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(Hamlet Challenge) Find the Flags

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Find the Flags is one of the four Hamster Hamlet Challenges in the Mazin' Hamster Hamlet. Hamster players can choose to play timed or non-timed challenges. Timed challenges offer better awards, but non-timed challenges are easier.



To access Find the Flags or the other challenges, click on the "Challenges" button in the bottom center of your screen while exploring any of the three Hamlet zones. Find the Flags is the first choice in the window that pops up.


Hamster Hamlet Flag

In Find the Flags, hamster players must collect a certain number of floating blue flags per level. The number of flags needed to pass the level increases with the levels. In timed challenges, the flags must be collected by a certain time. If the player meets the goal, an amount of KinzCash and Moolah is awarded. On Level 5, a Food Prize (See Prizes below) is awarded. On Level 10, an Object Prize (also below) is awarded. The table below shows the number of flags needed, the time given to collect, and the KinzCash and Moolah awarded for each level (timed challenges):

Timed Challenges Non-Timed Challenges
Level Flags Time Reward
1 3 8:00 6 MM, 4 KC
2 4 8:00 10 MM, 8 KC
3 5 8:00
4 6 8:00
5 7 8:00
6 8 9:00
7 9 9:00
8 10 9:00
9 11 9:00
10 12 9:00
Level Flags Reward
1 3
2 4
3 5
4 6
5 7
6 8
7 9
8 10
9 11
10 12


Because the flags get reset each level, many flags will appear in the same location each level. You can take advantage of this by memorizing the locations of at least a few so you can find them next time.

Forest Zone Tip

View from a Flower
In the lower levels, finding flags is pretty simple. In the upper levels, find all the flags you can, and then hop on a flying orange flower. During your ride, look for flags, and if you see one, jump off the flower to get it. Look around that area for more flags before getting on another flower.


The prizes below are awarded for timed challenges only.

Level 5
MAZIN' Cherry Cheesecake
Level 10
Garden Gyroscope