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You can use your KinzCash and eStore Points at the W Shop to purchase items for your Webkinz and your Webkinz home. There are a wide variety of items in the W Shop including toys, furniture, decorations, and food. A complete list of all the items in the W Shop can be found on the (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items page.


The W Shop can be found in the Things to Do menu or on the Customizable Map of Kinzville. The W Shop opens in a window above the currently viewed area of Webkinz World.


The W Shop was completely redesigned on February 19, 2014. Along with a design overhaul, Ganz added the ability to purchase Ganz eStore items, clothing, and pets with eStore points directly in the W Shop. The new functionalities replaced the separate Webkinz eStore. The eStore items show side by side with the regular KinzCash items. Ganz also awarded every Webkinz account 2000 eStore points to celebrate the upgrade.

Also in February 2014, Ganz ran a Click-to-Win promotion for the new W Shop. Users who clicked floating W Shop coupons received a W Shop Coupon with a random discount.

Seasonal themes are added to the W Shop twice a year; in early October Halloween-themed items are added and in late November Christmas-themed items are added. These themes are usually only available for 1-2 weeks following the theme's correlating holiday.


  • The W Shop is the only place in Webkinz World where you can buy food for your Webkinz pets, besides Mr. Moo's ice cream truck in the Kinzville Park.
  • Items can be sold back to the W Shop for half the regular sale price. Items that are not able to be bought at the W Shop such as trophies, exclusive items, and items won from special activities can also be sold. However, some of these items are valuable even though they can be sold. Use caution when selling, because once items are sold, they cannot be recovered.
  • Please note that you can no longer visit the W Shop to buy clothing for KinzCash. If you would like to purchase clothing with your KinzCash, you need to visit PJ's Kinzstyle Outlet.

Currently Available Items


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items, please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost Availability
File:Applebed.png Apple Bed 550 KC
375-1.png Ballerina Bed 900 KC
537-1.png Bamboo Bed 650 KC
2050-1.png Beach Blanket Bed 450 KC
File:Bedrockbed.png Bedrock Bed 1,450 KC
197-1.png Blue Skies Bed 450 KC
1746-1.png Blue Striped Bed 395 KC
File:Campkinzcot.png CampKinz Cot 545 KC
1297-1.png Captain Dogbeard's Sleeper 950 KC
2266-1.png Cheerleader Bed 850 KC
File:Coversofcoralbed.png Covers of Coral Bed 1,100 KC
File:Crazycolorfulbed.png Crazy Colorful Bed 320 KC
1725-1.png Creamy Vanilla Bed 395 KC
File:Cryoniccomfortbed.png Cryonic Comfort Bed 750 KC
File:Deepseabed.png Deep Sea Bed 1,150 KC
3271-1.png Field of Dreams Bed 1,100 KC
File:Firstresortbed.png First Resort Bed 550 KC
File:Flyingdreamsbed.png Flying Dreams Bed 1,125 KC
405-1.png Funky Girl Bed 800 KC
202-1.png Golden Rose Bed 600 KC
600-1.png Hammock 300 KC
2352-1.png Magical Dreams Bed 1,200 KC
3126-1.png Mahogany Low Bed 1,100 KC
4655-1.png Mocha Magic Low Bed 1,100 KC Deluxe only
File:Neptunesnapbed.png Neptune's Nap Bed 1,200 KC
File:Plushpillowsbed.png Plush Pillows Bed 1,250 KC
1472-1.png Pop Star Bed 950 KC
2599-1.png Poseidon's Pillow Bed 1,000 KC
2070-1.png Prairie Wood Bed 550 KC Deluxe only
481-1.png Princess Bed 1,750 KC
3172-1.png Ribbons & Bows Bed 475 KC
974-1.png Rock Star Bed 1,050 KC
File:Sweetslumberbed.png Sweet Slumber Bed 1,100 KC Deluxe only
1732-1.png Tangerine Bed 425 KC
File:Theatrebed.png Theatre Bed 800 KC
File:Waitingstationbed.png Waiting Station Bed 2,200 KC Deluxe only
File:Weatheredwoodbed.png Weathered Wood Bed 700 KC
File:Webbedropehammock.png Webbed Rope Hammock 760 KC
4150-1.png Zen Master Mattress 950 KC

Building Kits

Picture Name Cost Availability
File:Crystalfallskit.png Crystal Falls Kit 400 KC
File:Daringhighdivekit.png Daring High Dive Kit 400 KC
File:Gingerbreadcabinkit.png Gingerbread Cabin Kit 750 KC
File:Homemadehotairballoonkit.png Homemade Hot Air Balloon Kit 250 KC
File:Ivybrickwallkit.png Ivy Brick Wall Kit 100 KC
File:Logcabinkit.png Log Cabin Kit 250 KC
File:Wackyclaysculpturekit.png Wacky Clay Sculpture Kit 100 KC


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost Availability
File:Allstockedupdisplay.png All Stocked Up Display 600 KC
File:Allthefixinscondimentstation.png All The Fixins' Condiment Station 600 KC
File:Amaryllis.png Amaryllis 50 KC
530-1.png Ancient Monkey Mask 300 KC
File:Antiqueproducescale.png Antique Produce Scale 900 KC Deluxe Only
4813.png Antique Store Clock 750 KC Deluxe Only
File:Aquaticlivingroomrug.png Aquatic Living Room Rug 320 KC
File:Arteasel.png Art Easel 200 KC
File:Artpaintpaletterug.png Art Paint Palette Rug 350 KC
File:Artpaintingwallart.png Art Painting Wall Art 90 KC
File:Artstation.png Art Station 400 KC
File:Astralwonderswindow.png Astral Wonders Window 470 KC Deluxe only
File:Babysupplybasket.png Baby Supply Basket 90 KC
387-1.png Ballerina Piano 1,000 KC
384-1.png Ballerina Poster - Bear 50 KC
392-1.png Ballerina Wall Mirror 195 KC
4198-1.png Bamboo Brush Painting Scroll 400 KC
File:Bambootree.png Bamboo Tree 75 KC
File:Barrelcactus.png Barrel Cactus 35 KC
1445-1.png Basic Sliding Window 150 KC
File:Beachhousebeachviewwindow.png Beach House Beachview Window 450 KC
File:Beachhousebuoymirror.png Beach House Bouy Mirror 300 KC
2059-1.png Beach Sand Castle 85 KC
2058-1.png Beach Surfboard Rack 750 KC
2064-1.png Beach Volleyball Net 100 KC
File:Beanstalkartposter.png Beanstalk Art Poster 60 KC
File:Beyondbeleafcactus.png Beyond Be-Leaf Cactus 180 KC
File:Bluecrib.png Blue Crib 250 KC
4186-1.png Bonsai Brush Painting Scroll 60 KC
File:Booksandtoysshelf.png Books and Toys Shelf 325 KC
File:Bountifulbottledgoodsdisplay.png Bountiful Bottled Goods Display 1,100 KC Deluxe only
File:Cafecheckoutcounter.png Cafe Checkout Counter 700 KC
File:Campkinzactivityboard.png CampKinz Activity Board 275 KC
File:Campkinzarcheryrange.png CampKinz Archery Range 325 KC
File:Campkinzcooler.png CampKinz Cooler 450 KC
File:Campkinzcurvytrail.png CampKinz Curvy Trail 150 KC
File:Campkinzdeadendtrail.png CampKinz Dead End Trail 125 KC
File:Campkinzfirstaidkit.png CampKinz First Aid Kit 150 KC
File:Campkinzflagpole.png CampKinz Flag Pole 225 KC
File:Campkinzmarshmallowpit.png CampKinz Marshmallow Pit 550 KC
File:Campkinznaturetrail.png CampKinz Nature Trail 150 KC
File:Canopycarpet.png Canopy Carpet 385 KC
2078-1.png Carved Wood Trophy Pedestal 225 KC Deluxe only
File:Caveholewindow.png Cave Hole Window 435 KC
2264-1.png Cheerleader Pedestal 150 KC
2269-1.png Cheerleader Spirit Poster 90 KC
2270-1.png Cheerleader Team Drape 125 KC
3129-1.png Chic City Window 480 KC
File:Cinemaribbondivider.png Cinema Ribbon Divider 180 KC
File:Circlesensationcarpet.png Circle Sensation Carpet 300 KC
3138-1.png Citrus Swirl Painting 550 KC
2046-1.png Classic Diner Clock 75 KC
2043-1.png Classic Fifties Poster 100 KC
1342-1.png Classic Wooden Clock 70 KC
File:Coloredsquarestile.png Colored Squares Tile 65 KC
File:Colorfulcandybarrel.png Colorful Candy Barrel 400 KC Deluxe only
File:Colorfulcoralplanter.png Colorful Coral Planter 160 KC
4305-1.png Condiment Stand 1,000 KC
File:Cookingmadesimplechalkboard.png Cooking Made Simple Chalkboard 250 KC Deluxe only
674-1.png Corinthian Trophy Pedestal 150 KC
1294-1.png Corsair Cannon 400 KC
File:Dancestudiolongmirror.png Dance Studio Long Mirror 250 KC
File:Deepseadivider.png Deep Sea Divider 300 KC
File:Deliciousstoredessertsdisplay.png Delicious Store Desserts Display 550 KC Deluxe only
File:Dexdangerousstandee.png Dex Dangerous Standee 375 KC
3147-1.png Diner Window 350 KC
File:Dogpawprintwelcomemat.png Dog Paw Print Welcome Mat 95 KC
3257-1.png Dogbeard's Portrait 350 KC
1310-1.png Dogbeard's Treasure Map 325 KC
File:dogsplayingpokerpainting.png Dogs Playing Poker Painting 120 KC
File:Dropthebeatstereo.png Drop the Beat Stereo 275 KC
File:Dynamicdancersduffel.png Dynamic Dancer's Duffel 175 KC
File:Elegantmenorah.png Elegant Menorah 390 KC Seasonal
File:Enchantedarearug.png Enchanted Area Rug 475 KC
File:Enchantedtrainstationpillar.png Enchanted Train Station Pillar 750 KC Deluxe only
File:Enchantedtrainstationwalllight.png Enchanted Train Station Wall Light 250 KC Deluxe only
File:Enchantedtrainstationwallsign.png Enchanted Train Station Wall Sign 225 KC Deluxe only
File:Espressoyourselfstation.png Espresso Yourself Station 1,275 KC
File:Fancifulbathroommirror.png Fanciful Bathroom Mirror 245 KC
File:Fancyfootworkrug.png Fancy Footwork Rug 220 KC
3162-1.png Fantasy Trophy Pedestal 150 KC
File:Fashionfabricrolls.png Fashion Fabric Rolls 285 KC
File:Fashionmannequin.png Fashion Mannequin 450 KC
File:Fashionsewingmachine.png Fashion Sewing Machine 600 KC
File:Filmstriprug.png Film Strip Rug 115 KC
2614-1.png FinFan Room Divider 250 KC
File:Flagstonepathtile.png Flagstone Path Tile 150 KC
2363-1.png Floating Trophy Pedestal 250 KC
File:Floweredroomdivider.png Flowered Room Divider 200 KC
1654-1.png Four Pane Window 175 KC
4171-1.png Full Tatami Mat 235 KC
464-1.png Funky Boy Band Poster 40 KC
File:Funkygirlarearug.png Funky Girl Area Rug 185 KC
1034-1.png Funky Girl Room Divider 225 KC
6060-1.png Galactic Hull Pillar 680 KC
6063-1.png Galactic Viewport 625 KC
File:Galacticviewscreen.png Galactic Viewscreen 1,875 KC
File:Grapewallclock.png Grape Wall Clock 235 KC
File:Greenandgroovytile.png Green and Groovy Tile 95 KC
File:Groovywallstars.png Groovy Wall Stars 150 KC
4172-1.png Half Tatami Mat 115 KC
File:HibiscusTree.png Hibiscus Tree 105 KC
File:Hippoonahalfshellpainting.png Hippo on a Half Shell Painting 675 KC
1845-1.png Ice Block Wall 140 KC
673-1.png Ionic Trophy Pedestal 150 KC
2615-1.png Jellyfish Trophy Pedestal 400 KC
710-1.png Jungle Trophy Pedestal 125 KC
File:Juniperbonsaitree.png Juniper Bonsai Tree 185 KC
File:Lightsobrightlamp.png Light-So-Bright Lamp 100 KC
3125-1.png Lime Twist Painting 550 KC
240-1.png Magic Mirror 200 KC
2060-1.png Magic W Sand Sculpture 50 KC
File:Magnificentmenorah.png Magnificent Menorah 250 KC
File:Manholecover.png Manhole Cover 150 KC
2061-1.png Mermaid Sand Sculpture 500 KC
File:Minibiosphere.png Mini Biosphere 225 KC
File:MiniatureOrangeTree.png Miniature Orange Tree 90 KC
File:Modernartprints.png Modern Art Prints 195 KC
1443-1.png Modern Window 275 KC
File:Mosaicmirrorset.png Mosaic Mirror Set 300 KC
File:Movieposterset.png Movie Poster Set 260 KC
File:Musicnotewallart.png Music Note Wall Art 50 KC
File:Musicnotewallcharm.png Music Note Wall Charm 150 KC
File:Mypreservesshelf.png My Preserves Shelf 350 KC
File:Natureshugleafrug.png Nature's Hug Leaf Rug 330 KC
File:Nurseryrug.png Nursery Rug 150 KC
File:Nurserywallclock.png Nursery Wall Clock 100 KC
File:Orchid.png Orchid 45 KC
File:Paleolithiccavepainting.png Paleolithic Cave Painting 360 KC
File:Wshopprehistoricplant.png Paleolithic Plant 190 KC
File:Peaceandharmonypedestal.png Peace and Harmony Pedestal 365 KC
File:Pedestalofpisces.png Pedestal of Pisces 150 KC
File:Pennantposter.png Pennant Poster 35 KC
File:Pinkandwhiteswirlrug.png Pink and White Swirl Rug 650 KC
File:Pinkcrib.png Pink Crib 250 KC
File:Pirateflag.png Pirate Flag 110 KC
File:Plushdairybar.png Plush Dairy Bar 425 KC
File:Plushrug.png Plush Rug 300 KC
File:Polartrophypedestal.png Polar Trophy Pedestal 180 KC
File:Polkadotwelcomemat.png Polka Dot Welcome Mat 200 KC
File:Ponytailpalm.png Ponytail Palm 110 KC
File:Popartpainting.png Pop Art Painting 475 KC
File:Poseidonspedestal.png Poseidon's Pedestal 150 KC
File:Prettyinthecitypainting.png Pretty in the City Painting 550 KC Deluxe only
File:Prettyinthecitypanelpainting.png Pretty in the City Panel Painting 500 KC Deluxe only
File:Railwaytrackscurved.png Railway Tracks Curved 300 KC Deluxe only
File:Railwaytracksstraight.png Railway Tracks Straight 300 KC Deluxe only
File:Rainbowflowers.png Rainbow Flowers 45 KC
File:Redroses.png Red Roses 55 KC
File:Risingstartrophypedestal.png Rising Star Trophy Pedestal 140 KC
File:Risingsunwindow.png Rising Sun Window 525 KC
File:Roamingbuffalopainting.png Roaming Buffalo Painting 350 KC Deluxe only
File:Roastedcoffeebeans.png Roasted Coffee Beans 200 KC
File:Rockandrolltrophypedestal.png Rock & Roll Trophy Pedestal 140 KC
File:Rockonposter.png Rock On Poster 95 KC
File:Rockinghorse.png Rocking Horse 175 KC
File:Roughhewnrug.png Rough Hewn Rug 230 KC
File:Roundtopslidingwindow.png Round Top Sliding Window 195 KC
File:Redrubywallsconce.png Red Ruby Wall Sconce 250 KC
File:Saguarocactus.png Saguaro Cactus 70 KC
File:Saloondoorsdivider.png Saloon Doors Divider 300 KC Deluxe only
File:Scoreboardclock.png Scoreboard Clock 250 KC Deluxe only
File:Shaggywhiterug.png Shaggy White Rug 160 KC Deluxe only
File:Shaggyyellowrug.png Shaggy Yellow Rug 150 KC
File:Shojiroomdivider.png Shoji Room Divider 410 KC
File:Snacksamplingstation.png Snack Sampling Station 600 KC Deluxe only
File:Soccerpennant.png Soccer Pennant 25 KC
File:Solidgoldrecord.png Solid Gold Record 300 KC
File:Spacesensorswallpanel.png Space Sensors Wall Panel 840 KC
1884-1.png Sparkling Christmas Tree 250 KC
File:Spiderplant.png Spider Plant 45 KC
1656-1.png Square Swing-Open Window 175 KC
1655-1.png Square Tilting Pane Window 175 KC
1446-1.png Stained Glass Window 400 KC
File:Stainlesssteelclock.png Stainless Steel Clock 300 KC
File:Starcollectorscarousel.png Star Collector's Carousel 295 KC


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost Availability
2378-1.png Alchemy TV 1,200 KC
File:Babymonitor.png Baby Monitor 80 KC
383-1.png Ballerina Television 765 KC
File:Beachhousetvandstand.png Beach House TV and Stand 650 KC
File:Cabanawidescreentv.png Cabana Widescreen TV 1,200 KC
File:Cavetv.png Cave TV 740 KC
2272-1.png Cheerleader Television 900 KC
1614-1.png Classroom TV 425 KC
525-1.png Deep Jungle Television 500 KC
File:Deepseatv.png Deep Sea TV 1,100 KC
File:Dropthebeatstereo.png Drop the Beat Stereo 275 KC
416-1.png Funky Girl Karaoke Machine 350 KC
417-1.png Funky Girl Stereo 475 KC
414-1.png Funky Girl Television 850 KC
3288-1.png Hoops DTV 1,050 KC
File:Hydradefinitiontelevision.png Hydra Definition Television 900 KC
File:Kidsplaytv.png Kid's Play TV 550 KC
KinzVision HDTV 1,600 KC
File:Ledentertainmentunit.png LED Entertainment Unit 900 KC
File:Nurseryrecordplayer.png Nursery Record Player 150 KC
File:Plasmaplushtv.png Plasma Plush TV 1,200 KC
471-1.png Princess Television 900 KC
1015-1.png Rock Stage TV 1,000 KC
2610-1.png Sea TV 1,200 KC
776-1.png Sky-Vision 475 KC
File:Sonicsoundswaveset.png Sonic Sound Waves Set 550 KC
File:Swankypinktv.png Swanky Pink TV 1,600 KC Deluxe Only
1497-1.png Top of the Charts TV 925 KC
File:Treetoptv.png Treetop TV 900 KC
File:Undertheseatv.png Under the Sea TV 950 KC
3187-1.png Visions in Pink TV 600 KC


There are three types of food:

  • Food items that are available on all Webkinz accounts (all of which besides SuperMega Toothbuster and Vitamins can be combined in one of the cooking devices to make "recipe" foods).
  • Pet Specific Foods are also available for purchase. You can buy the PSF (pet specific food) for any pet that you have logged on to that account.
  • Special foods you can win from events, like click-to-wins and contests.

W-Shop Foods

Picture Name Cost Availability
1546-1.png Almonds 4 KC
48-1.png Apple 5 KC
1540-1.png Apple Juice 5 KC
3306-1.png Artichoke 5 KC
59-1.png Asparagus 5 KC
1527-1.png Bagel 7 KC
1535-1.png Baked Beans 9 KC
1525-1.png Baked Potato 7 KC
715-1.png Bananas 6 KC
1515-1.png Blueberries 5 KC
129-1.png Blueberry Cheesecake 7 KC
717-1.png Bottled Water 4 KC
711-1.png Bread 7 KC
1524-1.png Broccoli 5 KC
File:Burger.png Burger[1] 12 KC
File:Cake.png Cake 6 KC
File:Candyapple.png Candy Apple 6 KC
File:Cantaloupe.png Cantaloupe 8 KC
955-1.png Carrot Cake 25 KC
File:Carrots.png Carrots 5 KC
File:Cheeses.png Cheeses 7 KC
File:Cherries.png Cherries 6 KC
File:Cherrypie.png Cherry Pie 10 KC
File:Chickennoodlesoup.png Chicken Noodle Soup 6 KC
File:Chickennuggets.png Chicken Nuggets 13 KC
File:Chocolatebar.png Chocolate Bar[2] 5 KC
File:Chocolatemilk.png Chocolate Milk 6 KC
File:Chocolatemilkshake.png Chocolate Milkshake 5 KC
File:Chocolatepudding.png Chocolate Pudding 5 KC
File:Coconut.png Coconut 7 KC
File:Cola.png Cola 4 KC
File:Cookies.png Cookies 7 KC
3312-1.png Corn Dog 15 KC
File:Cornflakecereal.png Corn Flake Cereal 7 KC
File:Cornonthecob.png Corn on the Cob 4 KC
File:Creampuff.png Cream Puff 5 KC
File:Creamsoda.png Cream Soda 4 KC
File:Croissant.png Croissant 7 KC
File:Cupcake.png Cupcake 4 KC
File:Dragonfruit.png Dragon Fruit 9 KC
3309-1.png Durian 6 KC
File:Eggs.png Eggs 6 KC
File:Fishsticks.png Fish Sticks 12 KC
File:Frenchfries.png French Fries 5 KC
File:Fruitpunch.png Fruit Punch 5 KC
File:Fudge.png Fudge 7 KC
File:Gingerale.png Ginger Ale 5 KC
File:Granolacereal.png Granola Cereal 8 KC
1519-1.png Grapefruit 5 KC
File:Greenbellpepper.png Green Bell Pepper 7 KC
File:Greengrapes.png Green Grapes 6 KC
File:Greenonion.png Green Onion 4 KC
File:Honey.png Honey 7 KC
File:Hotchocolate.png Hot Chocolate 5 KC
File:Hotdog.png Hot Dog 10 KC
File:Icecreamcone.png Ice Cream Cone 5 KC
File:Icedtea.png Iced Tea 5 KC
File:Jelly.png Jelly 5 KC
File:Kinzvilleicepop.png Kinzville Ice Pop 4 KC
1520-1.png Kiwi 6 KC
File:Lemonmeringuepie.png Lemon Meringue Pie 7 KC
File:Licorice.png Licorice 4 KC
File:Lollipop.png Lollipop 4 KC
1533-1.png Macaroni & Cheese 10 KC
File:Marshmallows.png Marshmallows 4 KC
82-1.png Milk 5 KC
95-1.png Mushrooms 4 KC
File:Nachochips.png Nacho Chips 8 KC
File:Oatmeal.png Oatmeal 4 KC
File:Orange.png Orange 5 KC
File:Orangejuice.png Orange Juice 5 KC
File:Orangepop.png Orange Pop 4 KC
File:Pancakes.png Pancakes 10 KC
File:Papaya.png Papaya 7 KC
File:Peach.png Peach 4 KC
File:Peanuts.png Peanuts 5 KC
File:Pear.png Pear 4 KC
File:Peas.png Peas 5 KC
File:Peppermints.png Peppermints 5 KC
File:Pickles.png Pickles 6 KC
File:Pineapple.png Pineapple 6 KC
File:Pinklemonade.png Pink Lemonade 4 KC
File:Pizza.png Pizza 9 KC
File:Popcorn.png Popcorn 5 KC
File:Potatochips.png Potato Chips 4 KC
File:Pretzel.png Pretzel 4 KC
File:Pumpkin.png Pumpkin 5 KC
File:Radish.png Radish 4 KC
File:Raisins.png Raisins 7 KC
File:Ramennoodles.png Ramen Noodles 10 KC
File:Raspberries.png Raspberries 6 KC
File:Rootbeer.png Root Beer 5 KC
File:Salad.png Salad 7 KC
File:Shrimp.png Shrimp 11 KC
File:Spaghetti.png Spaghetti 16 KC
File:Spinach.png Spinach 6 KC
File:Strawberries.png Strawberries 6 KC
File:Strawberryyogurt.png Strawberry Yogurt 7 KC
File:Sunflowerseeds.png Sunflower Seeds 4 KC
File:Supermegatoothbuster.png SuperMega Toothbuster 10 KC
1551-1.png Sushi 15 KC
1537-1.png Tacos 11 KC
File:Toasterpastry.png Toaster Pastry 8 KC
101-1.png Toffee 5 KC
714-1.png Tomato 5 KC
File:Tomatosoup.png Tomato Soup 5 KC
File:Vitamins.png Vitamins 5 KC
File:Waffles.png Waffles 10 KC
File:Watermelon.png Watermelon 10 KC
File:Webkinzcrackers.png Webkinz Crackers 9 KC
File:Whiterice.png White Rice 5 KC
File:Yam.png Yam 5 KC
  1. Not to be confused with the Mutt's Pet Special Food Burger.
  2. Not to be confused with the Cat's Pet Special Food Chocolate Bar.

Fun Stuff

File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost
1174-1.png Air Hockey Table 500 KC
File:Anairofmysterybook.png An Air of Mystery Book 80 KC
File:Ancientmummyactor.png Ancient Mummy Actor 150 KC
File:Arteandthelosttombbook.png Arte and the Lost Tomb Book 75 KC
File:Badfairyactor.png Bad Fairy Actor 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Baseball.png Baseball 15 KC
File:Baseballglove.png Baseball Glove 50 KC
File:Beachbackground.png Beach Background 250 KC
File:Bestoffunstuffcraftbook.png Best of Fun Stuff Craft Book 90 KC
File:Billardstable.png Billards Table 1,200 KC
File:Bowlingball.png Bowling Ball 75 KC
File:Bowlingpins.png Bowling Pins 75 KC
File:Breakingnewzjigsawpuzzle.png Breaking Newz Jigsaw Puzzle 200 KC
File:Bunnyclown.png Bunny Clown 30 KC
File:Campkinzwaterraft.png CampKinz Water Raft 1,235 KC
496-1.png Checkers 100 KC
File:Citystreetplayset.png City Street Playset 250 KC
File:Colorfulcharacterscoloringbook.png Colorful Characters Coloring Book 100 KC
File:Countrycowgirlactor.png Country Cowgirl Actor 150 KC
File:Darkwoodsplayset.png Dark Woods Playset 250 KC, Deluxe only
File:Deepseaadventureplayset.png Deep Sea Adventure Playset 250 KC, Deluxe only
File:Deepseaexplorer.png Deep Sea Explorer 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Dinerbackground.png Diner Background 250 KC
File:Dinerwaiter.png Diner Waiter 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Doesthecagedsingozsingstorybook.png Does the Caged Singoz Sing? Storybook 75 KC
1448-1.png Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles Game 350 KC
File:Enchantedsteamtrain.png Enchanted Steam Train 2,500 KC, Deluxe only
File:Farmingfrenzygame.png Farming Frenzy Game 150 KC
File:Finalfrontierplayset.png Final Frontier Playset 250 KC
328-1.png Go Fish Card Game 50 KC
File:Goodfairyactor.png Good Fairy Actor 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Greengobbleseamonster.png Green Gobble Seamonster 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Hauntedhouseplayset.png Haunted House Playset 250 KC, Deluxe only
File:Howtodrawwebkinzbook.png How To Draw Webkinz Book 100 KC
File:Landofcandyplayset.png Land of Candy Playset 250 KC, Deluxe only
File:Lifeguardactor.png Lifeguard Actor 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Linkd.png Link'D 100 KC
File:Medievalplayset.png Medieval Playset 250 KC
File:Nightwitchactor.png Night Witch Actor 150 KC
File:Onewiththesandwichcookbook.png One With the Sandwich Cook Book 90 KC
File:Pirateloreplayset.png Pirate Lore Playset 250 KC, Deluxe only
File:Plunderinpirateactor.png Plunderin' Pirate Actor 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Popprincessactor.png Pop Princess Actor 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Prettypinkprincessactor.png Pretty Pink Princess Actor 150 KC
File:Robotactor.png Robot Actor 150 KC
File:Rockstaractor.png Rock Star Actor 150 KC
File:Rockingworldtourplayset.png Rocking World Tour Playset 250 KC
File:Simplydeliciouscookbook.png Simply Delicious Cookbook 50 KC
File:Skateboard.png Skateboard 100 KC
File:Skunksweeper.png Skunksweeper 100 KC
File:Stroller.png Stroller 250 KC, Deluxe only
FIle:Superheroactor.png Super Hero Actor 150 KC, Deluxe only
File:Theartofsandwichincookbook.png The Art of Sandwichin' Cook Book 50 KC
File:Thebestofplumpybook.png The Best of Plumpy Book 95 KC
File:Thebestpresentstorybook.png The Best Present Storybook 75 KC
File:Thekinzvillecaperstorybook.png The Kinzville Caper Storybook 75 KC
File:Thesmartypantsstorybook.png The Smarty Pants Storybook 75 KC
File:Thewayoftheblendercookbook.png The Way of the Blender Cook Book 90 KC
File:Totallyblendincookbook.png Totally Blendin' Cook Book 50 KC
File:Valiantknightactor.png Valiant Knight Actor 150 KC
File:Vampireactor.png Vampire Actor 150 KC
File:Villainousburglaractor.png Villainous Burglar Actor 150 KC
File:Wtalesbookinukshukswish.png W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish 75 KC
File:Wtalesbookplumpysgreatadvice.png W Tales Book: Plumpy's Great Advice 75 KC
File:Wtalesbookthenewcatintown.png W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town 75 KC
File:Webkinzstudio.png Webkinz Studio 1,000 KC
2049-1.png Webkinz Trading Cards Series 1 Binder 100 KC
2886-1.png Webkinz Trading Cards Series 2 Binder 100 KC
File:Werewolfactor.png Werewolf Actor 150 KC
File:Wildwestplayset.png Wild West Playset 250 KC
File:Wonderscooter.png Wonder Scooter 125 KC
File:Zingozinabox.png Zingoz-in-a-Box 35 KC
957-1.png Zingoz Switcherooz 100 KC
File:Zumsfieldguide.png Zums Field Guide 250 KC


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost
File:Basketball.png Basketball 50 KC
File:Cowbank.png Cow Bank 20 KC
File:Crayons.png Crayons 10 KC
File:Markers.png Markers 15 KC


Picture Name Cost
File:Growinggardenscabbageseeds.png Growing Gardens Cabbage Seeds 50 KC
File:Growinggardenscarrotseeds.png Growing Gardens Carrot Seeds 50 KC
File:Growinggardenscornseeds.png Growing Gardens Corn Seeds 50 KC
File:Growinggardenspumpkinseeds.png Growing Gardens Pumpkin Seeds 45 KC
File:Growinggardensstrawberryseeds.png Growing Gardens Strawberry Seeds 50 KC
File:Growinggardenstomatoseeds.png Growing Gardens Tomato Seeds 50 KC
File:Growinggardenswatermelonseeds.png Growing Gardens Watermelon Seeds 45 KC
2421-1.png How To Grow Your Own Food Guidebook 50 KC

Kitchen & Bathroom

File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost
File:Airaltitudefridge.png Air Altitude Fridge 1,100 KC


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost
2379-1.png Abracadabra Candelabra 450 KC
File:Mushroomlamp.png Mushroom Lamp 30 KC

Map Stuff

Picture Name Cost
File:Kinzvilledirtroad.png Kinzville Dirt Road 80 KC
File:Kinzvillepavedroad.png Kinzville Paved Road 100 KC
File:Kinzvillerainbowroad.png Kinzville Rainbow Road 250 KC
File:Kinzvillecobblestoneroad.png Kinzville Cobblestone Road 200 KC
File:Kinzvillewisteriatree.png Kinzville Wisteria Tree 280 KC
File:Kinzvillewoodfence.png Kinzville Wood Fence 75 KC
File:Kinzvillewhitepicketfence.png Kinzville White Picket Fence 90 KC
File:Kinzvilleparkingmeter.png Kinzville Parking Meter 85 KC
File:Kinzvillefirehydrant.png Kinzville Fire Hydrant 80 KC
File:Kinzvillestonepond.png Kinzville Stone Pond 400 KC
File:Kinzvillecharmforestflowers.png Kinzville Charm Forest Flowers 45 KC
File:Kinzvillesnowycedar.png Kinzville Snowy Cedar 180 KC
File:Kinzvillefestivesidewalklamp.png Kinzville Festive Sidewalk Lamp 285 KC
File:Kinzvillesmallpinetree.png Kinzville Small Pine Tree 200 KC
File:Kinzvillechristmastree.png Kinzville Christmas Tree 400 KC
File:Kinzvilleblueandpurpleforgetmenots.png Kinzville Blue and Purple Forget-Me-Nots 50 KC
File:Kinzvilleantiquelamppost.png Kinzville Antique Lamp Post 220 KC
File:Kinzvillepicnictable.png Kinzville Picnic Table 150 KC


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction.

Picture Name Cost
File:Alliumflowers.png Allium Flowers 60 KC
File:Backyardcooler.png Backyard Cooler 275 KC
344-1.png Barbeque 450 KC
File:Begoniaflowerbox.png Begonia Flower Box 350 KC
File:Bluepetunias.png Blue Petunias 120 KC
File:Broilkinzbbq.png BroilKinz BBQ 500 KC
File:Cabbagepatch.png Cabbage Patch 40 KC
File:Carrotgarden.png Carrot Garden 25 KC
File:Cherryblossomtree.png Cherry Blossom Tree 975 KC
File:Cornstalk.png Corn Stalk 40 KC
File:Countryrailfence.png Country Rail Fence 60 KC
File:Crosscuttreetable.png Crosscut Tree Table 180 KC
File:Daisypatch.png Daisy Patch 50 KC
File:Decorativewheelbarrow.png Decorative Wheelbarrow 300 KC
File:Elegantironfence.png Elegant Iron Fence 400 KC
Elegant Stone Pillar 675 KC
File:Elmtree.png Elm Tree 200 KC
File:Finefowlfountain.png Fine Fowl Fountain 1,025 KC
File:Firtree.png Fir Tree 150 KC
File:Flowergarden.png Flower Garden 50 KC
File:Floweredstonewell.png Flowered Stone Well 950 KC
File:Gardensprucetree.png Garden Spruce Tree 200 KC
File:Gardenzangoz.png Garden Zangoz 55 KC
341-1.png Garden Zingoz 50 KC
File:Geraniumbush.png Geranium Bush 90 KC
File:Giantpumpkinpatch.png Giant Pumpkin Patch 100 KC
File:Ginkgotree.png Ginko Tree 825 KC
File:Glasstoppedpatiotable.png Glass-Topped Patio Table 500 KC
File:Goodneighborsfence.png Good Neighbors Fence 195 KC
File:Googleswindspinner.png Googles Wind Spinner 85 KC
File:Guzmaniaplant.png Guzmania Plant 90 KC
600-1.png Hammock 300 KC
588-1.png Hippo Topiary 450 KC
File:Irisgarden.png Iris Garden 65 KC
File:Lawnchair.png Lawn Chair 70 KC
File:Lawnlounger.png Lawn Lounger 85 KC
File:Muskokachair.png Muskoka Chair 250 KC
File:Oakpaneledpool.png Oak Paneled Pool 1,985 KC
File:Orangelawnchair.png Orange Lawn Chair 40 KC
File:Palmtree.png Palm Tree 350 KC
File:Parasolpicnictable.png Parasol Picnic Table 950 KC
File:Parkbench.png Park Bench 225 KC
File:Picnictable.png Picnic Table 110 KC
File:Picnictablebench.png Picnic Table Bench 320 KC
File:Pinkpetunias.png Pink Petunias 120 KC
File:Plasticpatiochair.png Plastic Patio Chair 40 KC
File:Plasticpatiotable.png Plastic Patio Table 75 KC
File:Pointedpicketborderfence.png Pointed Picket Border Fence 55 KC
File:Pool.png Pool 1,500 KC
File:Poollounger.png Pool Lounger 350 KC
File:Poolsideumbrella.png Poolside Umbrella 250 KC
File:Pumpkinpatch.png Pumpkin Patch 50 KC
File:Purpleblossomtrellis.png Purple Blossom Trellis 225 KC
1430-1.png Rainbow Pinwheel 75 KC
File:Roastedchestnutscart.png Roasted Chestnuts Cart 200 KC
File:Rosebush.png Rose Bush 90 KC
File:Roundhedge.png Round Hedge 120 KC
File:Rubysteelpatiochair.png Ruby Steel Patio Chair 250 KC
File:Scarecrow.png Scarecrow 185 KC
File:Semiprivatefence.png Semi-Private Fence 85 KC
File:Strawberrypottable.png Strawberry Pot Table 150 KC
File:Stripedbeachlounger.png Striped Beach Lounger 280 KC
File:Stylishstonepond.png Stylish Stone Pond 700 KC
File:Summerstylinpatiochair.png Summer Stylin' Patio Chair 190 KC
File:Summerstylinpatiotable.png Summer Stylin' Patio Table 415 KC
File:Sunflower.png Sunflower 50 KC
File:Tomatogarden.png Tomato Garden 25 KC
File:Trampoline.png Trampoline 175 KC
File:Treestumpchair.png Tree Stump Chair 230 KC
Turquoise Lawn Chair 40 KC
File:Webbedropehammock.png Webbed Rope Hammock 760 KC
File:Whitepicketfence.png White Picket Fence 35 KC
File:Wisteriatree.png Wisteria Tree 1,200 KC
File:Wroughtironfence.png Wrought Iron Fence 80 KC
File:Yellowrosetrellis.png Yellow Rose Trellis 15 KC

Party Packs

File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction.

Picture Name Cost Availability
File:Bigtoppartyroompack.png Big Top Party Room Pack 1,000 KC
File:Birthdayboypartypack.png Birthday Boy Party Pack 750 KC
File:Birthdaygirlpartypack.png Birthday Girl Party pack 750 KC
File:Blockbusterpartyroompack.png Blockbuster Party Room Pack 1,000 KC
File:Cheerleaderpartyroompack.png Cheerleader Party Room Pack 1,000 KC
File:Christmashouseparty.png Christmas House Party 750 KC Seasonal
File:Christmaspartyroompack.png Christmas Party Room Pack 1,000 KC Seasonal
File:Enchantedpartyroompack.png Enchanted Party Room Pack 1,000 KC
File:Gardenpartypack.png Garden Party Pack 750 KC
File:Pizzapartypack.png Pizza Party Pack 750 KC
File:Spacepartyroompack.png Space Party Room Pack 1,000 KC
File:Summerfunhousepartypack.png Summer Fun House Party Pack 750 KC Deluxe only
File:Teapartypack.png Tea Party Pack 750 KC
File:Winterhousepartypack.png Winter House Party Pack 750 KC Seasonal
File:Winterroompartypack.png Winter Room Party Pack 1,000 KC Seasonal

Room Themes

Theme Logo Theme Name Currency Availability
File:Afterpartytheme.png After Party Theme ePoints Available
File:Airportthemelogo.png Airport Theme ePoints Available
File:Aquaticexpeditiontheme.png Aquatic Expedition Theme KC Available
File:Atlantisthemelogo.png Atlantis Theme KC Available
File:Automotivethemelogo.png Automotive Theme KC Retired to
Curio Shop
File:Ballerinathemelogo.png Ballerina Theme KC Available
File:Beachhousethemeicon.png Beach House Theme KC Will return
Summer 2015
File:Beachthemelogo.png Beach Theme KC Available
Blue Avenue Theme ePoints Available
File:Blueskiesthemelogo.png Blue Skies Theme KC Retired
File:Cafethemelogo.png Cafe Theme KC Available
File:Campkinztheme.png CampKinz Theme KC Available
File:Cheerleaderthemelogo.png Cheerleader Theme KC Available
File:Citystylingthemelogo.png City Styling Theme KC Available
File:Coralreefthemelogo.png Coral Reef Theme KC Available
File:Countryandwesternthemelogo.png Country & Western Theme KC Available
File:Creativestudiothemelogo.png Creative Studio Theme KC Available
File:Dancestudiothemelogo.png Dance Studio Theme KC Available
File:Dinerthemelogo.png Diner Theme KC Available
File:Enchantedtrainstationicon.png Enchanted Train Station Theme KC Retired
File:Fantasythemelogo.png Fairy Tale Theme
(Originally called
Fantasy Theme)
KC Available
File:Fiestatheme.png Fiesta Theme ePoints Available
File:Frostyplaygroundthemelogo.png Frosty Playground Theme ePoints Available
File:Fruitlandtheme.png Fruitland Theme KC Retired
File:Funkygirlthemelogo.png Funky Girl Theme KC Available
File:Galaxythemelogo.png Galaxy Theme KC Available
File:Glamboutiquethemelogo.png Glam Boutique Theme ePoints Available
File:Generalstorethemelogo.png General Store Theme KC Available
File:Gooberslabtheme.png Goober's Lab Theme ePoints Available
File:Greenleafthemelogo.png Green Leaf Theme KC Available
File:Ichibanthemelogo.png Ichiban Theme
File:Junglethemelogo.png Jungle Theme KC
File:Kidsthemenewlogo.png Kids' Theme (NEW)
File:Megamodernthemelogo.png Mega Modern Theme
File:Moviemagicthemelogo.png Movie Magic Theme
File:Nurserythemelogo.png Nursery Theme
File:Piratethemelogo.png Pirate Theme
File:Plushtheme.png Plush Theme
File:Popstarthemelogo.png Pop Star Theme
File:Prettyinpinkthemelogo.png Pretty in Pink Theme
File:Quizzyscornerthemelogo.png Quizzy's Corner Theme
File:Redvelvetthemeicon.png Red Velvet Theme
File:Rockandrollthemelogo.png Rock & Roll Theme
File:Royalunderseathemelogo.png Royal Undersea Theme
File:Schoolthemelogo.png School Theme
File:Secludedgardentheme.png Secluded Garden Theme
File:Sportsfanthemelogo.png Sports Fan Theme
File:Starryslumberthemeicon.png Starry Slumber Theme
File:Stoneagethemelogo.png Stone Age Theme
File:Treetopthemelogo.png Treetop Theme
File:Upscalecondothemelogo.png Upscale Condo Theme
File:Wizardthemelogo.png Wizard Theme


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost Availability
File:Balletchair.png Ballet Chair ?
File:Ballerinasofa.png Ballerina Sofa 800 KC
File:Balletvanitychair.png Ballet Vanity Chair 100 KC
File:Balletvanitychair.png Ballet Vanity Chair 65 KC
File:Bamboodiningchair.png Bamboo Dining Chair 100 KC
File:Bamboostudychair.png Bamboo Study Chair 85 KC
File:Baseballglovechair.png Baseball Glove Chair 220 KC
File:Beachchair.png Beach Chair 300 KC
File:Beachhousestripedcouch.png Beach House Striped Couch 550 KC
File:Beachhousestripedsofachair.png Beach House Striped Sofa Chair 350 KC
File:Beachsandchair.png Beach Sand Chair 110 KC
File:Beachsofa.png Beach Sofa 450 KC
File:Beamingyellowchair.png Beaming Yellow Chair 150 KC
File:Bluechangetable.png Blue Change Table ?
File:Bluehighchair.png Blue High Chair ?
File:Bluestripedsofa.png Blue Striped Sofa ?
File:Brushedmetaldiningchair.png Brushed Metal Dining Chair ?
File:Campkinzfishingchair.png CampKinz Fishing Chair ?
File:Campkinzpicnicbench.png CampKinz Picnic Bench ?
File:Cheerleaderchesterfield.png Cheerleader Chesterfield ?
File:Chunkyredchair.png Chunky Red Chair 300 KC
File:Beachhousestripedcouch.png Beach House Striped Couch 550 KC
File:Beachhousestripedsofachair.png Beach House Striped Sofa Chair 350 KC
File:Beachsandchair.png Beach Sand Chair 110 KC
File:Beachsofa.png Beach Sofa 450 KC
File:Beamingyellowchair.png Beaming Yellow Chair 150 KC


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost


File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost
File:Anemonecoralreef.png Anemone Coral Reef 200 KC
File:Brinediningtable.png Brine Dining Table 750 KC
File:Colorfulcoralplanter.png Colorful Coral Planter 160 KC
File:Comfycoralchair.png Comfy Coral Chair 450 KC
File:Conchcoffeetable.png Conch Coffee Table 450 KC
File:Coralclambakediningchair.png Coral Clambake Dining Chair 250 KC
File:Coralclambakediningtable.png Coral Clambake Dining Table 800 KC
File:Coralcoffeetable.png Coral Coffee Table 400 KC
File:Coversofcoralbed.png Covers of Coral Bed 1,100 KC
File:Crustaceanclock.png Crustacean Clock 450 KC
File:Deepseadresser.png Deep Sea Dresser 550 KC
File:Deepsearoomdivider.png Deep Sea Room Divider 200 KC
File:Depthsofdemeterdresser.png Depths of Demeter Dresser 550 KC
File:Glowingdepthsfloorlamp.png Glowing Depths Floor Lamp 200 KC
File:Hydradefinitiontelevision.png Hydra Definition Television 900 KC
File:Jellyfishjewellamp.png Jellyfish Jewel Lamp 200 KC
File:Lampreylamp.png Lamprey Lamp 200 KC
File:Neptunesnapbed.png Neptune's Nap Bed 1,200 KC
File:Pearlsofwisdom.png Pearls of Wisdom 600 KC
File:Poseidonspedestal.png Poseidon's Pedestal 150 KC
5068-1.png Royal Undersea Wallpaper 150 KC
File:Saltwatersofa.png Saltwater Sofa 800 KC
File:Seasidetable.png Sea Side Table 175 KC
File:Seafoamsofa.png Seafoam Sofa 900 KC
File:Shellfinsidetable.png Shell Fin Side Table 200 KC
File:Shellfishdiningchair.png Shellfish Dining Chair 200 KC
File:Sunkentrinketstoybox.png Sunken Trinkets Toy Box 350 KC
File:Toystertreasurebox.png Toyster Treasure Box 350 KC
File:Tritonsthrone.png Triton's Throne 600 KC
File:Undertheseatv.png Under the Sea TV 950 KC

Walls & Floors

File: Underconstruction.png This section is currently under construction. If you would like to add any items please feel free to do so.

Picture Name Cost

Retired Items

Items will occasionally be retired from the W Shop. When items are retired, one of two things happen to them:

  • They are officially retired, meaning they are not able to be purchased in the W Shop or Curio Shop and cannot be obtained anywhere in Webkinz World (unless you already have the item or obtain the item through trading). This is what usually happens to clothing items.
  • The items can no longer be purchased in the W Shop, but can be purchased at random times in the Curio shop. This usually occurs when room themes are retired.

At the end of each holiday season, the seasonal items are "retired." However, each season some items from the previous season are re-released with the new items for that holiday season. There is no way to tell which items will return the following season and which ones will be "officially retired."

Many pictures of retired W Shop items can be found in this section of the Webkinz Insider Picture Gallery: (Picture Gallery) Retired Items.

For a complete list of all the items that have been officially retired from the W Shop view this section of the WIGEV: (WIGEV) Retired Items.

Seasonal Items

Winter Wonderland Theme

File:Winterwonderlandthemelogo.png File:Underconstruction.png

Picture Name Cost Availibity
File:Icecoldwardrobe.png Ice Cold Wardrobe 795 KC Seasonal
File:Snowballbeanbagchair.png Snowball Beanbag Chair 400 KC Seasonal
File:Winterwonderlandclock.png Winter Wonderland Clock 265 KC Seasonal

W-Shop Coupons

If you obtain a W-Shop Coupon from Today's Activities, you can purchase an item for less than its listed price in the W Shop.