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(Hamster Hamlet) Lagoon Zone

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The Lagoon Zone of the Mazin' Hamster Hamlet is a dark, relaxing zone featuring watery ground, ancient ruins, waterfalls, winding water paths, glowing propellers, and much more!


Entering the Lagoon Zone

To enter the Lagoon Zone, walk under the third arch (on the right) in the Hamster Hamlet home area. Continue walking on the beautiful turquoise stones until your screen fades to blue. Wait for the zone to load.

Exploring the Lagoon Zone

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with a zone before attempting any Challenges. Below are a few tips on exploring the Lagoon Zone.

Lily Pad Trampolines

Floating around the entire Lagoon Zone are many lily pads with spider webs in their centers. These lily pads act as movable trampolines. To use a lily pad, back up from it and then jump towards it. You can move the lily pads by pushing them as you walk.

Water Paths

Spiraling up the largest trees through the Lagoon Zone are water paths. Water paths are useful for transportation through the zone above the ground. Water paths are filled with Moolah.
At the end of one water path is a pool. When your hamster steps into that pool, a door at the top of some waterfalls is opened, revealing a red coin!


All around the Lagoon Zone are golden, glowing, spinning propellers. These propellers allow your hamster to fly anywhere in the zone! To activate a propeller, follow these steps:
1. Walk towards the propeller.
2. Your hamster will grab the end of the propeller.
3. Tap your spacebar key several times.
Continue tapping your spacebar key to go up further, but stop tapping to move down. You can still use your arrow keys to move around in the air, Be advised that each propeller only lasts a few seconds, but any propeller you use will reappear after you use it.

The Ancient Ruins

Near the entrance of the Lagoon Zone are the ancient ruins. In long past years, a civilization of water-dwelling hamsters lived in the Lagoon zone. The ruins of their buildings are still there! There are several ways to get to the top of the ruins. One way is to use the propeller in the courtyard of the ruins. Another way is to follow the water paths into the back corner into the ruins. The third way is to use the stone elevator located in the back of the ruins. The fourth way is to climb the winding vine around the tower in the middle of the ruins.
Once you are in the top of the ruins, you can open the gates below by standing next to the glowing vase in the middle of the ruins. The vase will glow blue, and you will be shown that the gates have opened.

The Boat

At the back of the Lagoon Zone is a tower with a slide leading down from it. In this tower is a boat. The get to the boat, you have three options. One option is to walk-jump up the slide leading down from the tower. Another option is to use a propeller and fly to the top. The third option is to get on the top of some giant dandelions (pictured below), which will fly you to the boat dock. Not all dandelions fly to the boat dock. The one pictured flies through the main waterfall.
Once you reach the boat dock, walk onto the boat. To activate it, walk towards the glowing lily on the front until the boat begins to move. You will then slide down the slide and take a quick ride through the Lagoon Zone, ending under the main waterfalls. The boat will sink into the water and reappear back on the dock.
File:LagoonZoneBoat1.png File:LagoonZoneBoat2.png

Propeller Plants

Scattered about on the floor of the Lagoon Zone are several Propeller Plants. Walk through the propellers to activate them. Most propellers bring up junk (pictured below).
Two, however, bring up islands (pictured below).
One propeller plant is on an island at the very back of the Lagoon. It has four leaves instead of two. When you activate this propeller, a huge island comes out of the ground. On the new island is a water slide for your hamster and a direct path to the boat dock.

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