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During the Winterfest Click-to-Win event, snowflakes float across the screen in Webkinz World. Players clicking on a snowflake receive a winter-themed prize.

The snowflakes "drift" across the screen from left to right. They can only be seen on screens where the player's dock is showing. If the player has an extra window open in Webkinz World (like when shopping in the wShop), the snowflakes will float "under" the second window and may be difficult to click.

There has been speculation and rumor about the best place to be in Webkinz World to spot a snowflake. The truth is, that the odds are exactly the same no matter where you are.

Multiple Accounts


Some players like to have multiple accounts open so they can get as many snowflakes as possible. To open more than one account on the same computer, instead of going to to log on, go to


If you copy that web address on to multiple windows, you will be able to log on to multiple accounts at the same time, as many accounts as you have access to. It may take some practice to get all of the windows spaced correctly, but if you place them just right across your screen, you can watch multiple accounts at once.



Each season has a different set of prizes including Clothing, Decorations, and Food. Some of the items repeat from year to year, and some items have only shown up for one season.

  • 2007 Prizes: Hot Chocolate Frozen Mug, Peppermint Snowflake, Polar Plunge Poster, Snowflake Sweater, Snowy Blue Toque
  • 2008 Prizes: Egg Nog, Framed Winter Scene, Fuzzy Winter Slippers, Googles Ice Sculpture, Hot Chocolate Frozen Mug, Peppermint Snowflake, Potted Icicle Tree, Snow Bear Sugar Cookie, Snow Cone, Snowflake Sweater, Snowy Blue Toque, Winterfest Parka
  • 2009 Prizes: Egg Nog, Framed Winter Scene, Googles Ice Sculpture, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Snowflake, Potted Icicle Tree, Roasted Chestnuts, Snow Bear Sugar Cookie, Snowflake Rug, Snowy Blue Toque, Winterfest Parka, Wool Scarf Jacket
  • 2010 Prizes: Gingersnap Snowflake Cookie, Magic W Toque, Potted Ice Flower
  • 2011 Prizes: Icicle Wind Chime, Magic W Toque, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Potted Ice Flower, Roasted Chestnuts, Snow Cone, Winterfest Hoodie, Winterfest Window, Wool Scarf Jacket, Snowman Cookie (only on the Webkinz Newz)

> Click HERE to view pictures of the Winterfest Prizes.

Winterfest on Webkinz Newz


In 2011, Ganz added a twist to the Winterfest event by having snowflakes fly on the Webkinz Newz site as well. Unlike the snowflakes in Webkinz World, that award a random prize, the snowflakes on the Webkinz Newz award one specific prize per day, and only one prize can be collected per day per account. The Snowman Cookie, one of the new prizes for 2011, can only be obtained on the Webkinz Newz. It is not a Webkinz World snowflake prize.

  • Saturday the 15th: Magic W Toque
  • Sunday the 16th: Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Monday the 17th: Snowman Cookie
  • Tuesday the 18th: Roasted Chestnuts
  • Wednesday the 19th: Snow Cone
  • Thursday the 20th: Snowman Cookie
  • Friday the 21st: Potted Ice Flower
  • Saturday the 22nd: Winterfest Hoodie
  • Sunday the 23rd: Snowman Cookie

Snowflake Timing

There IS a pattern to the timing of when snowflakes will float across the screen. It can't guarantee when you will see a snowflake on your account, but can tell you the best times to keep an eye on the screen. For past Winterfest events, the Snowflakes have been on a "six-minute schedule". Now, this didn't mean players would get a snowflake every six minutes but simply that they had a chance of getting a snowflake every sixth minute.[1] For example, if they started a timer the moment they logged on, they needed to pay attention for snowflakes at 6 minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes, 24 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on.

Other click-to-win events have been on other timing schedules, some as long as eleven minutes, and there is no guarantee what the Winterfest schedule will be from year to year. Keep an eye on Webkinz Insider's front page. As soon as the timing is figured out, the information will be posted there.

Winterfest Dates

  • January ? to ?, 2007
  • January 26 to February 1, 2008
  • January 12 to January 18, 2009
  • January 23 to January 29, 2010
  • January 15 to January 23, 2011

Additional Events

For the 2010 Winterfest celebration, Ganz held a Webkinz Newz contest. Also for 2010, Ganz had a special sale at the Ganz eStore.

In 2011, Ganz released some specially-themed items at the Ganz eStore: Icicle Bowling Lane and Snow Cushioned Bench.

Icicilebowlinglane.png Snowcushionedbench.png

Winterfest Recipez for Humans


For Winterfest 2008, the Webkinz Insider staff put together a collection of recipes that are quick and easy to make. The idea behind the cookbook was that someone could use the recipes to put together a meal for their family while still watching for Snowflakes in Webkinz World. Although originally created in humor, it has been a great success and always resurfaces when a new click-to-win event is going on.

> Click HERE to view the WI Staff Quick Meal Recipes


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Foods in WW