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(Hamster Hamlet) Challenges

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Hamlet Challenges

The Hamlet Challenges are a great way to simultaneously earn Kinzcash, Mazin' Moolah, a food prize, and an object prize all in a single activity. The food and object prizes are only awarded in the timed challenges, but the KinzCash and Moolah are awarded in the both the timed and untimed challenges.


The Moolah and KinzCash earnings from a completing the 10th level in the Matching Pairs Challenge in June 2011. Completing the first through the 10th level requires about 20 minutes of uninterrupted participation in the Challenge. Prizes are subject to change by Ganz.

There are currently four Challenges, and they can be completed in any of the following three Hamlet Zones:

(Hamster Hamlet) Forest Zone
(Hamster Hamlet) Mountain Zone
(Hamster Hamlet) Lagoon Zone

The four challenges that can be found in the Explore Hamlet area are the "Find the Flags", "Zum Round Up", "Matching Pairs" and the "Hidden Object" Activities. In all cases, the player may choose between doing the activities in the "Beat the Clock Mode or the "Take Your Time" Mode. The timed activities provide special prizes. The "Take Your Time" activities provide only Moolah and Kinzcash.


Completing level 5 of the timed challenges will provide a food prize. Completing level 10 awards a non-food prize.

=> Click here to see all the possible challenge prizes

(Hamlet Challenge) Find the Flags

In this activity, you explore the hamlet to find flags. The number of flags to be found increases with the level, as does the time limit.

(Hamlet Challenge) Hidden Objects

This activity involves looking for sparkles that appear in the ground and standing over them to find gems.

(Hamlet Challenge) Matching Pairs

In this activity, you search for the sparkles as above, but you look for the pairs, example: If you find a moon shape, you have to find the other moon shape but if you find a heart, the moon shape is replaced with the heart and now you have to find another heart.

(Hamlet Challenge) Zum Round Up

In this activity, you go looking for zums and collect them then take them "to the party" which is a blue circle surrounded by balloons in the Hamlet.

Mazin' Hamsters