy Box  Trading Card 2.0 TV 
2994-1.png File:tradingcardwizardglasses.png File:tradingcardwizardhat.png File:tradingcardwizardrobe.png File:tradingcardwizardshoes.png
Trading Card 2.0 Wallpaper  Trading Card Wizard Glasses  Trading Card Wizard Hat Trading Card Wizard Robe Trading Card Wizard Shoes
3065-1.png 2241-1.png 2868-1.png 3074-1.png
Two Suits Deck Chair Ultra-modern TV Webkinz Trading Cards Series 2 W-Tales Sofa  Wiletters.png

Series 3

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File:amandapandachest.png FIle:amandapandaspicychocolatecake.png File:arteazurezingozphoto.png File:arteclock.png File:cardcollectorberet.png
Amanda Panda Chest Amanda Panda's Spicy Chocolate Cake Arte's Azure Zingoz Photo Arte's Clock Card Collector Beret
File:cardcollectorbunchedpants.png File:cardcollectorbuttoncoat.png File:cardcollectorcapripants.png File:cardcollectorclassiccapri.png File:cardcollectorcoat.png
Card Collector Bunched Pants Card Collector Button Coat Card Collector Capri Pants Card Collector Classic Capri Card Collector Coat
File:cardcollectorcroppedjacket.png File:cardcollectorflipflips.png File:charmforestposter.png File:cheekymonkeyposter.png File:chefgazpachostove.png
Card Collector Cropped Jacket Card Collector Flip Flops Charm Forest Poster Cheeky Monkey Poster Chef Gazpacho (Trading Card) Stove
File:chefgazpachoplacesetting.png File:chickenposter.png File:chortletorteposter.png File:crocodileposter.png File:drquackbed.png
Chef Gazpacho's Place Setting Chicken Poster Chortletorte Poster Crocodile Poster Dr. Quack Bed
File:drquacksidetablelamp.png File:fredrovercoffeetable.png File:fredroverposter.png File:fredroversofa.png File:goldfishposter.png
Dr. Quack Side Table Lamp Fred Rover Coffee Table Fred Rover Poster Fred Rover Sofa Goldfish Poster
File:monkeymonkeybananatree.png File:monkeymonkeybananatv.png File:monkeymonkeyballoons.png File:monkeymonkeyposter.png File:msbirdycrossstitch.png
Monkey & Monkey Banana Tree Monkey & Monkey Banana TV Monkey and Monkey Balloons Monkey and Monkey Poster Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch
File:msbirdyposter.png File:msbirdyshelf.png File:mscowolinereadingchair.png File:plumpyplushdoll.png File:plumpychair.png
Ms. Birdy Poster Ms. Birdy's Tchotcke Shelf Ms. Cowoline Reading Chair Plumpy Plush Doll Plumpy's Chair
File:plumpywritingdesk.png File:puppypatrolcarposter.png File:quizzydiningchair.png File:quizzydiningtable.png File:series3tradingcardpedestal.png
Plumpy's Writing Desk Puppy Patrol Car Poster Quizzy Dining Chair Quizzy Dining Table Series 3 Trading Cards Pedestal
File:tradingcaardcondobed.png File:tradingcardcondocoffeetable.png File:tradingcardcondocounter.png File:tradingcardcondodiningchair.png File:tradingcardcondodiningtable.png
Trading Card Condo Bed Trading Card Condo Coffee Table Trading Card Condo Counter Trading Card Condo Dining Chair Trading Card Condo Dining Table
File:tradingcardcondodresser.png File:tradingcardcondoflooring.png File:tradingcardcondofridge.png File:tradingcardcondolamp.png File:tradingcardcondolounger.png
Trading Card Condo Dresser Trading Card Condo Flooring Trading Card Condo Fridge Trading Card Condo Lamp Trading Card Condo Lounger
File:tradingcardcondooven.png File:tradingcardcondopedestal.png File:tradingcardcondosidetable.png File:tradingcardcondosofa.png File:tradingcardcondotoybox.png
Trading Card Condo Oven Trading Card Condo Pedestal Trading Card Condo Side Table Trading Card Condo Sofa Trading Card Condo Toy Box
File:tradingcardcondotv.png File:tradingcardcondowallpaper.png File:whimsydragonposter.png File:witchbathtubposter.png
Trading Card Condo TV Trading Card Condo Wallpaper Whimsy Dragon Poster Witch's Bathtub Poster Wiletters.png

Series 4

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File:amandapandasdress.png File:cardcollectorbed.png File:cardcollectorcoffeetable.png File:cardcollectorcounter.png File:cardcollectordiningchair.png
Amanda Panda's Dress  Card Collector Bed  Card Collector Coffee Table  Card Collector Counter  Card Collector Dining Chair [1]
File:cardcollectordiningtable.png File:cardcollectordresser.png File:cardcollectorflooring.png File:cardcollectorfridge.png File:cardcollectorhdtv.png
Card Collector Dining Table  Card Collector Dresser  Card Collector Flooring  Card Collector Fridge  Card Collector HDTV 
File:cardcollectorloungingchair.png File:cardcollectorpedestal.png File:cardcollectorsidetable.png File:cardcollectorsofa.png File:cardcollectorstandinglamp.png
Card Collector Lounging Chair  Card Collector Pedestal  Card Collector Side Table  Card Collector Sofa  Card Collector Standing Lamp 
File:cardcollectorstove.png File:cardcollectortoybox.png File:cardcollectorwallpaper.png File:chimpanzeeposter.png File:craftykimmyposter.png
Card Collector Stove  Card Collector Toy Box  Card Collector Wallpaper  Chimpanzee Poster  Crafty Kimmy Poster 
File:craftykimmysclubsign.png File:craftykimmysworkstation.png File:dexdangerouslandingpad.png File:dexdangerousmastercontrolchair.png File:dexdangerousmodelspacefighter.png
Crafty Kimmy's Club Sign  Crafty Kimmy's Work Station  Dex Dangerous' Landing Pad  Dex Dangerous Master Control Chair Dex Dangerous Model Space Fighter 
File:dexdangeroussuitbottom.png File:dexdangeroussuittop.png File:dexdangerousvisor.png File:dogbeardsnavigationglobe.png File:dogbeardstreasurechest.png
Dex Dangerous Suit Bottom  Dex Dangerous Suit Top  Dex Dangerous Visor  Dogbeard's Navigation Globe  Dogbeard's Treasure Chest 
File:drquackseyechart.png File:drquackslabcoat.png File:eagleposter.png File:fluffyingtonsantiquearmchair.png File:fluffingtonsmarblebust.png
Dr. Quack's Eye Chart  Dr. Quack's Lab Coat  Eagle Poster  Fluffington's Antique Armchair  Fluffington's Marble Bust 
File:fluffyingtonsvest.png File:fredroversblazer.png File:jerrysblazer.png File:kimmysoveralls.png File:littlelambbedposter.png
Fluffington's Vest  Fred Rover's Blazer  Jerry's Blazer  Kimmy's Overalls  Little Lamb Bed Poster 
File:msbirdyspinkblazer.png File:mscowolinesblazer.png File:mscowolinesskirt.png File:nafariaspottedvine.png File:nafariaspurpleslippers.png
Ms. Birdy's Pink Blazer  Ms. Cowoline's Blazer  Ms. Cowoline's Skirt  Nafaria's Potted Vine  Nafaria's Purple Slippers 
File:nafariasstainedglasswindow.png File:orcawhaleposter.png File:partyatthecoralcoveposter.png File:persephonedesignermanikinz.png File:persephoneplushdoll.png
Nafaria's Stained Glass Window  Orca Whale Poster  Party at the Coral Cove Poster  Persephone Designer Manikinz  Persephone Plush Doll 
File:ponchosshawl.png File:ponchossombrero.png File:sheldonssurfboard.png File:sheldonssurferhat.png File:sheldonssurfershirt.png
Poncho's Shawl  Poncho's Sombrero  Sheldon's Surfboard  Sheldon's Surfer Hat  Sheldon's Surfer Shirt 
File:smoothiemovesposter.png File:sweethearttartposter.png File:tabbyvonmeowheadset.png File:tabbyvonmeowhotcupofcoco2.png File:treasuresofthecrystalseaposter.png
Smoothie Moves Poster  Sweetheart Tart Poster  Tabby Von Meow Headset  Tabby Von Meow Hot Cup of Coco Treasures of the Crystal Sea Poster 
  1. Also called the Card Collector Chair.

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