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(Hamster Hamlet) Forest Zone

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(Hamster Hamlet) Forest Zone

File:Forestzone.png    File:Forestzonelogo.png

The Forest Zone was the first zone to be added to the Mazin' Hamster Hamlet. The symbol for the Forest Zone is a pine tree as shown above. In the Forest Zone, some of the features you will see are trees, a stream, and wooden platforms, some of which are connected by wooden bridges. Hamsters can also travel underground by jumping in to the well or by entering one of the three cavern doors. By standing on the Flowers, hamsters will get lifted to new places. By jumping or standing on the purple striped mushrooms, the hamsters will bounce into the air.

Key Features of the Forest Zone

Doors to the Underground Cavern

The underground cave can be entered by the doors or by the Well (shown below).


Well to the Underground Cavern

Using the space key, your hamster will jump. By pushing the space key following quickly by the forward arrow -> your hamster can jump into the well and explore below ground.


Orange Flower Teleporters and Pink Flower Lifts

When your hamsters sits on the the orange flowers near the tree and near the well among other places, your hamster will take a aerial tour of the Forest Zone. This aerial tour is helpful in getting an overview of the entire Forest Zone, and may help you find flags, zums, or sparkling areas in the Hamlet Challenges. Pink flowers are like lifts and can help your hamster reach wooden platforms.

File:Forestzoneflower1.png File:Forestzoneflower2.png


The pictures below show you some trampolines in the Forest Zone. Using the space key to jump on these trampolines may help your pet bounce into a tower or other wooden structure in the Forest Zone. The trampolines are somewhat difficult to control.


Hints for Exploring the Hamster Zones

The space bar allows you to jump. To move up stairs or other structures, it is important to click the space bar first and the forward arrow --> quickly while your hamster is still in the air.

You can control the view of your hamster with the mouse. Click on the screen and drag the mouse upward to look upward. Click and drag the mouse downward to give a more downward view, and click and drag in a circular motion to look around your hamster.

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