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(Animated Item Gallery) Construction Notes

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> Click HERE to return to the Main Page of the Animated Item Gallery.


Animated or Not?

  • Growing Plants are not considered animated.
  • Interactive Items that don't have any animation (Example: Vehicles) are not included. If you find a category of items that is not added that you would like a special page for, new pages can be requested for the Collector Page Index.


  • Slides that do not blink or otherwise change in appearance are not animated.
  • Clocks that only have time-keeping animation are not included.
  • Televisions that only have TV show animation are not included.

Missing Item?

Have you found an animated item that has been overlooked? If so, you can edit it in yourself, or you can let a WIki Sysop know.

Construction Notes

If you are going to upload a file, please follow these guidelines:

  • For the animations, 120 pixels for the height so the page text lines up.
  • Tip: Record on white floors/walls, but color is not pure white so please change the background color to hex#FFFFFF before uploading if you are not using transparency.
  • For animated clothing items, please have the Webkinz wearing just the animated item (no extra clothes).
  • For items that must have a Webkinz on or in them to work, please leave the pet undressed.

More Help & Discussion

There is an active thread in the WIki Section of the forum for this project. To discuss this project with WIki Sysops and other Webkinz Insider members, please click HERE.