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(Picture Gallery) Holiday Gift Bags

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Valentine's Day Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2027-1.png 2028-1.png 2025-1.png 2026-1.png
2007 Valentine's Day Gift Valentine's Bouquet Fancy Chocolate Heart Cinnamon Hearts
3111-1.png 3112-1.png 3115-1.png 2026-1.png
2008 Valentine's Day Giftbox Heart's Desire Roses Sweetheart Chocolates Cinnamon Hearts
4355-1.png 4362-1.png 4354-1.png 2026-1.png
2009 Valentine's Day 2009 Gift Box Valentine's Tubby Tummies Bear Tart Heart Candies Cinnamon Hearts
File:Valentinesday2010giftbox.png File:Foreveryourose.png File:Chocolateheartlollipop.png 2026-1.png
2010 Valentine's Day 2010 Gift Box Forever You Rose Chocolate Heart Lollipop Cinnamon Hearts
2011 (no box) True Love Face Paint
File:Valentinesday2012giftbox.png File:Iheartumasquerademask.png File:Ilovechocolatecake.png 2026-1.png
2012 Valentine's Day 2012 Gift Box I Heart U Masquerade Mask I Love Chocolate Cake Cinnamon Hearts
2013 (no box) I Heart Headband
2014 (no box) Cupid's Wings
2015 (no box) Cinnamon Chocolate Hat
2016 (no box) Chocolate Shop Uniform
File:Lovelyracinghelmet.png File:Lovelyracingsuit.png
2017 (no box) Lovely Racing Helmet Lovely Racing Suit
2018 (no box) Cinnamon Plushy
2019 (no box) Ms. Birdy’s Valentine’s Plushy
2020 (no box) Homemade Hearts Display

St. Patrick's Day Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2012 (no box) Shamrock Root Beer
2013 (no box) Golden Chocolate Brick
2014 (no box) Shamrock Headband
2015 (no box) Emerald Slippers
File:2016stpatricksdaygiftbox.png File:Luckyracingsuit.png File:Luckyracinghelmet.png File:Greenchocolatecoveredjellycoin.png
2016 2016 St. Patrick's Day Gift Box Lucky Racing Suit Lucky Racing Helmet Green Chocolate Covered Jelly Coin
2017 (no box) Leprechaun Garden Statue
2018 (no box) Lucky Coin Box
2019 (no box) Lucky Leprechaun Wreath
2020 (no box) Shamrock Throne

Easter Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
File:Magicegg.png File:Bunnyears.png 1248-1.png
2006 Magic Egg Bunny Ears Chocolate Eggs
2263-1.png File:Fuzzypinkbunnyears.png 1248-1.png 2262-1.png
2007 Spring Gift 2007 Fuzzy Pink Bunny Ears Chocolate Eggs Marshmallow Bunnies
3320-1.png File:Springcelebrationshoes.png 1248-1.png 817-1.png
2008 Spring Celebration 2008 Gift Spring Celebration Shoes Chocolate Eggs Tulip Planter
File:Springcelebrationgiftbox.png File:Chocolateeggarearug.png 1248-1.png File:Springtimejellybeans.png
2009 Spring Celebration Gift Box Chocolate Egg Area Rug Chocolate Eggs Springtime Jelly Beans
File:springcelebration2010giftbox.png File:chocolateeggarearug2010.png 1248-1.png File:piledhighspringtimejellybeans.png
2010 Spring Celebration 2010 Gift Box Chocolate Egg Area Rug Chocolate Eggs Piled High Springtime Jellybeans
File:springcelebration2011giftbox.png File:eggholderloveseat.png 1248-1.png File:caramelbunny.png
2011 Spring Celebration 2011 Gift Box Egg Holder Love Seat Chocolate Eggs Caramel Bunny
File:Springcelebration2012giftbox.png File:Chocolateeggfridge.png File:Chocolatewacky.png File:caramelbunny.png
2012 Spring Celebration 2012 Gift Box Chocolate Egg Fridge Chocolate Wacky Caramel Bunny
File:2013springcelebrationbasket.png File:Springflowerchair.png File:Springchocolatestrawberries.png File:Chocolatecoveredcarrot.png
2013 2013 Spring Celebration Basket Spring Flower Chair Spring Chocolate Strawberries Chocolate Covered Carrot
2014 File:2014springcelebrationbasket.png File:Eggpaintingstation.png File:Chocolateeggcakepop.png File:Springnestdonut.png
2014 Spring Celebration Basket Egg Painting Station Chocolate Egg Cake Pop Spring Nest Donut
2015 File:2015springcelebrationbasket.png File:Springeggcar.png File:Bunnybiscuit.png File:2015milkchocolateegg.png
2015 Spring Celebration Basket Spring Egg Car Bunny Biscuit 2015 Milk Chocolate Egg
2016 File:2016springcelebrationgiftbasket.png File:Colorfulstainedglasswindow.png File:Candiedcarrot.png File:2016milkchocolateegg.png
2016 Spring Celebration Gift Basket Colorful Stained Glass Window Candied Carrot 2016 Milk Chocolate Egg
2017 File:2017springcelebrationgiftbasket.png File:Fieldofdaisieswallpaper.png File:Bunnycakepop.png File:2017milkchocolateegg.png
2017 Spring Celebration Gift Basket Field of Daisies Wallpaper Bunny Cake Pop 2017 Milk Chocolate Egg
2018 File:2018springcelebrationgiftbasket.png File:Playfulspringwindow.png File:Freshcutflowers.png File:2018milkchocolateegg.png
2018 Spring Celebration Gift Basket Playful Spring Window Fresh Cut Flowers 2018 Milk Chocolate Egg
2019 File:2019springcelebrationgiftbasket.png File:2019springcelebrationbasket.png File:Freshcuttulips.png File:2019milkchocolateegg.png
2019 Spring Celebration Gift Basket 2019 Spring Celebration Basket Fresh Cut Tulips 2019 Milk Chocolate Egg
2020 File:2020springcelebrationgiftbasket.png File:2020springcelebrationbasket.png File:Chocolatebunnyplushy.png File:2020milkchocolateegg.png
2020 Spring Celebration Gift Basket 2020 Spring Celebration Basket Chocolate Bunny Plushy 2020 Milk Chocolate Egg

Earth Day

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2010 (no box) Mini Wind Turbine
2011 (no box) Sun Seeking Solar Panel
2012 (no box) Wind Farm Turbine
2013 (no box) Flower Power Wind Turbine

Webkinz Day Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
1324-1.png 1257-1.png 1258-1.png File:Webkinzdaycake.png
2006 Webkinz Day Gift First Webkinz Day Trophy Webkinz Day Year One Print Webkinz Day Cake
2274-1.png 2277-1.png 2276-1.png 2275-1.png
2007 Webkinz Day Gift 2007 Second Webkinz Day Trophy Webkinz Day Year Two Print Webkinz Day Year Two Cake
3269-1.png 3221-1.png 3227-1.png 3222-1.png 3219-1.png
2008 Webkinz Day Gift 2008 Webkinz Day Year 3 Trophy Webkinz Day Year Three Print Webkinz Day Year 3 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygift2009.png File:Webkinzdayyear4trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyearfourgroupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear4cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2009 Webkinz Day Gift 2009 Webkinz Day Year 4 Trophy Webkinz Day Year Four Group Print Webkinz Day Year 4 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox.png File:Webkinzday2010trophy.png File:Webkinzday2010grouppicture.png File:Webkinzdaycake2010.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2010 Webkinz Day Gift 2010 Webkinz Day Year 5 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 5 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 5 Cake Wish Token
File:webkinzdaygift2011.png File:webkinzdayyear6trophy.png File:webkinzdayyear6grouppring.png File:webkinzdayyear6cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2011 Webkinz Day Gift 2011 Webkinz Day Year 6 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 6 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 6 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygift2012.png File:Webkinzdayyear7trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear7grouppicture.png File:Webkinzdayyear7cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2012 Webkinz Day Gift 2012 Webkinz Day Year 7 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 7 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 7 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2013.png File:Webkinzdayyear8trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear8groupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear8cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2013 Webkinz Day Gift Box 2013 Webkinz Day Year 8 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 8 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 8 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2014.png File:Webkinzdayyear9trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear9print.png File:Webkinzdayyear9cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2014 Webkinz Day Gift 2014 Webkinz Day Year 9 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 9 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 9 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdayyear10giftbox.png File:Webkinzdayyear10trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear10groupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear10cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2015 Webkinz Day Year 10 Gift Box Webkinz Day Year 10 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 10 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 10 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdayyear10jacket.png File:Webkinzdayyear10poster.png File:Webkinzdayyear10trampoline.png File:Webkinzdayyear10wardrobe.png File:Webkinzdayyear10divider.png
Webkinz Day Year 10 Jacket Webkinz Day Year 10 Poster Webkinz Day Year 10 Trampoline Webkinz Day Year 10 Wardrobe Webkinz Day Year 10 Divider
Mysterious Milk Bottle Note
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2016.png File:Webkinzdayyear11trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyearelevengroupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear11cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2016 Webkinz Day Gift Box 2016 Webkinz Day Year 11 Trophy Webkinz Day Year Eleven Group Print Webkinz Day Year 11 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2017.png File:Webkinzdayyear12trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear12groupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear12cake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2017 Webkinz Day Gift Box 2017 Webkinz Day Year 12 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 12 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 12 Cake Wish Token
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2018.png File:Webkinzdayyear13trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear13groupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear13cake.png
2018 Webkinz Day Gift Box 2018 Webkinz Day Year 13 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 13 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 13 Cake
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2019.png File:Webkinzdayyear14trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear14groupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear14cake.png File:Kiwibirdmedallionbox.png
2019 Webkinz Day Gift Box 2019 Webkinz Day Year 14 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 14 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 14 Cake Kiwi Bird Medallion Box
File:Webkinzdaygiftbox2020.png File:Webkinzdayyear15trophy.png File:Webkinzdayyear15groupprint.png File:Webkinzdayyear15cake.png File:Kiwibirdmedallionbox.png
2020 Webkinz Day Gift Box 2020 Webkinz Day Year 15 Trophy Webkinz Day Year 15 Group Print Webkinz Day Year 15 Cake Kiwi Bird Medallion Box
Crystal Fountain

10th & 15th Anniversary Time Capsule Gifts

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Date Gift Bag Gifts Gifts
May 8, 2015 April 15, 2020 File:Year1webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 1 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Center Floor Puzzle Piece
True Love Tree
May 7, 2015 April 16, 2020 File:Year2webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 2 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Top Left Floor Puzzle Piece
Gem Mine Cart
May 6, 2015 April 17, 2020 File:Year3webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 3 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Right Middle Floor Puzzle Piece
Kinzville Academy Cracked Bell
May 5, 2015 April 18, 2020 File:Year4webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 4 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Top Middle Floor Puzzle Piece
Winners Podium
May 4, 2015 April 19, 2020 File:Year5webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 5 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Bottom Middle Floor Puzzle Piece
Happy Hamster Snowglobe
May 3, 2015 April 20, 2020 File:Year6webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 6 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Left Middle Floor Puzzle Piece
Adventure Park Treasure Chest
May 2, 2015 April 21, 2020 File:Year7webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 7 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Bottom Right Floor Puzzle Piece
Rockerz Fountain
May 1, 2015 April 22, 2020 File:Year8webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 8 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Top Right Floor Puzzle Piece
Webkinz Mobile Crystal Trophy
April 29, 2015 April 23, 2020 File:Year9webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 9 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Bottom Left Floor Puzzle Piece
Chain of Office Display
April 24, 2020 File:Year10webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 10 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Fireworks Wall Panel 1
Time Capsule Excavation
April 25, 2020 File:Year11webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 11 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Fireworks Wall Panel 2
Plush Unboxing Toybox
April 26, 2020 File:Year12webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 12 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Fireworks Wall Panel 3
Quinn Dragon Pet Buddy
April 27, 2020 File:Year13webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 13 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Fireworks Wall Panel 4
Pet Medallion Portrait
April 28, 2020 File:Year14webkinzdaytimecapsule.png
Year 14 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Fireworks Wall Panel 5
Magic W Bookshelf Desk

Summer Sensation Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2008 (no box) Summer Sensation Place Setting
2009 (no box) Summer Fun Picnic Basket
2010 (no box) Summer Sensation Sun
2011 (no box) Sensational Water Spinner
2012 (no box) Turtle Wading Pool
2013 (no box) CampKinz Sign Swing
2014 (no box) Pink Lemonade Stand
2015 (no box) Summer Lounge Chair
2016 (no box) Picnic Blanket
2017 (no box) Summer Sensation Chair
2018 (no box) Summer Sensation Painting
2019 (no box) Summer Swan Bench
2020 (no box) Splash Pad Shower

Nakamas Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2012 (no box) Huggy Hoodie
2013 (no box) Nakamas Poster

Amazing World Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2012 (no box) Amazing World Christmas Poster

Smurf Movie Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
File:Bluemoon.png File:Enchantedmushroomlamp.png File:wackyzingozplushblue.png FIle:bluebeanbagchair.png
2011 (no box) Blue Moon Enchanted Mushroom Lamp Wacky Zingoz Plush Blue Bean Bag Chair

World Wide Play Day

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
File:Activepetlunchbag.png File:Goplaysandwich.png File:Smilingwatermelonslices.png File:Organicapplejuice.png
2011 Active Pet Lunch Bag Go Play Sandwich Smiling Watermelon Slices Organic Apple Juice

Mattel Figit Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2011 (no box) Friendship Headband

Halloween Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
745-1.png File:Halloweenhat.png
2005 Halloween Grab Bag Halloween Hat
1783-1.png File:Jackolanternhat.png 1781-1.png 747-1.png 748-1.png
2006 Zangoz Halloween Basket Jack-o-Lantern Hat Phantom Pop Pumpkin Pop Licorice Bats
Tooth Extractor Recipe: 1782-1.png 1781-1.png 747-1.png 748-1.png
Tooth Extractor = Phantom Pop + Pumpkin Pop + Licorice Bats
2676-1.png File:Frankenkinzcap.png 2691-1.png 747-1.png 746-1.png
2007 Hallowe'en Treat Bag Frankenkinz Cap Gummy Spiders Pumpkin Pop SuperMega Toothbuster
File:Halloweentreatbag.png File:Mummywrap.png File:Fearsomefanggummies.png 747-1.png
2008 Halloween Treat Bag Mummy Wrap Fearsome Fang Gummies Pumpkin Pop
File:2009HalloweenBag.png File:sillyskeletonmask.png File:witchsbrewsoda.png 747-1.png
2009 Halloween Treat Bag Silly Skeleton Mask Witch's Brew Soda Pumpkin Pop
File:2010halloweentreatbag.png File:phantommask.png File:bloodsucker.png File:scaryscalychips.png
2010 2010 Halloween Treat Bag Phantom Mask Blood Sucker Scary Scaly Chips
File:2011halloweentreatbag.png File:goblinmask.png File:gummywitchhats.png File:whitechocolatefangs.png
2011 2011 Halloween Treat Bag Goblin Mask Gummy Witch Hats White Chocolate Fangs
File:2012halloweentreatbag.png File:Alienmask.png File:Whitechocolatefangs.png File:Witchpop.png
2012 2012 Halloween Treat Bag Alien Mask White Chocolate Fangs Witch Pop
File:2013halloweentreatbag.png File:Wackywitchhat.png File:Mummycandyapple.png File:Witchpop.png
2013 2013 Halloween Treat Bag Wacky Witch Hat Mummy Candy Apple Witch Pop
File:2014halloweentreatbag.png File:Electricshockwig.png File:Candycatcookie.png File:Mummycandyapple.png
2014 2014 Halloween Treat Bag Electric Shock Wig Candy Cat Cookie Mummy Candy Apple
File:2015halloweentreatbag.png File:Battybathat.png File:Candycatcookie.png File:Candycornmarshmallows.png
2015 2015 Halloween Treat Bag Batty Bat Hat Candy Cat Cookie Candy Corn Marshmallows
File:2016halloweentreatbag.png File:Werewolfmask.png File:Petrifyingpunch.png File:Candycornmarshmallows.png
2016 2016 Halloween Treat Bag Werewolf Mask Petrifying Punch Candy Corn Marshmallows
File:2017halloweentreatbag.png File:Spookyspiderhat.png File:2017jackolantern.png File:Petrifyingpunch.png
2017 2017 Halloween Treat Bag Spooky Spider Hat 2017 Jack O'Lantern Petrifying Punch
File:2018halloweentreatbag.png File:Glamgothwig.png File:2018jackolantern.png File:Monsterpop.png
2018 2018 Halloween Treat Bag Glam Goth Wig 2018 Jack O'Lantern Monster Pop
File:2019halloweentreatbag.png File:Creepykittymask.png File:2019jackolantern.png File:Ghostpop.png
2019 2019 Halloween Treat Bag Creepy Kitty Mask 2019 Jack O'Lantern Ghost Pop
File:2020halloweentreatbag.png File:Ragdollwig.png File:2020candybag.png File:Piratepop.png
2020 2020 Halloween Treat Bag Rag Doll Wig 2020 Candy Bag Pirate Pop

Arthur Christmas Movie Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
File:Arthurchristmasgiftbox1.png File:Elftrainingkitb.png File:Knittedsweaterb.png 896-1.png
2011 Arthur Christmas Giftbox 1 Elf Training Kit Knitted Sweater Candy Cane
2011 (no box) Hover Sleigh
File:Arthurchristmasgiftbox2.png File:reindeerbobblehead.png File:reindeerslippers.png 896-1.png
2011 Arthur Christmas Giftbox 2 Reindeer Bobblehead Reindeer Slippers Candy Cane
File:Arthurchristmasgiftbox3.png File:Chatteringtoyteeth.png File:Lettertosantakinz.png 896-1.png
2011 Arthur Christmas Giftbox 3 Chattering Toy Teeth Letter to Santakinz Candy Cane

Year Gift Bag Gift
File:Redbowgiftbox.png File:Emergencycracker.png
2012 Red Bow Gift Box Emergency Cracker
File:Goldbowgiftbox.png File:Reindeerbobblehead.png
2012 Gold Bow Gift Box Reindeer Bobblehead
File:Bluebowgiftbox.png File:Wintermintcandycane.png
2012 Blue Bow Gift Box Wintermint Candy Cane
File:Silverbowgiftbox.png File:Hightechstockingstuffer.png
2012 Silver Bow Gift Box High Tech Stocking Stuffer
File:Greenbowgiftbox.png File:Stealthyelfbackpack.png
2012 Green Bow Gift Box Elf Patrol Backpack

Kinectimals Game Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
File:Islandatv.png File:Exoticbearcubstatue.png File:Peacefulmeadowwindow.png
2011 (no box) Island ATV Exotic Bear Cub Statue Peaceful Meadow Window

Thanksgiving Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
1817-1.png Image:Pilgrimhat.png 1816-1.png 1813-1.png
2006 Thanksgiving Surprise Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Dinner Pumpkin Pie
1817-1.png Image:Pilgrimhat.png 1816-1.png 1813-1.png
2007 2007 Thanksgiving Gift Basket Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Dinner Pumpkin Pie
4178-1.png 4177-1.png 4176-1.png 1813-1.png
2008 Thanksgiving Basket Thanksgiving Platter Bowl of Cranberries Pumpkin Pie
Image:Thanksgivingbasket2009.png Image:Pumpkinpieplatter.png Image:Turkeystuffing.png 1813-1.png
2009 Thanksgiving Basket Pumpkin Pie Platter Turkey Stuffing Pumpkin Pie
Image:2010thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Pilgrimtop.png Image:Pilgrimpants.png Image:Sweetpotatopie.png
2010 2010 Thanksgiving Basket Pilgrim Top Pilgrim Pants Sweet Potato Pie
Image:2011thanksgivingbasket.png 1816-1.png Image:Corncucopaichair.png Image:Chocolatepecanpie.png
2011 2011 Thanksgiving Basket Thanksgiving Dinner Cornucopia Chair Chocolate Pecan Pie
Image:2012thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Ladypilgrimbonnet.png Image:Ladypilgrimdress.png Image:Sweetpotatopie.png
2012 2012 Thanksgiving Basket Lady Pilgrim Bonnet Lady Pilgrim Dress Sweet Potato Pie
Image:2013thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Floralpilgrimbonnet.png Image:Flowerpumpkincenterpiece.png Image:Chocolatepecanpie.png
2013 2013 Thanksgiving Basket Floral Pilgrim Bonnet Flower Pumpkin Centerpiece Chocolate Pecan Pie
Image:2014thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Zangozthanksgivingplushy.png Image:Floralpilgrimdress.png Image:Applecranberrypie.png
2014 2014 Thanksgiving Basket Zangoz Thanksgiving Plushy Floral Pilgrim Dress Apple Cranberry Pie
Image:2015thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Wackythanksgivingplushy.png Image:Thanksgivingscarecrow.png Image:Turkeycakepop.png
2015 2015 Thanksgiving Basket Wacky Thanksgiving Plushy Thanksgiving Scarecrow Turkey Cake Pop
Image:2016thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Msbirdythanksgivingplushy.png Image:Thanksgivingwindow.png Image:Scarecrowcookie.png
2016 2016 Thanksgiving Basket Ms Birdy Thanksgiving Plushy Thanksgiving Window Scarecrow Cookie
Image:2017thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Drquackthanksgivingplushy.png Image:Bethankfulwalldecoration.png Image:Scarecrowcakepop.png
2017 2017 Thanksgiving Basket Dr. Quack Thanksgiving Plushy Be Thankful Wall Decoration Scarecrow Cake Pop
Image:2018thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Thanksgivingsnowglobe.png Image:Thanksgivingplacesetting.png Image:Pumpkincakepop.png
2018 2018 Thanksgiving Basket Thanksgiving Snow Globe Thanksgiving Place Setting Pumpkin Cake Pop
Image:2019thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Sophiethanksgivingplushy.png Image:Turkeybeanbagchair.png Image:Scarecrowcakepop2.png
2019 2019 Thanksgiving Basket Sophie Thanksgiving Plushy Turkey Bean Bag Chair Scarecrow Cake Pop
Image:2020thanksgivinggiftbasket.png Image:Daisydoethanksgivingplushy.png Image:2020thanksgivingbasket.png Image:Pumpkinspicecupcake.png
2020 2020 Thanksgiving Gift Basket Daisy Doe Thanksgiving Plushy 2020 Thanksgiving Basket Pumpkin Spice Cupcake

Christmas Gifts

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
924-1.png 878-1.png
2005 A Christmas Gift Holiday Tubby Tummies Bear
1883-1.png Image:Santakinzreindeerantlers2.png 1879-1.png 1911-1.png 896-1.png
2006 Christmas Gift SantaKinz' Reindeer Antlers Winter Fun Zingoz Holiday Fruitcake Candy Cane
3056-1.png 3060-1.png 2896-1.png 3045-1.png
2007 Christmas 2007 Giftbox Christmas Tree Hat Wacky Zingoz Snowglobe Gingerbread Monkey
Image:Holidaygiftbox.png Image:Holidaybomberjacket.png Image:Arteholidayplush.png Image:Holidaysnocone.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2008 Holiday Gift Box Holiday Bomber Jacket Arte Holiday Plush Holiday Sno-Cone Wish Token
Image:2009christmasgiftbox2.png Image:Merrychristmastoque2.png Image:Christmastreecookie2.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2009 2009 Christmas Gift Box Merry Christmas Toque Christmas Tree Cookie Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Polarplungeholidaysnowglobe.png Image:Msbirdyholidayplush.png Image:Tabletopchristmastree.png
Polar Plunge Holiday Snowglobe Ms. Birdy Holiday Plush Tabletop Christmas Tree
Image:2010holidaygiftbox.png Image:Holidayrobe.png Image:Wreathcookies.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2010 2010 Holiday Gift Box Holiday Robe Wreath Cookies Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Colorfulholidaycandle.png Image:Kinzvilleholidaysnowglobe.png Image:Mscowolineholidayplush.png
Colorful Holiday Candle Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe Ms. Cowoline Holiday Plush
Image:2011holidaygiftbox.png Image:Poinsettiacandles.png Image:Gingerbreadcheesecake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2011 2011 Holiday Gift Box Poinsettia Candles Ginger Bread Cheesecake Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Quizzyholidayplush.png Image:2011santakinzsnowglobe.png Image:Rotatingfestivetree.png
Quizzy Holiday Plush 2011 Santakinz Snowglobe Rotating Festive Tree
Image:2012Christmasgiftbox.png Image:Zangozslippers.png Image:Holidaywackycookies.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2012 2012 Christmas Gift Box Zangoz Slippers Holiday Wacky Cookies Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Gooberholidayplush.png Image:Whitechristmascenterpiece.png Image:Holidayhamstersnowglobe.png
Goober Holiday Plush White Christmas Centerpiece Holiday Hamster Snowglobe
Image:2013christmasgiftbox.png Image:Holidayelfhat.png Image:Shortbreadstars.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2013 2013 Christmas Gift Box Holiday Elf Hat Shortbread Stars Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Dougholidayplush.png Image:Pinkrockinghorse.png Image:Wackychristmasgnomelantern.png
Doug Holiday Plush Pink Rocking Horse Wacky Christmas Gnome Lantern
Image:2014christmasgiftbox.png Image:Holidayreindeerantlers.png Image:Christmastreecupcake.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2014 2014 Christmas Gift Box Holiday Reindeer Antlers Christmas Tree Cupcake Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Tabbyholidayplush.png Image:Classicredtricycle.png Image:Redholidaytoybox.png
Tabby Holiday Plush Classic Red Tricycle Red Holiday Toy Box
Image:2015christmasgiftbox.png Image:Wackyslippers.png Image:Chocolatecoveredcandycane.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2015 2015 Christmas Gift Box Wacky Slippers Chocolate Covered Candy Cane Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Santakinzplushy.png Image:Toydrum.png Image:Snowmanclock.png
SantaKinz Plushy Toy Drum Snowman Clock
Image:2016christmasgiftbox.png Image:Gingerbreadpainting.png Image:Sweetapplecandycane.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2016 2016 Christmas Gift Box Gingerbread Painting Sweet Apple Candy Cane Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Zingozholidayplushy.png Image:Festiveguitar.png Image:Christmascandelabra.png
Zingoz Holiday Plushy Festive Guitar Christmas Candelabra
Image:2017christmasgiftbox.png Image:Christmascandle.png Image:Sourstrawberrycandycane.png
2017 2017 Christmas Gift Box Christmas Candle Sour Strawberry Candy Cane
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Zangozholidayplushy.png Image:Hotcocoasign.png Image:Toyairplane.png
Zangoz Holiday Plushy Hot Cocoa Sign Toy Airplane
Image:2018christmasgiftbox1.png Image:SantaKinzslippers.png Image:Peppermintcandycane.png Image:Snowyretrieverpuppymedallionbox.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2018 2018 Christmas Gift Box SantaKinz Slippers Peppermint Candy Cane Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion Box Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Snowmanplushy.png Image:Unicornheaddress.png Image:Stripedscooter.png
Snowman Plushy Unicorn Headdress Striped Scooter
Image:2019christmasgiftbox.png Image:Santakinzrobe.png Image:Gummycandycane.png Image:Snowyretrieverpuppymedallionbox.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2019 2019 Christmas Gift Box SantaKinz Robe Gummy Candy Cane Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion Box Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Snowyretrieverpuppyplushy.png Image:Santakinzportrait.png Image:Groovyguitarbelt.png
Snowy Retriever Puppy Plushy SantaKinz Portrait Groovy Guitar Belt
Image:2020christmasgiftbox.png Image:Jollybakersapron.png Image:Reindeerbrowie.png Image:Snowyretrieverpuppymedallionbox.png Image:Wishtoken.png
2020 2020 Christmas Gift Box Jolly Bakers Apron Reindeer Browie Snowy Retriever Puppy Medallion Box Wish Token
1 of 3 SantaKinz choice items: Image:Gigglyzumplushy.png Image:Wackysled.png Image:Electricguitarbelt.png
Giggly Zum Plushy Wacky Sled Electric Guitar Belt

Sofia the First Promotion

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
2012 (no box) Amethyst Tiara

Lorax Gift Box

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Year Gift Bag Gifts
File:Loraxgiftbox1.png File:Woollymoustache.png
2012 Lorax Gift Box 1 Woolly Moustache
File:Loraxgiftbox2.png File:Pinkcottoncandytree.png
2012 Lorax Gift Box 2 Pink Cotton Candy Tree
File:Loraxgiftbox3.png File:Cuddlybearplush.png
2012 Lorax Gift Box 3 Cuddly Bear Plush

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