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(Hamster Hamlet) Mountain Zone

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The Mountain Zone is the second region of the Mazin' Hamster Hamlet, added in December 2010. It features hills, castles, flying turrets, springloaded launching pads, and more!


Entering the Mountain Zone

To enter the mountain zone, walk throught the middle arch of the Mazin' Hamster Hamlet home area. Continue walking until your screen fades to blue. Wait for the zone to load.


Exploring the Mountain Zone

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with a zone before starting a Challenge. A few of the features of the Mountain Zone will be described below.


Catapults are a handy way to get up the mountain quickly. To actviate a catapult, get your hamster in the head of the catapult. Most catapults have ramps leading to the heads, but one has some rocks and one has a few crates. File:MountainZoneCatapult1.png
1. Walk up to the catapult.
2. Walk into the head of the catapult.
3. ZOOM! You are now far up the mountain!

Flying Turrets

On top of some towers in the Mountain Zone are flying turrets. There are many ways to get to the top of the towers, such as elevators, the turret elevator (pictured below), and launching pads. File:MountainZoneTurretElevator.png
To activate a flying turret, step onto the middle part of it. Flying turrets take your hamster on a lofty ride past towers and clouds (pictured below).
During the ride, you can jump off the turret onto a cloud and collect Moolah on the cloud. However, once you jump off the turret, you cannot get back on.

Launch Pads

Launch pads, such as the one pictured below, typically launch your hamster to a particular place above your hamster. File:MountainZoneLaunchPad.png
Sometimes when you step on a launch pad your position is not exactly correct for you to reach the place. If this happens, try coming at the launch pad from a different angle until it works.

The Castle

In the middle of the Mountain Zone is the castle. There are several entrances to the castle, but the main one is across the constantly opening and closing bridge. To cross the bridge, wait until it has just closed and run across as fast as you can. Once in the main court if the castle, you can do several things. The elevator in the front right of the castle leads to the upper portion. A launching pad in the middle left just above the first staircase launches your hamster to a walkway above the court that has a lot of Moolah on it.

The River

A river runs through the entire Mountain Zone, beginning at the top and ending near the bottom. The river is useful for quick travel down the mountain.
There are several branches of the river. As your hamster floats down the river, be sure to collect the passing Moolah!

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